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A Scientific Approach to the Metaphysics of Astrology

Metaphysics of Astrology

This book is not only exceptional and enlightening, but it is thought-provoking! Enrique Linares was a Chemical Engineer by profession, a researcher by nature. His knowledge even covered Ancient Mystical Teachings and metaphysics. I could not begin to expound on all of the subjects he covered in this book. He was fascinated with the cycles of the planets.


He found that by plotting the Moon’s position on a graph for every Solar Return there was a repeatable cycle. In each group, there were seven curves. Each group had two distinct subgroups of four curves, one and three cycles. The subseries of four cycles last 11 years and the subseries of three cycles last 8 years, making a total of 19 years, which is the whole cycle of the Moon.

Sometimes there was a series of three or four cycles between the series of seven. This is so mystical. It coincides with the esoteric teachings relating to the seven types of energy known as the 7 rays, three of which are the major rays and four are the minor rays. Even in astrology, we have the 4 elements and the 3 qualities.


He followed the same procedure for all the planets, but only the returns for the Sun and Mars had seven cycles. He knew the importance of the number seven through the cabalistic teachings. With Mars, there is a series of seven cycles, followed by another series of seven and then followed by a series of eight cycles. The Sun does a series of seven cycles in two signs, a series of nine cycles in two signs and a series of eight cycles in all the other signs.

His conclusion as to why only these planets make seven cycles was that they form a planetary trinity. The Sun is the predominantly positive (spirit) pole, the Moon is the predominantly negative (matter) pole and the magnetic energy of Mars causes the two poles to unify and to produce Life. The Moon and Mars have the same direction in their cycles. The fact that the Sun has a different direction leads Linares to assert that it has a different polarity.


Linares researched the septenary cycles of 58 people. He learned that there is an identification of common characteristics of people born under the same cycle. It was also important to know under which specific cycle a person was born. He gave the delineation for the Sun, Moon, and Mars in each of its cycles.

John F. Kennedy was born when his Sun was in its third year of the 3rd cycle, his Moon was in the 2nd year of its fifth cycle and Mars was in the first year of the third cycle. His interpretation of the Sun in the 3rd cycle is: “There are much activity and interest in intellectual subjects, in traveling, and oratory, also in art, education and occult studies. Of the eight subjects studied, two were killed in car accidents.” He included a chart of a female listing all of the events in her life by the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and Mars.


This book covers so many subjects such as magnetism and the pyramids, discoveries of Greek mathematicians, the “catastrophe theory” invented in 1967 by Rene Thom; the Fibonacci series of numbers, the Golden Rectangle, information on the nature of the elements of matter, supernovas, etc. He lists a comparison of the Zodiacal signs of Leo, Cancer, Aries/Scorpio to metal, the animal kingdom, organs, energy, polarity, a subatomic particle, atomic particle, and biblical symbolism.

I found most interesting that the three primary colors are red, blue, and green. This is also expressed in the esoteric Alice A. Bailey books. I never could accept that because in school we learned that the three primary colors were red, blue, and yellow. Linares goes into detail in his explanation of subtractive primaries and additive primaries and how the three primary colors produce white.

I was fascinated with the orbits of the electrons. They orbit the nucleus in specific shells or orbits. Each orbit, except the first one, is divided into suborbital or subshells. There are seven shells or orbits. This coincides with the seven planes mentioned in the books of Alice A. Bailey (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire). Each plane has subplanes reaching into infinity. These planes are planes of consciousness that are within us as well as in everything whether visible or invisible.

A potential universe is contained in an atom, according to science. The Theosophical teachings state the reason for this, is because at the heart of each atom, whether mineral, human, superhuman or Divine, is a fragment of the Bundles, which is without beginning or end or even form, but which is the source of all Life.

This explains how all parts (and all kingdoms) are part of the whole. Violence and bombings in one area will affect another area of life, perhaps through floods, storms, etc. The teachings further state that while the quality of that Life remains the same whether in a mineral atom or in a stupendous Life such as a Deity, it is the quantity that changes, together with the forms and vehicles for that Life. Linares demonstrates how each element is related to a zodiacal sign according to the number of electrons in its outer shell, which is very interesting.

He covers the mystical theory of Pythagoras and shows how the 4th and 5th octave of music relate to the signs of the zodiac. He even correlates music to the I Ching which is most interesting!

This book is highly recommended. There is a wealth of information contained therein to energize the little grey cells of the brain and to cause the heart to rejoice. I would not part with this book.

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