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Reading Time On the Major Lines in Palmistry

Major Lines in Palmistry: Reading Time

There are many differing opinions and systems in reading time on the major lines in palmistry to predict the ages of major events. I would be interested in hearing some other people’s experiences.


The inside of the first (index) finger down to the lifeline is roughly 18 – 20 yrs.
A line from the middle of the index and middle finger down to the lifeline is 25 yrs
A line from the middle of the Saturn finger down to lifeline (as Dwilson said) is 35 yrs of age.
Line horizontal across the palm from the angle of manual dexterity towards the percussion – when it crosses the lifeline is roughly 45 yrs of age.


Fate Line

I have researched timing the lines with a considerable number of authors, and it appears that the majority believe the fate line, moving up the palm, cuts the headline at around the age of 35. A problem could occur with this because the headline may be high or low set in the palm! There are different methods for timing the fate line. One is to divide the line into ten equal sections of eight years each.


Another is to divide the line into ten equal sections of seven years each. Yet another is to divide the fate line into three sections, the first section in the base of the palm representing approximately 0 to 30/35; the midsection between the head and heart lines approximately 35 – 55/60; and the top section, above the heart line 60 years onwards.



For timing the lifeline, it is widely believed that the route of the line from the point above active Mars, to the base of the palm, regardless of the length of the actual line, should be divided into seven, or eight, equal sections, each representing ten years.

A vertical line dropping down from between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers is believed to indicate around the age of twenty-one. This is easier to do from a live hand than from a print. If I drop an imaginary line down from my Saturn finger, it doesn’t even touch my lifeline, so I would not be able to use that as a timing gauge.


The age of 35 is considered to appear on the headline at the point where it cuts the fate line. But, for this timing, the actual position of the head… and fate line…. can cause differences in the timing.


Timing the heart line – I don’t believe in timing this line, but some consider it to begin in the Mercury area, moving across the palm towards the radial side of the palm. Some try to divide the line into equal sections. But I don’t believe this is possible due to the numerous differences found in heart lines in general. Some consider the heart line to run from Jupiter towards the Mercury area – I don’t personally agree with this.

Also, I don’t see how it is possible to time this line. Because heart problems can be seen from the area between Apollo and Mercury. If timing the line, would seem to indicate that all heart problems occur at the same age – totally implausible. Heart problems can occur at any age.

The Apollo line is timed in the same way as the fate line.

Minor Lines

Attachment lines can be timed by measuring the area between the heart line. The crease of the little finger, the halfway mark being around 35. Of course, this magical age of 35 comes about when considering the life span as 70 years. With modern technology, and people living longer these days, it might be more worthwhile to consider the average life span as up to 80 years or more.

As timing in palmistry can vary so much from palmist to palmist, it would seem that the best way might be to find an event marking and work one millimeter at a time (each millimeter representing 1 year of life) in either direction to go forwards and backward in years.

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