Feng Shui Questions for Bathrooms

#1. Feng Shui For Toilet Mirror Outside Bathroom Door

Responding to Feng shui questions regarding a mirror outside a bathroom door. Sal wonders if there would be any energy concerns. From Sal: I want to mirror the outside of my bathroom door. Standing facing it, immediately to the left is a closet door and to the right, my bedroom door. It is a junction of 3 doors, though it is not a hallway. If I face the bathroom door from a distance of 3 feet, there is no wall on my right and only a short one on my left.

Facing away from the bathroom door is perhaps 7 feet of wall with a door on the right, and only the door on the left which begins the dining area. Turning right after the 7 feet is 4 feet of wall/door on the right, and a front door straight ahead. Gallery (open) to left. The mirrored door would face a wall 17 feet away. The mirror will be 66 inches high and 15 inches wide, fit into the center of the door.

When no one’s there, the wall it will reflect has 2 pieces of art deco framed art and may have a plant below them. Looking to avoid an energetic error. NYC apartments afford little in the way of control and I want to ensure I am not making a poor situation worse. Any insight or suggestion is welcome.

#2. Effect Of Mirror Outside the Bathroom Door

Thanks to your specific details and dimensions, I understand the layout. Even if the light was shining on the mirror — and potentially leading energy in that direction — it has space to continue into the bedroom when the door is open. At night when the bedroom door is closed, it will be okay because we want passive chi for sleeping. At 17 feet away, the mirror will reflect and ‘double’ the art and plant display part of the time. A live, vibrant plant is yang.

Check the yin yang color association of the art. With a balance of yin and yang in your apartment, you may not even notice a change. If there’s a minor spike in yang energy, it may be as simple as moving the plant a little. Sal, providing the bathroom door is closed — even when not in use — adding the mirror will be fine from an energy perspective.

#3. Close Bathroom Doors

What if the bathroom door is not closed? It is often left half-open. Shirley Replies: I and many others can totally relate! I grew up in a home where the bathroom door was left open.

Bathrooms use real water and it is associated with soiled water that drains away. Any beneficial energy that accumulates is taken with it and flushed away. By keeping the bathroom door closed, the bad chi is contained in that room. That’s why it’s best to always keep bathroom doors closed. Light visible under the door is usually a good indicator to determine if a bathroom is occupied or not.

If you’re planning on attaching a mirror outside a bathroom door, consider what it will be reflecting, and regardless of what’s on the door, keep washroom doors closed to contain the unfavorable energetic influences within those four walls.

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