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How Personal Planets Affect Us Daily – An Example

How do planets And Stars Affect Us?

Early morning the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Experiencing the difference between transiting personal and outer planets. Even with Jupiter turning direct earlier, I couldn’t deny my serious mood. Even when thinking about the clarity Jupiter brought me and opened my eyes to other kinds of possibilities, trying to focus consciously on this particular event, was still a challenge.

There are days where things seem so easy that you may doubt your intelligence when days like this come and you have a little doubt here and there. Then I read the stars.

The Moon was approaching a conjunction with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius, which is the sign that now Jupiter rules. There! – I told myself. Yes, indeed it was a momentary ‘doubt of the future‘ for 2 days straight while the configuration was happening in my natal 11th house of future and wishes.


Now the Moon is separating from its conjunction with Saturn. I’m feeling quite a relief. And the configuration isn’t ‘exact’ in any planets in my chart of the point. Yet I felt like there had been heavy energy over me for the past 2 days. Intense! Still, very productive and I’ve learned a lot from these 2 days. I also have Saturn as the planet ruling my natal chart.

When the Moon meets Saturn, there is an ambush ahead. What to do then?

Stay connected with the earth, be free of controlling or obsessive thinking (Saturn Rx can do that also), and learn how to direct energy. Do not spend time thinking about things that are further of reach. Anticipated emotional rage or doubt serves only to feed negative energy.


Moon when in touch with Saturn, makes us feel cold-blooded. Emotions become too saturated to the Grey color in energy. Humor is somewhat brilliant and sarcastic, but humor can also be dark and too depressive. Self-doubt is highly possible, as well as fearing the future (Saturn rules fear and time), even if it is for a second. Knowing how to work with this kind of heavy energy is wise for the soul, which astrology can provide beforehand.

The casual approach to astrology

Electromagnetic Wave Theory as Causal Explanation of Astrology (Arroyo, 1975)

Many people believe that whereas other planets exert energy from a radiant point in the sky, the Moon therefore moves and circles these energies around and directs them all to Earth and its living things. In 1972, Glynn presented a theory based on electromagnetism and waves, explaining that a more scientific approach to astrology is about to be discovered, the casual approach to astrology, where all the planetary movements and the changes they cause inside the gravitational field (in the Sun) is all reflected to the Moon where she alone changes the gravitational field of piles of earth.


Though the theory is relevant in terms of ‘demystifying astrology’ and shall be performed with better technologies nowadays (pardon my ignorance if there are advanced articles about it) and more readable in terms of physicality where science is concerned, this alone shouldn’t be considered the only existential ‘pro0f’ of what astrology is capable of reaching in terms of conscious knowledge. Yet, astrology is far more reachable when being far more subjective about it.

From this point and radical yet comprehensive theory that needs serious further development, the Moon is of extreme importance, ceding her power and utility to feed mankind’s emotional thirst and habits.

She rules and governs our daily commitment to life and its ordinary private or ‘homie‘ assignments. It is also related to our daily relationships among Venus, but the Moon is especially about daily care, routine, and more intimate relationships that give us daily emotional comfort.

In Resume

While the Moon travels in one sign in just 2 days and a few hours, Jupiter’s length in only one sign is about a year. Whereas the Moon’s energy is felt daily, Jupiter’s is felt from long-term events that symbolically cause us to react and act over.

This is a great example of how the personal planets affect us daily rather than planets whose length to produce visible results is much longer, in the case of Jupiter.

The Moon is one of the main energy sources in astrology, and its power affects us daily, and its symbolical representation is of the most emotional nature, it is the Moon with whom we experience our daily moods and needs, therefore, she represents a powerful image of humanity’s feminine side.

No matter how consciously attuned I was with Jupiter being direct and its benefits, trying to focus directly on that – my emotions (especially because I have many glasses of water) were somehow drawn and influenced by and ruled by the Moon (I have Sun/Mars/Moon in Cancer) and Saturn the planet ruler of my astrological chart.

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