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Common Dream Symbols & Meanings

Common Dream Symbols & Meanings

Whether you remember them or not, everyone dreams. Everything that you can see in real life you can see in your dreams, and sometimes you can even see things in your dreams that you cannot see in your waking life.

Many people who study new-age topics, and even some psychologists think that there are meanings behind the things that we see in our dreams. This article will discuss some of the most common dream symbols and their meanings.


Friends or Family Dream Symbolism

Some dream meanings are complicated, and some are pretty obvious. In the case of seeing your friends or family members in a dream, the meaning depends entirely on how you feel about these people. If you like your friends, then it can mean good things. If you are in a fight with you friend, then it could mean that your relationship needs some work. Seeing these people in your dreams can also relate to the aspects of your friend’s personality that you share. If your friend is being annoying in the dream, maybe it means that you are being annoying in real life.

Running or Being Chased In Dreams

If you are running to something then it symbolizes that you are trying to reach a goal in real life. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to show you a new goal to reach for, or enforcing that you should try harder to get to your goals. It can also mean that you are rushing into the future, or feeling anxious about what’s to come. Being chased or running away from something can symbolize that you are running away from your responsibilities in real life or avoiding something in general. Guilty and anxious feelings often come with these dreams.

Schools Dream Symbols

A common place for people to dream of is their old schools. Elementary, middle, high school, and colleges can all fall into the school category. Schools in dreams symbolize just about everything that a person learns in school. Obviously education, but also social skills and self-development.

It also depends on how you felt about school when you were going there. If you were popular or did well in school, then it can symbolize good things. However, if you were an outcast or did poorly in school, then you are likely to wake with a bad feeling in your head.

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Dead People (Not Zombies)

As creepy as it may sound, humans tend to dream about death a lot. Whether we want to think about it or not, people die every day. It’s no wonder that we dream about death and dead people. Seeing dead people lying around can symbolize your worries about death. Death can symbolize a part of your life that has “died.”

If you see a dead friend, it could mean a broken relationship. A dead preacher could symbolize a loss of faith in your life. It can also symbolize something in your life that you want to change or “die” that you can act on later by gaining a new hobby or dumping an abusive partner.

Water Symbolism

Lastly, water is basically everywhere you look. In sinks, lakes, streams, oceans, rain, clouds, and much more. Water usually symbolizes a person’s emotions about a certain situation. Going into water can symbolize new feelings. Deep water equals deep emotions. Hot water equals heated emotions or quick emotions like anger. Drowning could mean that you’re paying too much attention to your feelings and not enough to your brain.

There are many dream meanings out there, these are just a few of the most common. If you want to learn more about dream symbolism or symbolism, in general, then you can read more articles like this one here on SunSigns.Org.

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