Angel Number 139 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 139

We fear repetitive situations. Most of us think that we are being stalked by bad luck. Have you ever stopped and think that the repetition is not by chance but an angelic message is being passed across to you.

The recurring numbers that you keep on seeing around you which have stuck in your head is not bad luck. It is your angel number and in this case it is 139.

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Angel number 139 shows that self-growth and changing the way we think is a must for spiritual nourishment. You cannot claim to be growing in other aspects of your life yet you ignore your spiritual growth.

angel number 139

Angel Number 139 Meaning

Angel number 139 meaning says that no one knows what works best for you apart from you. That is what number 1 is telling you. Time has come for you to turn that new page in your book. Create an environment for yourself where you work best and achievement is not put to question.

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It all starts in the mind and this is the time for you to shift your mind set. And with a shift in the way you think will automatically bring a positive change in the way that you carry out your activities. And the outcome will be impressive as well as your ministering spirits are looking out for you.

It is not easy to convince people of your abilities and what you are able to offer. In this case, angel number 3 is telling you not to give up on your skills and talents. Use them to empower others and for yourself growth. Your abilities are what will help you in your career growth. You can also impart your skills and talents to other people so that they can benefit as well.

Spirituality is important. It is what connects us to that Supreme Being and the spiritual realm. That is the message from number 9. At times we get so lost in ourselves that we lack spiritual enlightenment. Do some more yoga if it is what helps in your spiritual growth. Make that pilgrimage if that will help you to nourish your spirituality.

Another emphasis of the angel number 139 symbolism is the use of our gifts and talents. Make a difference in your life as well as the lives of other people.

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