Listening To Nature For Answers

Listening To Nature For Answers

Nature is the one of the most miraculous symbols. It gives us a lot of symbolic meanings through different things. So how do we recognize them? The answer is simple: by listening. When we open our hearts and minds to receiving insights, we allow ourselves to listen to the answers that nature provides for our questions. This should not be too shocking, as are a vital part of nature ourselves.

Although we consider ourselves to be far superior to other organisms, at our core we have the same composition of atomic elements. We are more tied to nature symbols than we even realize on a daily basis. In order to feel this connection more, we need to practice calming ourselves and embracing the quiet more frequently.

Most of us live a busy, chaotic modern life, so seeking out a slower pace of thinking and behaving (even for a mediation session) is quite an adjustment. However, this is necessary if you expect to receive answers from nature. It is not in its nature (pun intended) to be brash and blatant.

Throughout history, our ancient and even more recent ancestors have recognized the benefits of plugging themselves into nature when searching for guidance, inspiration, and clarity. Although it might not have been as much of an adjustment for them as it is in the modern day, you, too, can allow nature to come into your daily awareness, even if you live in the loud big city.


Ways To Listen To Nature

Before you begin reaching out to nature’s call, you must assess what you wish to gain from the experience. Your mind cannot be closed, otherwise you you will miss out on so many possibilities. Focusing your mind on being open to all possibilities before you embark on this journey will permit for greater results and a stronger peace of mind. Nature, after all, is non-linear. Like our own psyche, it flourishes with creativity, gut feelings, and intuition. Thus, we must be open to even the most surprising of messages, because nature, with its limitless opportunities, will never misguide us.

After you free yourself of expectations, you must be able to open your heart, mind, and most importantly, ears. In order to hear the messages of nature, regardless of your home environment, there is one simple first step you can take: turn off the TV. How can you expect to hear the pure calls of nature with the static nonsense happening on the television? You can’t.

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Although nature is always available for us, it will never reveal itself to someone who is not fully concentrated on it. You must not only acknowledge, but also embrace its presence and show your seriousness and dedication. To demonstrate this takes action, such as purposefully eliminating distractions, especially trivial ones like the television.

Lastly, the most common way to hear the messages of nature is to engage yourself in meditation. We are all sponges of our surroundings and, unfortunately, this often poses a problem. We allow ourselves to take in the rubbish stresses of our daily lives, leaving little room for more positive and relaxing vibes. When we mediate, we allow ourselves a time for quiet contemplation. During this time, we are still, quite, and impenetrable to stressful intake.

Meditation allows us to deeply reflect on our lives and allows nature to make helpful inferences and suggestions. It is a refreshing process that allows us to achieve a much desired state of clarity which permits nature to speak more personally with us.

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