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Why Is He Afraid To Love Me?

Is he afraid of love or does he not love me? Love can be scary, sure, but you want to know is your man afraid of love or does he just not love you? And why is he afraid of love? If he doesn’t love you than let him go!


A Lie Or An Excuse?

Most of the time unfortunately when men say they are afraid of love that is a lie and an excuse. They just don’t know how to tell you that you are not the one that they want to marry or be with forever. They want to let you down easily or try to manipulate you into feeling sorry for them or staying with them without a commitment.


If they continue dating you after they say this then they might not want to be serious with anyone or they may not want to be serious with you. They may want to just fool around or date casually.

Is love a lie or an excuse to breakup

Afraid To Commit?

He may be afraid of commitment but if he loves you wouldn’t he risk it or at least try? Now it is up to you to determine if this is OK with you. If he is not in love with you now than what are the chances he will fall in love with you later?


Afraid Of Love?

Sure, sometimes, some men are actually afraid of love. But these are probably few and far between. Some guys are afraid to love because they are afraid to give up control. They feel the need to be strong and not show weakness. He may be afraid to love again after being hurt. It is hard to feel vulnerable especially when you let yourself feel vulnerable and than you are hurt.


It is hard to love again when you put your trust in someone and they break that trust. Or maybe the love just didn’t work out. It is hard to believe that this time will be different. Honestly if you are holding onto the past than you are blocking the present. How can you get over your fears unless you face them? It is hard to not take it personally. I mean if you are really the one shouldn’t he be risking it?

 some men are actually afraid of love

Fear Of Change

Another reason some one might fear love is the fear of change or losing what they have now. He may not want to change the relationship you have now if it is going well. Or he may not want to lose your friendship, especially if you were friends first.

If you want to try to work through this with him than see if he will talk to some one other than you – a friend or even a professional. But the truth is that no matter how scared a guy is if he really loves you and wants to be with you, he will try to make it work. He will try to overcome his fears. He won’t risk losing his girlfriend just because he is afraid.

man is afriad of change in a relationship

If Nothing Works – Move On

So most likely if a man says he is afraid to love you he is probably just not that into you. Breakup with him and if he is the one than he may actually work through his commitment issues and come back to you.

And that is fantastic but chances are he will meet some one else or continue his bachelor way of life. But you will move on too. You will meet that man that is not afraid to love and is in love with you. He is not afraid of commitment and he is not afraid of you.

He doesn’t lie or try to manipulate his woman or just want to take it slow. He loves you and he says so and he proves it. You will be so thankful that you didn’t stay with the one who was afraid to love. You both will make a happy couple!

happy couple

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