Angel Number 696 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 696

696 has been the number on your calendar. You have seen it more than twice this month. The meaning is very vague to you. Here is a little information for your understanding on this angel number.

Sympathy is an issue brought about by angel number 696 symbolism. This is the care for people in pain. You do not show concern for people in pain. The misfortunes that have come up in your life have made you numb. You do not have feelings of sympathy. Compassion is nowhere in your notebook.

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The guardian angels want you to change this attitude. Begin to care for others. Make other people’s pain your responsibility. The universe will give you joy to spread to people in pain.

Angel Number 696

Angel Number 696 Meaning

Angel number 696 is a repetition number with the 6’s with influence of number 66 and number 96. The number 6 is a symbol of wealth. It present power and prestige. Number 9 is a sign of clearance. It means getting rid of issues. Number 69 means problem solving. It means an end with a permanent solution.

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Happiness is a gift given by angel number 696 symbol. This is the general feeling of joy. Sadness has taken over your life. The deaths in your lifetime make you grieve. The losses cannot be replaced. The angels want to give you joy. They do not want you to cry anymore. It is time to let some positivity in your life. If you continue crying you will get old and wrinkly. Receive the good vibes and make your life a better experience. You do not have to be sad to show grief. Celebrate the lives of those you have lost.


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You have a materialistic mind set. The angel number 696 meaning is an indicator of your love for money. You are willing to do anything to achieve your goals. The end justifies the means. The toes that you have stepped on to get to the top are uncountable. It is impossible for you to accept loss. Your mind looks at power as victory. The angels want those issues handled. Control your hunger for power. Money is not equivalent to happiness.

Clearance is termed by angel number 696. This is the distraction of unnecessary things. Your house is full of your memories. These reminders are in form of toys, antiques and souvenirs. Your garage is so full. You need to remove these things out of your life. They are preventing you from new memories. Let go of the past. Your future is brighter than you past.

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