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December 13 Famous Birthdays

December 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 13 have a definite idea of what they want in life and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. They seem to like a good debate. As a Sagittarius they could be found in the legal field perhaps as a top attorney.


Or if they thought about film or acting as a career, it is suggested that they could do this without much effort as well. They feel empowered as they are strengthened by the demands made on them. Having an audience only builds their reputation professionally.


Famous December 13 celebrities are certainly a pleasing personality and their friends, co-workers and family members enjoy being around them. As the Sagittarius born on this day, everyone shows up to their events. They’re funny so people can’t wait to hear another joke or to see what their latest prank will be. However, they don’t like people in their private affairs.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 13th are Sagittarius who are a little different to say the least. One thing is for certain, they’re fortunate. They embrace change or obstacles as both are learning experiences. People are drawn to them and likely they are just a little envious of their traits. These guys are incredible!

December 13 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13 December Good Traits:

  • Stimulating
  • Courageous
  • Flexible
  • Conscientious
  • Creative
  • Humble
  • Magnetic
  • Funny
  • Wise
  • Fortunate

13 December Bad Traits:

  • Quirky
  • Private
  • Egotistic
  • Eccentric
  • Quarrelsome

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December 13 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham Quintanilla, 1963, World Music Singer
Abraham Quintanilla, 1963, World Music Singer
Aga Khan IV, 1936, Politician
Agnieszka Wlodarczyk, 1980, TV Actress
Aiden Flowers, 2004, Movie Actor
Alan Archibald, 1977, Soccer Coach
Albert Adomah, 1987, Soccer Player
Albert Austin, 1881, Movie Actor
Alice Goodwin, 1985, Model
Alina Văcariu, 1984, Model
Alisha Weston, 1993, YouTube Star
Allie Laforce, 1988, TV Show Host
Alterraun Verner, 1988, Football Player
Alvin York, 1887, War Hero
Alyssa Carswell, 1988, Reality Star
Amanda Elise Lee, 1986, Model
Ame, 1994, World Music Singer
American McGee, 1972, Game Designer
Amy Austria, 1961, Movie Actress
Amy Lee, 1981, Rock Singer
Anastasia Sloan, 2002, Family Member
Andree Bonifacio, 2003, Dancer
Andrew Gordon, 1985, Hockey Player
Andrew Solt, 1947, Screenwriter
Andy Tate, 1974, YouTube Star
Anna Eshoo, 1942, Politician

Annie Bardonski, 1989, YouTube Star
Anthony Callea, 1982, Pop Singer
Anton Hysen, 1990, Soccer Player
Antoni Tapies, 1923, Sculptor
Arabella Daho, 2003, Blogger
Arantxa Rus, 1990, Tennis Player
Archie Moore, 1916, Boxer
Ashley Gosiengfiao, 1989, Model
Astronautalis, 1981, Rapper
Atiur Rahman, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
Bart Johnson, 1970, TV Actor
Bates Battaglia, 1975, Hockey Player
Ben Bernanke, 1953, Politician
Ben Bizuneh, 1989, YouTube Star
Ben Tucker, 1930, Bassist
Berton Averre, 1953, Guitarist
Betty-Jean Maycock, 1942, Gymnast
Billy Van Zandt, 1957, TV Actor
BJ Penn, 1978, MMA Fighter
Bo Pelini, 1967, Football Coach
Bob Brier, 1943, Scientist
Bojana Jovanovski, 1991, Tennis Player
december 13 famous birthdaysBorah Bergman, 1926, Pianist
Bosco Wong, 1980, TV Actor
Cam Fairfax, 1993, Director
Cameron Douglas, 1978, Movie Actor
Carlos Montoya, 1903, Guitarist
Caterina Lopez, 1988, Model
Chase Coy, 1990, Pop Singer
Chelsea Hertford, 1981, TV Actress
Christie Clark, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Christopher Plummer, 1929, Movie Actor
Chuck Findley, 1947, Trumpet Player
CJ Bruton, 1975, Basketball Player
Classified, 1977, Rapper
Clive Calder, 1946, Entrepreneur
Cody Calafiore, 1990, Reality Star
Conor Shanosky, 1991, Soccer Player
Courtney Upshaw, 1989, Football Player
Craig Brewster, 1966, Soccer Player
Daggubati Venkatesh, 1960, Movie Actor
Damien Comolli, 1972, Soccer Coach

Dan Halawi, 1983, YouNow Star
Dan Hamhuis, 1982, Hockey Player
Dani Venn, 1985, Chef
Daniel Howard, 1984, Rugby Player
Daniela Barranco, 1995, Vine Star
Danielle Collins, 1993, Tennis Player
Darla Baker, 1990, Model
Darlene Cates, 1947, Movie Actress
Dartanian Sloan, 2002, Movie Actor
Dasha Kapustina, 1989, Model
David Gale, 1921, Teacher
Debbie Matenopoulos, 1974, TV Show Host
Dick Van Dyke, 1925, TV Actor
Don Roff, 1966, Screenwriter
Edmond Locard, 1877, Scientist
Eita, 1982, TV Actor
Ella Baker, 1903, Civil Rights Leader
Emily Carr, 1871, Painter
Emily Glazer, 1996, Instagram Star
Emily Peachey, 1990, Movie Actress
Emmanuel Hudson, 1990, YouTube Star
Eric Marienthal, 1957, Saxophonist

Erik Hayser, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Ferguson Jenkins, 1942, Baseball Player
Fletcher Cox, 1990, Football Player
Fred Coe, 1914, TV Producer
Gary Davies, 1957, DJ
Gary Zimmerman, 1961, Football Player
Gaston Soffritti, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Genevieve Page, 1927, Movie Actress
George P. Shultz, 1920, Entrepreneur
Gina Kimmel, 1964, Family Member
Hanna-Maria Seppala, 1984, Swimmer
Harry Daniels, 1884, War Hero
Harry Gregson-Williams, 1961, Composer
Heather North, 1950, Voice Actor
Hector Jimenez, 1973, Movie Actor
Hector-Neri Castaneda, 1924, Philosopher
Heinrich Heine, 1797, Poet
Henry Dittman, 1971, TV Actor
Herman Cain, 1945, Politician
Hideto Matsumoto, 1964, Guitarist
Howard John Brenton, 1942, Playwright
Hydro, 1992, YouTube Star
Ian Fang, 1989, TV Actor
Inscope21, 1994, YouTube Star
Irene Molloy, 1978, TV Actress
J Alvarez, 1983, Rapper
Jack Hirschman, 1933, Poet
James Arlington Wright, 1927, Poet
James Eagan Holmes, 1987, Criminal
James H. Polk, 1911, War Hero
James Henry, 1798, Poet
James Horan, 1954, Voice Actor
James Kyson Lee, 1975, TV Actor
James Marcello, 1943, Criminal
James Murdoch, 1972, Entrepreneur
James Tamou, 1988, Rugby Player
Jamie Foxx, 1967, Movie Actor
Jassi Sidhu, 1978, World Music Singer
Jay Greenberg, 1991, Composer
Jeff Bell, 1943, Politician
Jeff Skunk Baxter, 1948, Guitarist
Jeffrey Pierce, 1971, TV Actor
Jesse Teinaki, 1991, Pop Singer
Jessica Revell, 1995, TV Actress
Jim Davidson, 1953, Comedian
Joe Christopher, 1935, Baseball Player
John Anderson, 1954, Country Singer
John Davidson, 1941, Game Show Host
John Denney, 1978, Football Player
John Ehle, 1925, Novelist
John Francome, 1952, Horse Jockey
Josef Lhevinne, 1874, Pianist
Joseph Garrett, 1990, YouTube Star
Judith Jacob, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Julie Holland, 1965, Doctor
Karen Witter, 1961, TV Actress
Kaspars Kambala, 1978, Basketball Player
Katherine Schwarzenegger, 1989, Family Member
Kathy Garver, 1945, TV Actress
Kathy Leutner, 1987, Model
Katie Sanford, 1994, YouTube Star
Katie Sarife, 1989, TV Actress
Kaysone Phomvihane, 1920, Politician
Kelsey Marie Miller, 1995, YouTube Star
Kenneth Hall, 1935, Football Player
Kenneth Patchen, 1911, Poet
Kevin Klein, 1984, Hockey Player
Kristen Dalton, 1986, Model
Kristen McMenamy, 1966, Model
Kristen Merlin, 1984, Country Singer
Kyle Baker, 1965, Cartoonist
Lannan Eacott, 1994, YouTube Star
Larry Doby, 1923, Baseball Player
Larry Parks, 1914, Movie Actor
Laza Morgan, 1983, Reggae Singer
Leroy McGuirk, 1910, Wrestler
Leyla Tanlar, 1997, Instagram Star
Lillian Roth, 1910, Movie Actress
Lou Adler, 1933, Entrepreneur
Lucia Gonzalez, 1957, Novelist
Luis Gonzalez-Macchi, 1947, Politician
Luke Steele, 1979, Pop Singer
Lynn-Holly Johnson, 1958, Movie Actress
Maisy Stella, 2003, TV Actress
Majida El Roumi, 1956, Opera Singer
Marc Connelly, 1890, Playwright
Maria Riva, 1924, TV Actress
Marti Webb, 1944, Stage Actress
Mary Todd Lincoln, 1818, Political Wife
Maurice Hines, 1943, Stage Actor
Meg Cat, 1990, YouTube Star
Michael Elgin, 1986, Wrestler
Michael Socha, 1987, Movie Actor
Michaela Baranov, 1990, Pop Singer
Mikael Lustig, 1986, Soccer Player
Mike Keller, 1949, Football Player
Mike Mosley, 1946, Race Car Driver
Mike Thompson, 1971, Reality Star
Mike Tirico, 1966, Sportscaster
Mobi Fehr, 1994, Soccer Player
Modris Eksteins, 1943, Teacher
Morgan Rose, 1968, Drummer
Morris Day, 1957, Pop Singer
Naomi Long, 1971, Politician
Nene Leakes, 1967, Reality Star
Nick Camryn, 2001, YouTube Star
Nick McCarthy, 1974, Rock Singer
Nick Roux, 1990, TV Actor
Niki Evans, 1972, Pop Singer
Noam Bramson, 1969, Politician
Noel Fitzpatrick, 1967, Doctor
Norman Foster, 1903, Director
Oda Yuji, 1967, Movie Actor
Okan Yalabik, 1978, Movie Actor
Olga Printzlau, 1891, Screenwriter
Pat Torpey, 1953, Drummer
Patrik Antonius, 1980, Tennis Player
Paula Wilcox, 1949, TV Actress
Peter Eastgate, 1985,
Peter Stringer, 1977, Rugby Player
Phillip Parker King, 1791, Explorer
Rachel Ann Daquis, 1987, Volleyball Player
Rachel Hendrix, 1985, Movie Actress
RageElixir, 1996, YouTube Star
Rama Yade, 1976, Politician
Randy Owen, 1949, Country Singer
Regina Cassandra, 1988, Movie Actress
Rex Ryan, 1962, Football Coach
Richard D. Zanuck, 1934, Film Producer
Richard Dent, 1960, Football Player
Richard Hibbard, 1983, Rugby Player
Rick Parashar, 1963, Music Producer
Rick Reynolds, 1951, Comedian
Rickie Fowler, 1988, Golfer
Ricky Nolasco, 1982, Baseball Player
Rob Ryan, 1962, Football Coach
Robert Daniel Sloan, 2002, Movie Actor
Robert Leeshock, 1961, TV Actor
Robert Lindsay, 1949, TV Actor
Ross Burden, 1966, Chef
Ross MacDonald, 1915, Novelist
Rudi Carrell, 1934, TV Show Host
Russell W. Porter, 1871, Scientist
Ryan Caraveo, 1992, R&B Singer
Ryan Cassata, 1993, Folk Singer
Ryan Donnelly, 1978, Football Player
Ryan Fenwick, 1995, Vine Star
Ryan McHenry, 1987, Vine Star
Sam Reynolds, 1981, Soccer Player
Samantha Cassaro, 1987, Family Member
Sangeetha Weeraratne, 1973, Movie Actress
Santi Cazorla, 1984, Soccer Player
Sara Cox, 1974, Radio Host
Satoshi Tsumabuki, 1980, Movie Actor
Sergei Fedorov, 1969, Hockey Player
Shannon Holt, 1976, Reality Star
Skip Prokop, 1943, Drummer
Sophie Smith, 1986, Journalist
Stanislaw Szukalski, 1893, Sculptor
Steve Buscemi, 1957, Movie Actor
Steve Forbert, 1954, Pop Singer
Stevie Starr, 1962, Performance Artist
Su Lu-wen, 1980, MMA Fighter
Sylvester Ritter, 1952, Wrestler
Talcott Parsons, 1902, Scientist
Tamora Pierce, 1953, Young Adult Author
Taylor Swift, 1989, Pop Singer
Ted Nugent, 1948, Guitarist
Tensai Okamura, 1961, Director
Todd Purdum, 1959, Journalist
Tom DeLonge, 1975, Guitarist
Tom Vilsack, 1950, Politician
Tony Curran, 1969, Movie Actor
Tony Roper, 1964, Race Car Driver
Trey Gunn, 1960, Guitarist
Trish Regan, 1977, TV Show Host
Van Heflin, 1910, Movie Actor
Vasco Nunes, 1974, Director
Vestal Goodman, 1929, Gospel Singer
Vicky Longomba, 1932, Jazz Singer
Vladimir Tarasenko, 1991, Hockey Player
Wayne Shelford, 1957, Rugby Player
Wendie Malick, 1950, TV Actress
William Drummond, 1585, Poet
Yusef Greiss, 1899, Composer
Zabdiel De Jesus, 1997, Pop Singer
Zach Drapala, 1989, YouTube Star


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