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October 15 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On October 15th

October 15 Zodiac Sign Is Libra

IF YOU ARE BORN ON OCTOBER 15, you are likely a Libra who’s loyal, intelligent and dedicated. Perhaps you are popular as you are a social being who enjoys the company of friends and family. They think that you are funny and interesting.

This Libra birthday person is at ease when it comes to being in the spotlight. But at the same time, you like being alone. Those of you born today look for a lover who is dependable and steadfast.

Analytical and inquisitive are two other October 15th birthday personality traits that would rightly describe someone born today. You like to go beyond what’s on the surface when it comes to searching and retrieving answers. You are no different from any other Libra as you need to balance things out.IF YOU ARE BORN ON OCTOBER 15, you are likely a Libra who’s loyal, intelligent and dedicated. If today is your birth day, you are a curious individual and your interest could change with the wind. However, when you find something that peaks your interest, you stir things up a notch with an energy that allows you stay motivated. You have a need to understand how, and why.

In love, the 15 October zodiac birthdate person wants to be with a partner. You love holding hands and sharing new things together. You might say that you feel whole with someone by your side. You need something definite in your life to fill your home with laughter and harmony. Family is so incredibly important to you. Soft-hearted and spiritual, you tend to daydream a lot mainly about love.

The October 15 horoscope predicts that you love the finer things in life. You enjoy life as only a Libra can. However, you can be your own worst enemy. You can occasionally go off half cocked but are the first to admit when you are wrong. If you could learn from your previous mistakes, you would stop making the same blunders over again. It could be said that you are too forgiving.

As with your zest for living, you have the same passion when it comes to food. You have a desire to look good but don’t want to work for it. You’d rather have a procedure done to lift, tone and tighten.

Although you may be active, it should not take the place of a work out. The October 15th born, are generally in good health but you could benefit from some good old fashioned remedies instead of what’s trending and new on the market.

Let’s talk about your money, Libra. The 15th October birthdate astrology predictions show that you do well in making it. But you are often blindsided by people who take advantage of your goodness. You’d do yourself a favor if you just said “no.”

Occasionally, you get the short end of the stick by trusting too quickly and wanting something so much that you don’t listen to your gut instincts. Not everyone is as honest as you are either, Libra.

For a Libra born today, making a career decision can be hard. It seems as though you are qualified to do many things. You are sharp and have excellent communication skills. These October 15 birthday personality traits may identify you as someone who’s shaking and moving things as an attorney. What’s more is that you could do well as a writer or as a marketing executive. Domestically, you’d make a superb pastry-chef.

october 15 libra birthday calendarThe October 15 birthdate meanings foretell that you are determined and are smart as a whip. You like being at home as well as among other people in a social setting. As far as love goes, you love being partnered with someone on your level… dedicated and true. This is the quality that makes you stand out in front of the other people born under the same zodiac sign – Libra – The Scales.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – October 15th In History:

1566 – French astrologist, Nostradamus, dies at the age of 62.
1860 – Grace Bedell, only 11 years old, suggests to President Lincoln that he grow a beard.
1913 – Train crash during “Black Week” in Liverpool.
2011 – Prince Albert II weds Charlene Princess of Monaco.

Celebrities Born On 15 October:

Eric Benet, Keyshia Cole, Erica Dixon, Ginuwine, Lee Iacocca, Tito Jackson, Abdul Kalam, Penny Marshall, Mario Puzo

October 15 Birth Sign: You Fall Under Star Sign Libra

October 15 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Tula Rashi

October 15 Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

October 15 Birthdate Planet: Your ruling planet is Venus that symbolizes relationships, love, money and grace.

October 15 Birth Date Symbols: The Scales Are The Symbol For The Libra Zodiac Sign

October 15 Birthday Tarot Card:

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Devil. This card warns you not to get involved in situations that might prove to be detrimental to your success.

October 15 Birthday Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Aquarius: This can be a good and stable love relationship.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Capricorn: This match is not a good bet.

October 15 Birth Date Numerology:
Your Lucky numbers are:
Number 6 – This number symbolizes unconditional love, compassion, nurturing and integrity.
Number 7 – This number symbolizes dignity, completion, education and stability.

Lucky Colors For October 15th Birthdays:

Pink: This colour signifies thoughtfulness, love, hope and vulnerability.
Lavender: This color signifies spiritual awakening, emotional harmony, creativity and humility.

Lucky Days For 15th October Birthdate:
Friday – This day ruled by Venus signifies the happiness experiences by being in company that you like or doing something that satisfies your creativity.

October 15 Birth Stone: Opal is a gemstone that can induce originality, enthusiasm, intensity and stability.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 15th Of October A crystal ash tray for the Libra man and tickets to a special play at the theater for the woman.

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