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What Is Chinese Metaphysics?

Chinese Metaphysics: Introduction

If you are reading this, fate has brought us together, be it a one-off-bump-into-each other or a more enduring association. Detractors believe that fate is nothing more than chance occurrences, while fate embracers believe that there is a frequency underlining fate. Let us find out more about Chinese Metaphysics.


For obvious reasons, this website’s founders and you are bonded by this common belief that there is a reasonably determinable frequency to fate. We welcome all believers and enthusiasts to enjoy their stay here and unearth the treasures in pursuing such knowledge.


Study of Frequency of Fate:

The study of the frequency of fate is often crudely referred to as fortune telling, and many laymen thus have the shallow view that it is all about enhancing fortunes and wealth. This is a shallow view that detractors have quickly latched on to. In reality, fortune can also relate to favorable outcomes in health, marriage, business, competition, and governance.


Hence, it can be used from the micro to the macro level and from individuals to countries. It comprises not merely astrology but also divination and geomancy. Collectively, this school of knowledge is the Chinese Metaphysics 玄学.


Arguments Against Chinese Metaphysics

“Not scientific” – is one of the most typical arguments against Chinese Metaphysics by non-believers. While things that can be proven by science are real, the opposite of Chinese Metaphysics not being verifiable by science and therefore fake is not true.

Chinese Metaphysics is an observational science, just like statistical theories. The Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Qi Men Dun Jia are very much like the Normal, Binomial, and Poisson distributions of Statistical Studies.

These distribution theories came about from a systematic and meticulous tabulation of observations. Conventional scientific approaches cannot prove them. Nevertheless, it occurs with reasonably determinable or chartable frequencies that can be put to good use in our daily events.

“If fortune tellers can enhance one’s fortunes, he would have foremost enhanced his own and wouldn’t need to ply a trade to enhance others’ fortunes” – another of superficial comments commonly heard to belittle this theory of Metaphysics.

Fortune Telling in Chinese Metaphysics

A fortune teller or Practitioner can simply be an outstanding coach. There’s no logic to insisting the coach must be a good player. The most renowned football coaches like Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson were very mediocre players during their playing careers.

Our philosophy is to receive knowledge with an open mind. It is to filter it with a critical mind and embrace the finest Chinese Metaphysics practices. We can do this by sharing and correlating with real-life cases. We humbly believe that any school, including us, does not exclusively own this expertise. Therefore we would welcome, with open arms, any discussion and exchange of ideas of Chinese Metaphysics.

These Metaphysics theories are mostly from ancient times. They need to be continuously applied to modern real-life cases to stay relevant. It is, therefore, our conviction to be practical-based in our approach.

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