Angel Numbers Repeating Sequence – Mixed (9, 6)

Repeating Angel Numbers – Mixed Number Sequence (9, 6, 96, 69, 996, 969, 966, 699, 696, 669, 9996, 9966, 9699, 9696, 9969, 9669, 9666, 6999, 6996, 6969, 6699, 6696, 6669)

In the middle of your sentence, you look up and it’s there. You turn the corner and you spot this apartment address with the same numbers. What is going on? Are you thinking that maybe the gods are trying to tell you something? Well, maybe not the gods, but certainly the angels.

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The guardian angels speak to us, but since they can’t actually talk to us, they use other means of communicating with us. They show us certain recurring numbers that reappear until we get ‘it’ and that’s why you’re here. You want to find the meaning of your specific set of angel numbers.

Keep in mind, that you must maintain a positive attitude during the periods that you see the repeating number sequence. Any negative thoughts or wishes can have negative effects on you.

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The mixed number sequence of 9s and 6s (9, 6, 96, 69, 996, 969, 966, 699, 696, 669, 9996, 9966, 9699, 9696, 9969, 9669, 9666, 6999, 6996, 6969, 6699, 6696, 6669) shows that it is time to let go of your material wants and desires.


Number Nine Meaning

Karma, (the Universal Law of Attraction), is connected to the number 9.

The process of enlightenment is possible as you are spiritually aroused and passionate.

The personality of the number 9 is one that cheerful and optimistic. Your character speaks for itself in the number of admirers you have.

The repeating angel number sequence 9 (9, 99, 999, 9999) says that you may fulfill your divine calling as a driven humanitarian with complete confidence in your future. The next chapter of your life awaits!

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Number Six

This cheerful number 6 individual is a natural peacemaker and caregiver. These people are of comfort to those needing a listening ear or a pat on the back. The vibrations of the repeating angel number sequence 6 (6, 66, 666, 6666) in a mixed sequence suggest that they take pride and solace in helping people.

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