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5 Popular Alternative Healing Therapies

Popular Alternative Healing Therapies

The body is like a fine-tuned engine, it needs frequent looking after, regular maintenance checks and complete healthy overhauls. Like an engine it needs to be checked for any blockages, faults or any parts that are causing it not to perform to optimal capacity.

Whereas years ago many people saw natural or alternative healing therapies as either an expensive fad or did believe in their beneficial properties, today many busy executives and families take some form of alternative health steps in keeping well.

While there are many different types of alternative healing there are a few main ones that are commonly seen as integral to maintaining a healthy body.

The top 5 most often used natural healing methods are:-

#1. Massage

There are all sorts of massage types that a person can have. Some are more gentle than others and others focus on kneading out deep knots in muscles that cause considerable pain and tension.


#2. Aromatherapy

Since ancient times people have used real genuine oil scents to create certain moods and influence the behavior of others. Nowadays people tend to either vaporize, soak or inhale combinations of pure essential oils to relax, to heal, to disinfect cuts, to fight colds and Influenza, to get well, to stay well.

Aromatherapy has essential oils for virtually every single situation including as a regular way of relaxing, focusing, sleeping and maintaining general well being.


#3. Reflexology

This is very similar to massage but it focuses entirely on the massage of the feet. To explain simply, the principle of massage and reflexology are the same, that certain parts of the body correspond to certain body organs (kidneys, heart, stomach or head). In addition there are what are called meridians or energy lines that flow from certain organs to the feet and to the hands.

This is why a good massage therapist can pinpoint certain parts in a patient’s hand or foot to de-stress, unblock energy and ultimately relieve pain and even sickness in actual body organs. That is certain parts of the hand and foot correspond to body organs and this is due to the meridian energy lines that flow between them.

A major advantage of reflexology is that clothes do not need to be removed to carry out a massage. Also the massage is usually much cheaper and is also incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

Often just having a foot or reflexology massage can be enough to reduce or oncoming colds or sickness. This can be enhanced by taking the small toes in two fingers and pulling outwards. What this apparently does is increase the body’s immune system.

foot reflexology

#4. Acupuncture

In the same way that massage is used to unblock energy and also to release pain, acupuncture can be applied to certain parts of the skin. While many people are reluctant to have this form of alternative healing, it is not as painful as one might think.

The first time is the strangest, when the patient feels a small pinprick of pain as the needle breaks the skin’s surface. But usually that is as deep as it goes although sometimes an acupuncture practitioner will go a bit deeper for very long-term and very deep pain. Acupuncture is great for headache reduction, tennis elbow, insomnia and general stress reduction.


#5. Saunas and hot spas

The benefits of saunas have been known for many centuries and across the world. Some of the biggest benefits are the elimination of toxins from the body caused by the sweating of the body. Of course saunas and hot spas which vary in degrees of hotness are both relaxing and good for body circulation.

In spas there are usually a range of spa baths ranging from ice cold to very hot (47C) with many in between. Patrons alternate between having warm baths, cold showers and hot baths. This shocking of the system is both stimulating to the mind and great for the body’s circulation system. Once again it is also very beneficial for cleansing the skin’s pores.


The alternative healing methods mentioned above are by no means exhaustive but they are a great way to start complimenting conventional Western medicine, with proven Eastern traditional, alternative health practices.

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While everyone may not like all the above, incorporating a couple of them into an existing health maintenance lifestyle along with healthy diet and regular exercise, will assist greatly in maintaining and building on overall well being, not just now but for a lifetime:-)

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