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Angel Number 842 Meaning: Perfect Moment

Angel Number 842: Keep Going

Angel number 842 implies that today can be hard, but your angels are urging you to have courage and set your mind positively. Besides, you have to take action now and move towards success. More so, you need to have the determination to carry on. On the other hand, you need to have the willingness to succeed and step forward. Equally, it is possible to keep going forward and give all it takes.

Significance of Angel Number 842

Things you should know about 842 is that the challenges you are facing will inspire you to work hard. Notably, you need to do what you can now and improve your life for the better.

The number 842 has given your life a new meaning. It keeps showing up on you uncalled for. The guardian angels want to give you some information. Here is an explanation of the recurring number appearances.

842 Numerology

Compensation is mentioned by angel number 842. This is being repaid for damages done. Someone you know went through a rough patch. Something happened and he took the fall when it was not his fault. He was collateral damage. The life that came after for this victim is one you would not wish on your worst enemy. His family left, and his house was taken away. You are the only one to protect your family. It has been really hard being a friend to this individual.

The angels have seen the trouble he has been through. They want you to know that things will get better. It is darkest before dawn.angel number 842

Angel Number 842 Meaning

Angel number 842 has a very broad meaning. 8 symbol is a number of progress. It means growth and development. This is in terms of the development of the mind. 4 meaning is a number of maternal care. This is a sign from the archangels.

Number 2 is a symbol of equality. This is the price of fairness and justice. Number 84 is a number that shows a series of generations. It is movement from one point to another. Number 42 is a number of protection. It is immunity from all evil. 82 signifies fulfillment of all your desires.

What does 842 mean?

Service is what should be done by someone who sees the number 842 often. This is the ability to be of good use to those around you. It is a tool of positivity to your neighbors. There are nursing homes in your community. You should volunteer there. Go to schools and motivate the leaders of tomorrow. Clean the places of worship and keep the environment perfect. This place has given you values that money cannot buy. Serve the people who taught you these values.

The repetition of angel number 842 is a sign that prosperity is around the corner. You have worked very hard all your life. Things have not always been good. You can afford the basics, but that is about it. An opportunity will come your way. This will be the beginning of your journey to success. Be ready for your prosperity because you earned it.

Biblical Meaning of 842 Angel Number

842 spiritually means that your courage will make you go after your dreams with determination. Besides, you have to fight for every opportunity and wake up each day with an attitude to change.

Facts About 842

842 symbolism indicates that you need to feel the pain to feel happiness. More so, you can make things happen because you are in the worldly realm for a reason. Equally, everything is possible with hard work.


Seeing 842 everywhere implies that you need to change and build up your potential. Besides, you need to be brave to take control of your life. Equally, you have to make your life worthwhile by working hard and taking all steps as required.


  1. Thank you, so much for being a Blessing and publishing articles on Angel numbers. I continue to see numbers. Your article states, prosperity. Can you please tell me, how I can make sure that I don’t mess up my Blessed opportunity for a better life.

    • Hello Daphne and good day! I wouldn’t worry to much about missing or blowing your opportunity for prosperity. Best believe if your are experiencing these repeated numbers on a constant basis, then your own your soul path and have connected with your higher self. Your higher self will not allow you to miss a opportunity that is presented to enhance your life. That’s the job of the higher self, to make sure we find our purpose and stay on our path to enlightenment. Keeping doing what you are doing and allow yourself a little bit of breathing room. Everything is going to divine plan and the universe congratulates you for making it this far. Continue to live life through your heart center and keeping focusing on what you want to attract into your life. Always keep in mind that worry is prayer for the things you don’t want. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Namaste 🙏🏻

  2. Hallelujah to the lamb

  3. Thank you angels!💖💖🇺🇸

  4. Thank you lord Jesus Amen

  5. Thank you🙏

  6. What do you make of a person who comes by your family’s place of dwelling making sure to be captured on your doorbell camera at very specific times and over & over again like at 842, 822, 742 because they are angry & obsessed with you? A person who you have very very minimal contact with, but they are involved in an not to good lifestyle and knows the camera is capturing his very suspicious behavior. This person seems hell bent on using “numbers” to try & induce guilt & shame in us (how bizarre right?) because our camera is there for our family’s security. Trust me, it was there before he became a neighbor. Has anyone else experienced someone trying to emotionally & spiritually abuse them in such a perverse, covert way? Is this how angel numbers are used by some? Why? Is there something I or my family can do in response? Or address through angel numbers? Should we? It’s been going on for a good length of time, like months.

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