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Aquarius Woman Sexual Traits

Aquarius Woman In Love

If you have a thing for an Aquarius woman, be prepared to go on a incredibly adventurous and different journey. You will enjoy an exciting journey of love with her because she views love as a fun venture. She will always work at keeping things interesting between her lover and her. However, just because she embraces romance in this manner does not mean that she is the type who falls in love easily.

It can be said that Aquarius women are quite difficult to love. As a person with interest, you should be ready to experience tough challenges that may arise with her since she is a naturally an independent woman with a very strong will. However, once she believes in you and is truly touched by your love, she will fully give her all to you.

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Aquarius Woman In Relationships

When you do end up in a relationship with an Aquarius female, you will need to give her as much freedom and space as you can. These are two things she thrives in well when it comes to relationships.

She is the kind of person who will suggest a random meet-up somewhere in public. Breaking the rules and switching from the norm is definitely one thing the Aquarius zodiac sign enjoys doing. So be prepared for some spontaneity when it comes to measuring this love compatibility.

Aquarius Woman Sexuality Traits

When it comes to sex the Aquarius woman can be quite an adventurous character who loves to take risks. However, as much as she is quite adventurous in the bedroom she does not perceive sex as that important in such a way that she would take a huge chunk of her time focusing on it.

She believes it to be just part of the natural process a human body goes through and she does not necessarily tie it up to her sentimental side. She does not perceive sex as something that makes up the chain of support for a relationship.

The Aquarius woman believes that sex is mainly for satisfying the body’s sexual cravings and nothing more. She enjoys pleasuring her partner and embraces the favour as well.

She will want to ensure that her partner gets the fullest satisfaction. And on his side as well, he is also expected to do the same and he should not hold back for whatever reason.

One key point to remember here is that the Aquarius woman is not the mushy kind of romantic woman who enjoys cuddles, kisses, and soft like things. She prefers hard straightforward sex filled with fantasy and diversity.

The Aquarius girl is very open minded in bed and does not pay attention to what is considered to be the norm in general. Their policy lies on the basis that it if it feels good then there is no reason to stop. She is not scared of trying out new things.

In addition to trying out these new things this passionate lover will also want to continue and try out different variations of these things as well. Exploration and experimenting are two things she enjoys most when it comes to sex, so be prepared. Be flexible at the very least. It is evidently clear that the Aquarius woman is a really fun lover to have.

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  1. My bday is 2/2/80 and I have to say, I agree almost 100% with this article. However, in regards to freedom and space, it is very much needed, when I need it. I guess my thing is, someone has to be able to give me that space and freedom without taking it personal. Most people will think “what did I do?”. It it generally has nothing to do with any one person, thing or situation. For Aquarius, we need freedom and space in order to keep in touch with ourselves. Our growth comes in those times when we can self reflect. So, I enjoy my alone and self time.

  2. As an Aquarius woman #Febuary1195
    I found this article tickling to my sences! Haha. Definitely captured a very beautiful side to us! Love love love ❤️

    Thank You

    Thias Tekai

  3. I totally disagree with this article and how I as an aquarius view sex the closeness. Totally the opposite for me. Who wrote this???

  4. I am an Aquarius are all signs separated into 3 parts I’m 26/1/82

  5. I’m an aquarius, born in 81, and I don’t need freedom like I need air. I am more punctual than my sag, gemini, virgo, and pisces friends. I have four kids whereas they have less and still late. I think this comes from my own experience and not based on signs. I’m a very committed person and faithful. I can be in a long distance relationship for years and not cheat or flirt with a guy. I do have a lot of friends and tend to not go out much. Most of my friends are female because my ex sag was very insecure so I did not talk to guys even as friends for his sake, but he still cheated on me twice. I did hold on to him longer than I should due to being an optimist. So all in all, I only agree with 50% of the article.

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