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Metal – The Feng Shui Element Of Prosperity

#Understanding Feng Shui Metal Element

Think of the way a room feels when entered. Think of the colors, shapes, and energy it sends out to the occupants. But rooms and other spaces give off a vibe that can be instantly felt. Perhaps it’s a dark and gloomy room, an overly bright room with a stressful feeling, or even a light and bright room that induces calm. Colors, shapes, and materials are important to a room’s energy and essential to good metal Feng Shui.


One of Feng Shui’s beliefs is that there are five elements: metal, fire, wood, earth, and water, that operate together in harmony if placed in balance. These elements are also used in Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine. Each element has a color, a compass direction representing energy, and some personality characteristics.

Summary of All Feng Shui Elements

#1. Wood

The wood represents growth vitality and expanding energy. Add this element to the home or office to increase these characteristics and bring this energy type.


It also inspires motivation creativity, and a social vibe. The colors that correspond with wood are brown, green, and turquoise, and the shape is a rectangle.

#2. Water

Water represents peace, calm, and stillness. Its colors are black, blue, and turquoise, and its qualities are shimmery and reflective.


This element brings wealth and prosperity when added to the home or workplace. It is a significant symbol not only in Feng Shui but also in life!

#3. Earth

Earth symbolizes a grounding and stabilizing force. It is patience and harmony. Bricks, rocks, gemstones, and clay items are examples of earth-representation objects. Its colors are earth colors such as brown, yellow, orange, etc., and its shape is a square.

#4. Fire

If the fire is a symbol of energy, enthusiasm, and upward movement. It can be easily overdone, so it is an element to be used carefully. Its colors are orange and red, and its shape is a triangle. Add this element to the workplace to encourage moving up levels in career and recognition.


#5. Metal

Lastly, and most importantly for this article, is the element of metal. Metal brings organization, efficiency, structure, prosperity, and prestige. It’s a loaded element that contains lots of properties and characteristics.

Think of the uses of metal. It is the foundational structure of buildings and an essential component of appliances, furniture, tools, etc. It is strong and useful. Its shape is round or oblong, and its colors are silver, white, and gray.

Born in the Year of Metal

Each person has an element related to their birth year and where their birthday lies in the year. A person whose element is metal is responsible and hard-working. They enjoy the pressure, challenges, and high-stress situations and often charge forward without thinking about the little details.

In the workplace, it might be beneficial to have a mental person teamed up with someone who enjoys sorting out the detailed parts of a project to focus on the strong forward movement and energy.

The personality of Metal People

They are also loyal and supportive of their friends and other relationships. They may not show much emotion but will be there when needed. Like the element of metal, these types of people may be inflexible, rough, and proud.

For those with the lucky element of metal, there are many ways to include metal in one’s life to bring prosperity, prestige, organization, and efficiency. Since its shape is round or oblong, consider adding a round object to the living area or the office desk. A globe would be an excellent addition because it is both round and incorporates metal.

How to Add Metal Feng Shui to Your Life

It is easy to find metal in almost anything! By adding decorative pieces that include metal and perhaps even other elements. For example, a mirror with a metal framing would represent both the energies of metal and water (a mirror is an object representing the qualities of water).

Adding metal to the office would be especially helpful to encourage prosperity in the workplace and financial success! But it can bring about career motivation and strength. Chinese Feng Shui places the metal in the west, north, and northwest areas of the Bagua in the home or office. Include more metal if it’s a transitional time of life where big changes are going on, especially in a career.

So, your direction seems hazy and out of focus. Adding metal will bring clarity and sharpness to the energy and decision-making. But will help in the organization as well. Not only can metal be expressed in a round or oblong shape, but it can also be represented by silver, gray, and white colors. Adding these colors will also bring positive mental energy.

Each element is important and should be balanced to provide positive energy and a balanced life. For example, if a person has too much fire in their life, they can be erratic and restless, whereas if you have too much water, you can lack the motivation to do anything.

It is important to include all the elements in the living areas and the workspaces, but it is especially encouraging to include one’s lucky elements and colors. The five elements work together in cycles like a checks and balances system. Each has another element that they nourish, and each has an element that controls them. The elements system’s two cycles are the promoting and controlling cycles. The elements work together to bring an even stronger positive energy to the area.


In the promoting Feng Shui Metal Cycle:

Wood nourishes Fire

Fire nourishes Earth

Earth nourishes Metal

Metal nourishes Water

Water nourishes Food

In the controlling Feng Shui Metal Cycle:

Wood controls Earth

Earth controls Water

Water controls Fire

Fire controls Metal

Metal controls Wood

Metal in Feng Shui Cycles: Influence and Effects

These cycles help to create a balance between all of the elements. Still, it can be possible to overdo one element and underdo another to create a dangerous and negative combination. So this is especially useful in traditional Chinese medicine to decide what is ailing the body (which elements are overdone and which are not used enough and out of balance).

Keeping balance in today’s world can be difficult. We all are attempting to achieve our goals, live our lives peacefully, and be prosperous. So many of us suffer from an imbalance of the elements and a lack of chi’s good positive flow. It can result in a lack of motivation, fatigue, depression, irritability, and bad luck.

So, try to bring all of the elements into balance in the home and workplace to return the warm, positive flow of Chi and encourage the metal element’s positivity. But even if the metal isn’t one’s lucky element, it can still be of tremendous use. It can bring a wonderful energy to promote prosperity and abundance to the owners.

Lucky for us, metal is practically everywhere! It’s so easy to include in everyday furnishings and other objects. So, give the metal a try, and let the prosperity come!

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