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Feng Shui Cures By Balancing The Five Elements

Cures for the Five Elements In Feng Shui

The five elements in Feng shui include water elements, wood elements, fire elements, earth elements, and metal elements. These five elements reside in different sections of the house as illustrated in the Feng Shui Bagua map below. As the main objective of feng shui is to balance the energy in the house, it is important to ensure the balance of these five elements without which, appropriate Feng shui cures should be applied.

Five Elements In Feng Shui Bagua Map

In applying Feng shui cures using the five elements, the elements of the head of the house should be used in all the main rooms e.e.g.he living room or kitchen, etc. where the family gets together. Individual rooms like bedrooms should reflect the elements of the respective occupant who stays inside.

Water Element Feng Shui Cures

When your water element is in balance, you have a clear mind. You communicate clearly and people understand you well too. Thus your career or business moves forward smoothly with support from people who understand your request or instructions.


However, excessive water elements make you feel confused resulting in poor decision-making or an inability to make decisions. Because ‘Earth absorbs Water” adds Feng shui items made of earth elements as part of the Feng shui cures to improve your business.

Lack of water elements on the other hand results in a negative or slow career movement. If you have a business, it can impact your cash flow too. Because a “Metal bowl can hold Water”, the correct Feng shui cure is to add Feng shui items made of metal elements to increase your water element.


Wood Element Feng Shui Cures

Feeling motivated and having a good amount of positive energy indicate balance in the wood element. Too much wood element leads to a lack of creativity in new ideas, an inability to make decisions lack of empathy for others. Because “Axe is made of Metal for Chopping Wood”, add items made of the metal element as one of the Feng shui cures to address the problem.

When wood is lacking, it creates a feeling of being “stuck in a rubeing t“. You probably find yourself lacking vitality too. The Feng shui cure here is to acquire a head of the water element because “Waelementsds Wood, causing it to grow”


Fire Element Feng shui Cures

The fire in you is balanced when you are upbeat and seem to be at the same place at the right time. You get what you worked for in a relaxed manner and also get the fame you desire without getting burnt out. You enjoy going for fairness and honorable dealings with others If you are tired and emotionally drained, nervous, agitated, or highly strung, you probably have too much fire element.

Because “Water extinguishes Fire ” add items made of the fire element to balance it. Lack of drive to do better to achieve your ambition and feeling intellectually impaired is a strong indication of the lack of fire element. Because Wood fuels Fire, add items made of a wood element to recharge your life.


Earth Element Cures

Earth is the foundation we stand on. A balanced earth element gives you the confidence to meet the challenges in life. You feel connected and your confidence makes you want to have sympathy for others Too much earth is just like having your legs stuck in the mud. You are slow in all you do and exhibit a lack of urgency. Naturally, your ambition suffers.

You need more wood because “Wood i.e. trees deplete the vital nutrients on Earth”. Add items made of wood to get you out of the mud. Feeling “stuck in the mud” and yet reluctant to change for the better points to the lack of earth elements. Because “Fire burns, leaving ash behind and creates Earth”, add items made of the fire element to lift you out of the rut!

Metal Element Cures

When you have enough gold i.e. metal element, you feel peaceful, quiet, and relaxed. Your business is in good shape and financially sound. If you are always ready for war and being judgemental of others, this “greed for more gold and fear of losing them” is a clear indication of too much metal element. You are also anxious, restless, and emotional. To manage this insecurity in you, add items made of fire elements because “Fire can melt Metal and turn them into molten or gaseous state”

Busy putting your hands into everything or projects you can lay your hands on other than focusing on your main business? Yes, that is an indication of a lack of “gold’, thus making you want to catch up fast. Hence, you try on everything that crosses your path! To bring The 5 elements into balance in an area with too little metal, add items made of the earth because “Earth is where Metal is made and mined”

There are situations where it is not practical to add Feng shui items to balance the five elements. In such a situation, the Feng shui cures to balance the five elements can also be done by applying the appropriate Feng shui cures using Feng shui colors.

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