Horseshoe Good Luck Symbolism

Horseshoe Good Luck Symbolism

Symbolism is in everything, whether you know it or not. Which tattoos becoming more and more popular every year its fun to know what the symbolism behind your tattoo is. Whether you already have a tattoo of a horseshoe, or if you are just thinking about getting one, it’s always interesting to know about the symbolism behind your tattoo.

The horseshoe itself is said to be a symbol for luck. Some people carry a small horseshoe or wear jewelry with a horseshoe symbol on it to bring them luck. Who knows? Maybe getting a tattoo of a horseshoe on your body may bring you some sort of permanent luck.

Let’s begin by discussing why the horseshoe is said to be lucky in the first place. We all know that horseshoes were meant for, you know, horses to wear on their feet like shoes.

They were made so that horses hooves would be better protected on the hard stone or dirt that the roads were made of. In a way, the protection of the horseshoe for the horse became a symbol for protection even over humans over time. Protection may not exactly seem like a lucky thing, but not all people get the luxury of feeling protected, especially not the people who initially found luck in the horseshoe hundreds of years ago.

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Why is the Horse Shoe Lucky?

One of the other important factors that make the horseshoe a symbol for luck is its simple shape. Of course, the horseshoe was designed to fit the hoof of the horse but this shape also correlates well to the shape of the crescent moon. While the angle of the two curves are different, they are close enough in shape for some of the moon’s symbolism to be applied to the horseshoe.

The moon has a lot of mystical and mysterious symbolism around it. The phases of the moon are extremely important. The power of the moon can be great, depending on the type of animal, the tides, and even some people with unstable mental conditions. This is why the horseshoe can symbolize luck as well as power.

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The horseshoe symbolic meanings can also be connected to some newer symbolism as well. Although horse races have been around for some time now, they are still relatively new in the world of symbolism. In case you don’t already know, in horse races you bet on the horse that you feel is most likely to win the race.

You bet on the horse that you will think is is the most lucky and the most powerful. Winning is the most important thing in a horse race. If you have a lucky horseshoe then you are supposed to be more lucky in things that involve winning or losing. If you had a horseshoe tattoo, then you might be more lucky in all of your endeavors.

People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons, whether they already know the symbolic meaning behind the tattoo or whether they just think that the design looks cool.

No matter why you are getting a horseshoe tattoo, or if you already have one, it’s always interesting to know the horse shoe symbolism behind your tattoo. There are many other great tattoo ideas that you could get with wonderful symbolic meanings behind them. If you want to learn more about tattoo symbolism or symbolism of any other kind, then you can read more great articles like this one here on!

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  1. When I was very young, I wondered into a game of horseshoes being played at a church-sponsored Labor Day function, while playing hide-and-seek with my mother. I managed to find myself in the path of a an airborne horseshoe and it cracked me in the head, resulting in a nasty, bloody head wound. What significance do you suppose this has in regards to how events throughout my life play out?

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