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Palmistry Techniques – The Magic In Your Palms

Palmistry Techniques That Can Change Your Life

Palmistry has its main contact with many years back to the Greeks. This is the procedure of palm reading which is done by the palmists who have some scientific art, some palmistry techniques, the art of characterization, and telling the future in respect of following and interpreting these mentioned techniques. Those persons who practice palmistry are known as palmists. They are also known as hand readers, palm readers, chronologists, hand analysts, etc.


The palmistry process can give you the answers to your different questions concerning different aspects of your life. Palmistry is a very ancient type of telling the future. Most persons follow this due to their customs to know their future. This includes their life periods, business progress, family, love, and many other directions of life.


Techniques of Palmistry:

As we know that, palmistry consists of the practice of telling the future or character of a person by reading the palm, it involves some different techniques. Palmists use to read the lines of palm and mounts of palm. Palmists made their several interpretations by watching and analyzing the lines and mount’s relative sizes, its intersections with others, and its qualities.


In some customs, palmists read the fingers, fingerprints, skin patterns, color, texture. They also see the shape of the palm, fingernails, and the hand’s flexibility. Palmist starts reading the palm of the dominant hand. The dominant hand is the hand which he or she uses to write with or do mostly his works with that particular hand. The reader has the observation that the dominant hand represents the consciousness of the mind. Palmists use to say that the other hand mostly shows the family traits and past information. Palmists consider some aspects of the hand which are as follows,

-Hand Shape -The lines -The mounts -Significance of left and right hand


Hand Shape:

Palmists mostly use to see the handshape of the palm to see the future and different objectives. Hand shapes are mostly divided into 4 or 10 types which show the temperaments of the person. There are four main hand shapes, their name and specifications are as follows,

1. Earth Hands: This type of hand is generally identified by analyzing thick skin, ruddy color, fingers, and square palms.

2. Air Hand: Broad palms, long fingers, dry skin, and low set thumbs signify this type of hand.

3. Water Hand: This type of hand is usually short or oval-shaped palms, long and flexible fingers.

4. Fire Hands: This type of hand is seen as rectangular-shaped palms, pink-colored skin, and shorter fingers.

The Lines:

There are three main lines in the palm of any person which is mainly given more importance by the overall palmists and they are as follows,

-Heart Line -Head Line -Life Line:

Mounts and Significance of Left and Right Hand:

Mounts are the segments in the hands. Palmists to interpret their knowledge according to lines must have an understanding of the mounts.

The left hand and right hand both have their own importance in the process of reading palms. The left hand is mainly controlled by the right side of the brain which defines the inside personality. The right hand connects with the left side of the brain which defines the outer side of the person.

Marriage Lines

Now we have much knowledge about the whole procedure of palmistry and its different aspects. We can discuss more easily the palmistry marriage lines. A marriage line is a very little line that is located just down under the little finger of the hand. Around this, there are some light lines with the marriage line which shows the different romances of the person.

Palmists defines that if the marriage line is closer to the base of the finger, then marriage is supposed to happen in later life. If the marriage line offshoots the line directing towards the sun means that this person will marry a famous personality.

These are the main knowledge about palmistry marriage lines, defining all the main aspects of palmistry marriage lines.

-If any line is intersecting the marriage lines, it means the marriage is going to end in the form of death or divorce. -If the marriage line is ending in the fork, it means that the couple has to face separation in the form of divorce or without divorce. -If the marriage line breaks and then joins after a gap, it means a separation between married ones and later a reunion. -If the marriage line is meeting with another line but not intersecting it, it indicates the presence of the children. -If the marriage line is intersected by the line which is coming from the top of the mount it indicates the sadness and opposition to the marriage.

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