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Geodesy, Crystal Structure, Harmonic Convergence

Convergence Properties

Geodesy has two major aspects: The awareness of harmonic currents emanating from the center of the planet, whose core the “planetary alchemy” takes place. These manifest on the surface and also project into the atmosphere.

The awareness of harmonic currents reaching Earth from the other celestial bodies of the solar system. These “planetary emanations”, whose strongest and central power is the Sun, have certain qualities, which change with the motions of the planets and are thus all interrelated.


Even the Sun absorbs the planetary emanations, and, by transmuting them within its sphere, re-emanates them towards its satellites. These two aspects unite within the general science of Geodesy.



Crystal Structure

As Crystals, and their whole Crystal Structure, are expressions of vibratory frequencies, from their densest to their most ethereal states, their “vibratory emanations” are necessarily integrated within Geodesy. Their single roles, as special “Man and Evolution – related crystals”, are discussed in the Law of Mutual Self-Preservation.


What is called Harmonic Convergence concerns all subtle and manifested states of Being, as Man, as a planet or satellite, like the Sun. For each body, through its absorbing and emanating of energies, it also constitutes a harmonic frequency.

This, as a special quality, is more or less fixed and definable through the relations of mass, distance from each other, inherent structure, and speed of motion of all bodies, Man, the planets, and the Sun. Its “code” is to be found within the ancient measures of Holy Science.

An individual’s harmonic frequency can be joined to other individuals if those person’s inner vibrations and inherent purity correspond – not only with Man but also with the given frequencies of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and with the more or less active other members of the solar system.

Geodesy, the vibrational qualities of Crystals, and the constellations enabling or hindering any convergence of “harmonic” forces are the universal aspects of synchronicity.

It is thus possible to enjoin the “crystal grid” of planet Earth to the vibration qualities as defined by Astrology, thus enabling a calculation of beneficent and furthering agents as opposed to destructive and hindering agents. Both are part of the general “evolutionary rhythm”. Man and “higher Beings” are placed within the binary Earth-Moon Sphere to act as guardians and caretakers of the whole system of interrelated planes.

Man does not assume this role at present, but all markers and pointers are set to make him/her see and understand his/her possible role within terrestrial evolution.


Harmonic Convergence

The cue or key for a Harmonic Convergence lies in the linking of “Akasha-Emanation” as entering the solar system from without and, transmuted, reflected by the central sphere of the Sun, with the geometric grid-system on Earth’s surface, with its upwards- and downwards-flowing geodesic currents, and the vibratory qualities as expressed by astrological influences, of “incoming” and “outgoing” terrestrial emanations.

As the Divine Emanation originates in the center of the galaxy, also called the Black Sun, this also means that Man must prepare for a possible (and over-necessary) change of “galactic vibration”.

This was prophesied by a priest of the Mayas, and called, reminiscent of a Central Asian origin, as the arrival of a “Self-Sustaining Storm” originating from the center of the Galaxy, and changing the vibrational quality of Akasha itself.

As Harmony and Love have always ruled supreme, this vibrational change, which will affect all, from the Sun, the planets, to Earth and Man, to molecule and atom, will most likely be associated with a heightened rate of vibration, and thus a heightened power of Compassion.

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