Archetypal Astrology

Archetypal Astrology

The archetypical astrology report allows you to see the archetypes connected to your ruling planet. Many of these archetypes are well known in but you may not be aware of all the traits that could be shown through your sign’s planetary ruler. Get your Archetypal  Astrology Analysis today!

Within the new systems of astrology the archetypes for individuals as shown through the planets are very significant. Planetary Archetype Analysis or your Individual Archetype Profile demonstrates the typical characteristics which influence your inborn tendencies and behaviors.

It is the planetary archetype that is revealed in archetypal astrology. Archetypes are those traits that are expected of a particular sign. It is said for example that labor is always seeking balance and the symbol for Libra is actually the scale.

And archetype analysis can give you an awareness of those traits that are common to your sign’s planetary ruler. It also will explain how you may be affected by the archetypes represented by your sign.

It is difficult to think of Virgo native as anything but extremely organized and perhaps even a touch compulsive whereas, a Sagittarius is generally thought of as being very easy-going. A Virgo may never be more than a minute off the exact time he is supposed to arrive and Sagittarius will show up, eventually.

There are other things that are considered typical, Libras for example are often considered to be indecisive, but this may have more to do with their tendency to weigh every conceivable option. Those traits are part of the archetype.

The more you know about yourself to more easily you can adapt to accentuate your good points and downplay your flaws. Any form of self-knowledge can be a useful tool in making the most of your skills and talents. Simply knowing what they are, allows you to use them more effectively. Each of us needs to find an appropriate niche in life especially in our work lives, hating what you do will only make you miserable.

It is simple to find out what the archetypes are that can be considered to be attached to your sign’s planetary ruler. There is available an excellent Archetypal Astrology Reading. Once you have entered the information needed to complete the analysis you will get your Archetypal Astrology Report almost instantly. This report is accurate, readable, and quite informative.

Archetypal Astrology

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