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April 6 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On April 6th (Zodiac Sign Aries)

IF YOU ARE BORN ON APRIL 6, you are a great leader, and you love being in control. You have a eye for the small things. This attitude wins you dynamic positions in leadership with new and exciting opportunities.

The 6th April birthday personality, have a knack for solving problems as you like to get to the core. You have analytical thinking abilities that make you an ideal candidate for creating persuasive speeches.

If today April 6th is your birthday, every blue moon, you can be reckless. You are likely to be emotional and suffer with mood swings. You are torn sometimes as you may have an urge to do something totally different from the “norm.”IF YOU ARE BORN ON APRIL 6, you are a great leader, and you love being in control.This is understandable as you attempt to find your purpose in life. Your outlook on life is a positive one and those born on this day recognize their need for personal growth.

The 6 April birthdate horoscope also predicts that as your zodiac sign is Aries, your friends are extremely important to you. You will go out of your way to help someone you care about.

You are a strong Arian that has a big heart. You have the ability to laugh at yourself. That’s a rare talent for someone who is as serious as you.

The April 6th birthday meanings show that those born on this day are sexy, and seductive individuals. You prefer to cuddle with someone rather than your pillow and a good book. Simply, you like being coupled with an affectionate and flirtatious mate. Your charm and wit makes you a desirable partner.

Aries, you seek to resign yourself to a relationships that is romantic, fun and gives you a sense of security. Sometimes though, Aries, you can be a bit needy. This can turn some people away from you. Otherwise, you are particularly autonomous. On the other side, you will make someone a devoted and loving partner perhaps, committing yourself for life.

This Aries birth date person will maintain their own finances through a strict budget. However, you can be tempted to make an investment or two in property or vehicles. You have the best of both worlds by buying and selling items that you want to own as well as others. You buy but you don’t get attached as everything has its price.

Those born on this zodiac birthday April 6 are normally in great health. In fact, you are glowing in your healthy skin. You have a beautiful smile that light up your eyes. So when your body is out of whack, it shows on your face.

People notice a difference in your eyes. Your eyes are so very important. When was the last time you have an eye exam, Aries? Maybe it’s time to make an appointment. Those of you born on this birth day are susceptible to having impairments relating to the eyes.

Alternatively, the April 6 birthday personality should not keep emotions bottled up as it could affect how you feel physically. Your anger and negative feelings can be harmful if swallowed. Choose your battles carefully… it may not be yours to win or lose.

april 6 birthday

The April 6 birthdate astrology also predicts that you can be emotional Arians. You recognize your need to branch out and try something new. You will go out of your way for friends you care about. In love, you like being romantic and coupled up on a rainy day. It’s important to you that you share your life with someone special.

You have analytical skills that could be used in various positions professionally. Your eyes are the mirrors to your soul. Your eyes beam with excitement and ultimately, become shadowed by doom and gloom. Either way, you should get regular exams.

Find What Your Star Sign Is

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – 6th April In History:

1663 – The Carolina Charter is signed by King Charles II

1722 – The tax on men with beards brought to an end by Peter the Great

1869 – Celluloid, a plastic, is patented

1909 – In the US, the first credit union is established

1925 – British Air shows the first film on an airplane

Celebrities Born On April 6

Merle Haggard, Marilu Henner, Olaf Kolzig, Barry Levinson, Fabrice Muamba, Bobbi Starr, Billy Dee Williams

Birth Sign:

You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Aries

Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Mesha Rashi

Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Birthday Planet:

Your ruling planet is Mars which symbolizes adventure, aggressiveness and impulsiveness.

Birthday Symbols:

The Ram Is The Symbol For The Aries Zodiac Sign

Birthdate Tarot Card:

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Lovers. This card shows that some conflicting decisions need to be made with a calm mind.

Birthday Love Compatibility:

You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Sagittarius: This relationship will turn out to be an adventurous and exciting love match.

You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Libra: A relationship that has nothing in common and will survive only on the basis of excellent understanding.

Birth Date Numerology:

Your Favorable numbers are:

Number 6 – This number stands for harmony, conscientiousness, service and unselfishness.

Number 1 – This number symbolizes authority, will-power, passion and intuition.

Lucky Colors For April 6th Birthdays:

Green: This is a color that represents balance, peace and growth.

Pink: This colour stands for wisdom, love, innocence and tenderness.

Lucky Days For 6 April Birthdate:

Tuesday – This weekday is ruled by Mars. It is a good day to overcome serious issues that have blocked your success.

Friday – This day is ruled by Venus. It is symbolic of finding harmonious solutions to relationship issues.

Birthday Stone:

Diamond gemstone is said to intensify your energy and is a symbol of commitment in relationships.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 6th Of April:

Tickets for the next Super Bowl game for the Aries man and assorted makeup products for the woman.


  1. hi., Just as said. mostly true.. Abhay

  2. marino goossens

    I am born on april 6 1960. chines sign is rat and dragon.

  3. the emotional & creative part are spot on! though in terms of finances, its a little off on me as i have been thrifty & i make sure that i set aside some for my savings.. im actually on the conservative side when on investing. i do have investment namely in equity & mutual fund. im very security minded & scared of poverty. probably because of my possessive nature, the clingy & devoted are also spot on but i have vindiltive tendencies once betrayed i cut people off & no 2nd chance. also holds grudges & tend to be unforgiving as i feel very hurt especially that i dont trust easily.

    • oops sorry I mean vindictive…must be my pluto & saturn both at work there since both planets (especially my saturn in virgo)are aspecting my aries sun, sag moon, pisces ascendant, pisces mercury & leo-virgo mars.

  4. Thank you for your spiritual analyses about April 6. I am an April 6 but things are not working for good in my finances, what should i do?

  5. This is my birthday and the part about the eye health is spot on! My eyes are always having health problems. I have had pink eye countless times and just recently had a corneal ulcer. Very cool post, thanks for the fun read!

  6. Thanks for finding that mistake. edited and corrected now 🙂

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