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Your Relationship Is About To End: Here Are 8 Signs

Your Relationship Is About to End: Here Are 8 Signs

How do you end a bad relationship? It is not easy to part ways with a long-term partner, but we learn to accept what we can’t change. Since ending a relationship isn’t easy, you pretend everything is okay. You put on your best smile, but deep down, you’re suffering.

You don’t want to take part in anything because you are unhappy and hurting. The what if’s and why’s a race through your mind consistently. It isn’t definite yet if you want to break up or make up. One thing is for sure; you must take notice of the red flags.


I’m sure you saw the signs your relationship is about to end. Just in case you missed a few, here are eight signs to look for.

*All couples experience bad and good times. When it’s too much of a fight than compromise, something is amiss.*

1. The Relationship Is About to End for Lack of Trust

How do you know when to end a relationship? When there’s no trust between a couple is a sign. Couples build a never-ending relationship on trust and certainties. When the loyalty has lost its significance, you are about to lose it all.


Some early signs include lying to each other and blaming each other for their mistakes. Healing from this negative pattern is tough. Above all, mistrust automatically leads to circumspection and suspicion. When you don’t have faith, your relationship is about to hit a hard rock.


2. Doubts

You are about to commit, but you worry. You wonder if this person is right for me. The more you have doubts, the more likely you are to sabotage your relationship. In reality, doubts and insecurities increase the chances of your relationship ending earlier. It’s this kind of negative thinking that ruins relationships. If you are not yet comfortable, don’t introduce him as your boyfriend.


3. You Don’t Share a Future Together

When you don’t see a future together, it’s a sign you’re thinking about ending a relationship. It’s beyond any doubt a red sign from the word goes. Your feelings for your partner change when you don’t share what holds you close.

You want to be the star in a “grow old with me” GIF. That is to say, you care your relationship is about to end.

4. You are Both Afraid of Change

Knowing when to end a long-term relationship is hard. Change is something most partners are reluctant to talk about. However, there comes a time when it’s necessary. Without compromise, there can’t be progress. Your relationship is at a dead-end when you feel you are wasting time and accomplishing nothing.

*Your relationship is about to end when you don’t make it a priority. You are about to break the chord when you are unable to express your inner thoughts.*

5. Relationship Is About to End Because You’re Incompatible

You thoughtfully shared your desires, passions, hopes, and needs without success. It’s crystal clear every couple argues, but you have good reasons to end a relationship when it’s too much. Sometimes, you will resent your partner for not caring as much as you. If this sounds like you, try to reevaluate your stance before it’s too late.

6. You Don’t Accept Each Other Flaws

Being in a relationship won’t change how a person behaves. Everyone possesses different qualities, likes different things, and no one is close to perfection. If he loves you, he will accept your differences and your flaws. Furthermore, he won’t judge you or purposely hurt you.

If you don’t value each other, or if you’re the victim of constant criticism, that’s a warning sign. This could signify your relationship is about to end.

7. The Spark Is Long Gone

You know it’s time to part ways when anger becomes a substitute for love. It’s hard to put life into a relationship that died a long time ago. The situation worsens when you are afraid of hurting each other. Moreover, the fear and anxiety of ending up all alone confuse you.

If you’re interested, you can take a ‘when to end a relationship’ quiz to help you. Generally, it’s better to stay alone than live with someone you don’t care to be around or love.

8. Your Relationship is About to End if You Don’t Meet Halfway

A successful relationship means two people give a lot and take little for themselves. It’s all about effort and maturity. However, if this doesn’t happen, squabbles come out from nowhere. A couple may have to make a sacrifice and be patient with one another if you both want to grow. However, it takes two to tango. If one of you cares, your relationship is about to end, and the other doesn’t, something is amiss.

How to end a relationship with someone you love? Try to talk to your partner with a sober mind. Pour out your feelings and try your best to uproot the honeymoon phase. Before you decide if it’s time to part ways, remember why you fell in love. The spark is still there, but it’s up to you to reignite it again. If you care about this person, try to awaken your best moments.

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