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Crown Chakra – Sahasrara Healing

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara is the most pervasive among all the seven chakras. It deals with your sense of perception and inner intelligence. It is the manifestation of our spiritual nature.


Your relationship with this Sahasrara chakra signifies your wisdom and oneness with the whole world. Take the free chakras test to learn more about your Crown Chakra.


Open Crown Chakra Meaning

If this crown chakra lies in its open state, it makes you a person whose views are essentially neutral in any kind of situation.

You are rooted to reality and very conscious about your immediate surroundings, and the world around you in general.


Since you are neutral in your judgments, you tend to be unprejudiced about anyone or anything and can perform the role of a mediator very well, in case of a dispute between your friends. Your insight is very powerful, and this helps you to have a bird’s eye view of any situation.


When this chakra is open, your spirituality reaches a new high. Topics related to spirituality and the occult sciences are what interest you the most. Inspirational books and movies seem to have a special attraction for you.

Under Active Crown Chakra Meaning

However, if the crown chakra tends to remain in an underactive state, it makes you a stubborn individual. Your thought process becomes very rigid and unlikely to be molded by any situation.

This is likely to land you in trouble since you are unable to change your views with the changing times. Surprisingly, spirituality and the metaphysical sciences hold little meaning for you.


Over Active Crown Chakra Meaning

Lastly, if the Crown Chakra stays in an overactive state, you are very overconfident in your approach to life’s varied instances. You become an arrogant individual and conceited about your intelligence. You think you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Also, you tend to underestimate people around you, and this can offend others. At the same time, you become overtly addicted to spirituality and the study of the occult. This obsession with spirituality reaches such an extent that you start to ignore even your immediate family and your basic bodily needs.

At this instant, your path to cure lies in discovering a higher power or being, much more superior to your limited everyday self. This sense of a higher entity will automatically offer you love and protection, which is needed to endure the ups and downs of everyday life.

Take a long hard look inside yourself, to realize the real person that lies within. Viewing and reading inspirational books and movies will also prove to be a real help. At the same time, try to avoid a confrontational position at all costs. Thus, your hope and faith in yourself will redeem you mentally and spiritually as a person.

The Seven Chakras

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Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

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