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The Role Of Salt In Modern Feng Shui

The Positive And Negative Role of Salt In Feng Shui

Why Use Salt?

Salt is made of sodium chloride. When Sodium and Chlorine ions combine, they form a crystal-like diamond. The form of a crystal comes from the geometric backbone of the ions. The role of salt in Feng Shui is unique and discussed in detail.

Human bodies do not make salt, but it is an “essential nutrient” or something we need to survive. This is because salt helps maintain fluids in your body and aids in transmitting electrical signals.


Because salt is an ionic compound, it is beautiful to polar compounds like water. Salt is called “hygroscopic,” meaning it can absorb liquid water and water vapor.

Benefits of Salt in Feng Shui

Salt is used in Feng Shui for cleaning. Like salt attracts water due to its scientific structure, salt attracts negativity from the chi, effectively purifying it. It is also known in science that flows from areas of high concentration to low results in a balance.


The negative energy pooled naturally flows towards the pure and clean salt. Cleansing with salt is a widespread Feng Shui practice to remove negative energy from a home or business.

Because salt is a crystal, it is beneficial for Feng Shui. The crystals are very commonly used in Feng Shui and have a variety of purposes. However, the common goal of using crystals is to create or encourage good energy in your home or workplace.

Different crystals have different vibrations; therefore, specific crystals are used when someone wants particular energy.


What Is Feng Shui Salt Cure?

#1. When to Use Salt in Feng Shui

Salt can be used whenever you feel like cleaning your environment’s energy, just as you would physically clean any space. Usually, this happens when you are feeling negative and stagnant from a past event.

If you find you are stuck on events from your past, salt can help clear that negativity from your life. For example, you can cleanse with salt after a breakup, family death, or significant illness.


Utilizing salt to clean negative energy you have acquired from its previous owner is also helpful. But this can be anything from an item of jewelry to a new house. Objects absorb and retain negativity from the people around them.

You never know what kind of negativity an object has experienced. So it is an excellent idea to keep that old negative energy out of your life.

#2. How Not to Use Salt

While many people recommend doing something called a salt cure, others believe this may not be the best use of salt in your home. This is annoying and requires a lot of preparation, but the mess it creates also doesn’t positively influence Feng Shui. A few afflictions are commonly combatted with a salt cure.

Another possible suggestion for using salt is in a salt lamp. However, remember that there can be too much of a good thing.

By adding the lamp’s heating element, you are effectively doubling the absorption rate from the space where the light is placed. The salt lamp is to dry a feeling of lethargy in your home or business.

#3. How to Use Salt in Feng Shui?

There are many different salt cleansing methods, but most commonly, you will find professionals using sea salt in their techniques. So one of the most common ways to perform a salt cleanse is by placing open bowls of sea salt around the home.

The sea salt combines both the earth and water elements. You should place these bowls in the northeast and southwest corners of your building. This creates balance and will maximize the effectiveness of your salt cleanse.

Since salt absorbs negative energy, it is essential to change it. So after approximately two months, the salt must be discarded and completely removed from the home. A new batch of salt can be put back in its place to continue cleansing the atmosphere. As a pool of negative energy, salt can be used to create a barrier around your building.

Sprinkling of Salt

Sprinkling salt around the perimeter of a building, particularly at the doors and crossing over to the outside, can help keep negative energy at bay. So for a quick cleanse, an open bowl of salt can be placed in any room for a day.

If there is one room in a particularly negative house, scattering salt over the floor and leaving it for 24 hours can help. This can be particularly useful when moving into a place for the first time to clean out any negative energy from previous occupants.

Using Salt For Cleansing

Jewelry with stones and geodes can be cleansed with salt. Even if you buy the Jewelry new, you never know what kind of energy may be reaching you.

But be careful of the corrosive nature of salt and saltwater. Leave a piece of Jewelry in a salt bath for 24 hours.

You can use salt for cleaning. This is easy if you live by a body of saltwater or have the option of visiting the coast.

Cleaning the Body

Immersing yourself in salt water can help cleanse your body of emotional and spiritual damage. Even if no specific event you feel has harmed you, a saltwater bath can help purify your aura.

Finally, it can represent drawing in money. So placing a few dry salt crystals can positively affect your finances.


When you are happy, the positive energy will boost the effectiveness of the salt. Some people like to make things complicated, but cleansing your spaces with salt does not have to be. Be sure to use clean salt and dispose of it afterward.

It is easy to avoid consuming when cleansing with salt. So give salt a try next time you feel like removing negative energy from your life.

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