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The Feng Shui Mandarin Duck

The Feng Shui Mandarin Duck

Let’s take a look at the symbolism of the mandarin ducks in Feng Shui.

#1. Fidelity & Trust

Mandarin Ducks are the bedrock traits of a lasting relationship. No one wants a cheating spouse or significant other. What can you do to encourage loyalty? What if you are single? If you are happy being single, that is great! If not, what can you do to invite stable love into your life? Feng Shui has an answer for nearly all of life’s questions or problems.


The ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on the flow of positive and negative energies in and around people and places where they spend time, such as the home or office. The Internet is filled with online stores selling cheap trinkets “guaranteed” to give the buyer good Feng Shui luck. How do you know what is real and what is not? Doing some serious research will save you money and heartache in the long run. One example of this is the Mandarin Duck.


#2. Real Mandarin Ducks

Real Mandarin Ducks are beautiful and display a great number of bright colors. Unlike many species of bird, they are both stunning. They eat insects and especially acorns; in China, they are known to fly into the trees to pick them because they don’t want to wait for the nuts to fall. In fact, they spend as much time in low-lying trees as they do land or water. While they do produce small flocks, they are most famous for their breeding pairs.


Mandarin Ducks are famous because they mate for life. They are so devoted to each other, that if one dies or disappears, the other dies soon after. It is said they die of a broken heart. Not only do they mate for life, but each member of the pair takes good care of the other. They work together to create a good nest in a tree hollow, and the male will cover the nest when the female needs to feed. They both watch out for the chicks until they are able to feed and fly on their own.


#3. Meaning of the Mandarin Duck

Now that you know something about the real birds, it is not hard to imagine what they mean in Feng Shui terms. Feng Shui is based on thousands of years of observation and tradition. Long ago, the mating habits of these waterfowl would have been known to the Chinese; therefore, the ducks became symbols of marital bliss and fidelity.

An image, whether a picture, statue, or carving of the birds is said to enhance healthy marital love and passion between partners (and no one else). If one is single, the ducks still represent faithful love, and they will help draw that special someone into your life.


#4. Placement

A pair of Mandarin Ducks is called Yuan-Yang in Chinese. The ducks should always be in a pair; if one breaks or is lost, discard the remaining duck and replace them both. If you do not, it will sow a division between you and your significant other, or it will cause grief. Who you are and what state of relationship you are in will determine where and how you should display your ducks. If you are married, keep the pair together, usually in the most intimate and private part of your home, which is the bedroom. Here are Feng Shui tips for bedroom.

Traditional Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing them on the husband’s night stand. Another option, if one or more of you works away from home, is to have them on the SW corner of your desk as a loving reminder while you are away.

If you are lovers, a pair of Mandarin Ducks are a wonderful gift that may bring the promise of marriage, but a good suggestion is to let the other person know what the symbol means and find out if they symbol will be accepted before offering it. If you are single, it is best to locate the ducks on the night stand next to your side of the bed. Some even suggest positioning them so they face each other.

#5. Red String

The color red is associated with the fire element in Feng Shui. There are five essential elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Of these, the best element for passion and romantic love is fire. The color most associated with fire in Feng Shui is bright red. There is a catch, however. Too much fire, or passion, can lead to trouble. It can lead to hot tempers, arguments, hyper sexuality, and, you guessed it, infidelity. Too little fire, and the passion, the desire between partners cools, which can also lead to infidelity. The best solution? Use the fire element in moderation.

Some Feng Shui practitioners suggest loosely tying red strings around the necks of your Mandarin Ducks. The little addition of red stokes the fires of passion just the right amount, and the symbolism of “tying the knot” is yet another symbol of fidelity and union. It has not been proven, but it is entirely possible that the saying came from this practice.

#6. Materials

You are ready to make the investment and by a pair of ducks. Great! You start shopping, and you notice that they may be made out of wood, brass, clay, porcelain, lead crystal, or rose quartz, among other things, such as plastic or resin. Most Feng Shui followers would steer you away from man-made materials like plastic and resin, since they have no connection to nature.

What about the other options? Wood and brass are nice, but the real ducks are animals. Wood is, of course, part of the wood element, and brass is part of the metal element. Animals are considered part of the earth element; therefore, the most potent material to use is something from the earth, such as a crystal (not glass) or better yet, rose quartz.

The reason why rose quartz is usually listed as the best option is because the quartz itself is said to strengthen love and affection. Its color is pink, which is a moderation of red; it is passion in control. This is a great relationship fidelity aid in and of itself. Combining symbolic components that share similar or complimentary meanings increases the power of the item exponentially.


There is one important thing to remember; symbols like the Yuan-Yang, the Mandarin Duck pair, only work if the people involved have an emotional investment in each other. If one partner is no longer in love with the other, or if he or she never was, a charm will not magically change that person’s heart. Feng Shui works on influence, not mind control.

If the couple really wants the relationship to work, even if it isn’t perfect, then the ducks, also known as the “Love Ducks,” may be perfect for you. If you are single, you need to know what you are looking for in a mate. Take the time to write down what you want. You do not need to show this list to anyone, but the mere act of committing your thoughts to the page and then relegating it to the back of your mind will help you come across as much less desperate. Once you have done this, let the “Love Ducks” do their work. If it is meant to be, it will happen.

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