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Sagittarius Woman Sexual Traits

Sagittarius Woman In Love

So, you have met a Sagittarius woman whom you are interested in. Key point to note, take your time with her. Before you can attract this woman sexually she will want you to be a friend first.

The Sagittarius female loves her freedom. You cannot put her on a leash no matter how strongly you have captivated her. You must be creative in finding things that will keep her interest levels on an all time high otherwise she will get bored very quickly.

In other words, be adjustable, flexible and adventurous. Remember that she loves honesty too. Don’t try to fool her or you will be history in no time.sagittarius womanShe is among those individuals who do not easily commit to a long-term relationship. So do not jump into showing her how badly you want that deep commitment until she is ready for it and has gotten to know you better.

The moment you give this zodiac sign the slightest hint of your intentions to commit to her, she will disappear in no time.

Sagittarius Woman In Relationships

Also, keep in mind that the Sagittarius woman prefers to take her time and experience the journey as deeply as she can, as opposed to arriving at her destination. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to get things going, take your time, move slowly and be patient.

However, if you jump right into flirting and showing how badly you want to get in between her legs, she will definitely shut you out completely. Love compatibility in relationships matters a lot to her!

Take her out on adventurous and exciting dates; preferably outdoors if the weather allows. Making such gestures will definitely earn you the points you need to eventually win her heart.

Sagittarius Woman Sexuality Traits

Wondering how the Sagittarius woman handles bedroom matters? Well, she is an adventurous, spontaneous and skilled lover. She enjoys trying out new thrilling things including anything that you might consider out of the ordinary.

So if you are the kind of person who blandly sticks to the usual routine and humdrum sexual activities, you better forget about hooking up with the Sagittarian. She will definitely get bored in a minute and seek satisfying pleasure elsewhere.

Yes, the Sagittarius female will actually go out there and look for another man who can give her whatever it is that will make her happy. Give her new and exciting experiences because failure to do so will see her finding another man who can provide these things.

When it comes to the actual lovemaking, she is not particularly fiery in this sector. She prefers to take her time seductively, ensuring that her partner is completely satisfied with no doubt. She is a very thoughtful woman and one of her greatest desires is to make her partner the happiest man in bed.

She achieves this through her skillful tactics. While she fulfills your dreams and fantasies, you must also be in a position to do the same for her. Since she is very passionate and erotic, she will enjoy cuddling, foreplay and experiencing your sexuality as her partner.

Remember, Sagittarius women are adventurous and will not think twice about experimenting so, don’t be shy, go ahead and try out your wildest fantasies with her.

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  1. Im a Sagittarius woman & this is SO TRUE….If you bore us we will go find something that excites us

  2. I’m a Sag and don’t like taking things slow either. Rather prefer that you are clear with your intentions from day one, and it’s better if you don’t mislead or waste any time. If you treat me as a friend, expect to stay there quite permanently. I like to put everything into my relationships, especially if I fall hard. If you put me as low priority while I’m putting you first, I will lose interest very quickly because I expect my partner to meet me halfway.

  3. I am a Sag women and YES everything mention is right on target…people dont fear us we are great folks , love life, family and our partners, we are hard workers and love to grow in every level just dont put a leash on us or you’ll loose us, unleashed does not mean unfaithful.

  4. I am Sagittarius and this analogy is right on target, exactly describing me to a t!!!!!

  5. I dated a Sagitarian for 5 years and have to say — this is all spot-on, except, where it says “cuddling.” She was not at all into that, but very much down for some crazy (in a good way) shagging. She was a goddess in the bedroom. Without a doubt; best lover I’ve ever had. I’d like to think it was mutual, since I was her first partner to ever make her continuously gush like a garden hose, again and again. Sexually, we were a great match. Problem was that she was a total failure as a trusted and true partner and friend. That’s why it ended. Meh… the ocean is huge, and this Cancer likes to swim. 😉

    • I’m a Saggi woman and currently dating a Cancer man 🙂 All of the stuff written here perfectly describes me. And my bf loved it so much 🙂

  6. i have a friend she is sagi.. shes so erotic and not afraid of showing it. a real fire woman.

  7. as I am a Sagittarius woman and this is nothing like me… I don’t want a relationship…I don’t want to take it slow.. as long as you are good looking and nice… I don’t always like to be friends with the person first because then when you are in a relationship it could get awkward…

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