Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Feng Shui Your Trash

Guidelines For Trash Bin

Feng Shui is a simple, effortless way to fill your life with positivism. Feng Shui is all about the harmonious utilization of spaces to let in positive energy and ward off all negativity from your home or office. Originally a part of Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Metaphysics, the concept has become extremely popular across the world.

Most home-owners ensure that their homes are in accordance with the basic principles or facets of Feng Shui, in order to ensure a balanced way of living. The earliest tools and equipment that were used to apply the principles of Feng Shui included compasses, Feng Shui Wheels, and astrolabes.

Directions For Placing Trash Can

Geographical location, time, space, and cosmology played an important role in determining its application in ancient times. In the modern context, it is the architectural plan of your home, your home furniture, and fixtures, as well as the interior design elements that primarily constitute the process of ‘Feng Shui’ your home.

Unlike in the East, trash is not collected on a daily basis, in fact, trash – gets collected every 2 weeks and every other week it’s compost. Yes, there is a difference, so storage of garbage or compost needs to be done properly and you cannot just leave your garbage or compost outdoors before your day of picking up because the cats and dogs and raccoons may get into it – now that would be a real disaster having to pick up garbage one by one on the street and you don’t want that either – because that would be really bad Feng shui.

So what do the Chinese immigrant like myself do when they are living in the West? good question right? so you people in the East – don’t complain so much about garbage smell count your blessings. Do we put the trash bin right in front of the house or beside or where? I was a bit worried too because I want a good flow coming into my house would have a trash bin similar to the above right in front of my yard block the good chi from coming into my house? I had been debating and doing a lot of research of late.

Anyhow, this was what I found. We all need a garbage can or a garbage bin in or outside the house – in my case, it’s out of the house for the trash day pick up. So where is the right place? as long as it doesn’t block the view of the house and it’s kept clean and neat at all times, then it should be good. So in other words as long as it is not an eyesore – you are good to go.

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