Thursday, October 6, 2022

What Is Pendulum Scrying?

Pendulum Scrying

For Pendulum Scrying, devices varied from forked branches until pendulums wires through an angle of 90 °. These tools help the person to focus and detect the innate perception of electromagnetic energy.

Success depends on the clarity of your intention and, paradoxically, the detachment from the results. Therefore, it is counterproductive to try hard. Since this practice involves contact with an innate sensitivity and the higher self, it is essential when we do it well physically, emotionally balanced, and with an open mind.


Focus on your intention while holding rods and remains sensitive to their movements; begin to walk slowly but firmly around the area in question. You can ask for help from your guides. Let intuition guide you to determine the localized location by the rods. Do you feel comfortable in it: ultimately, a sacred place should you be located where you want it to be. Note that the rods are sensitive to electrical cables and plumbing, which may influence the results early in practice or if the mind wanders.

How to find a sacred place?

Practice until you can hold the parallel rods, elbows to the waist, forearms extended, and flexible wrists. Try not to feel too anxious or tense muscles; the secret is to be receptive to the energies of the Earth. They are using rods merely as an amplifier.

Do it several times to familiarize yourself with how responsive rods are; ask someone to hide an object and focus your intention to find it; with a positive response or a place with beneficial energy, the bars turn out, turn to him, and if cross means typically “no” or negative energy.

After completing a session, remember to take time off to recover and wash your hands under running water.

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