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Feng Shui Coins: 5 Tips

5 Tips About Feng Shui Coins

Money troubles. Most people experience these at one point or another in their lives. It may be because of a low-paying job, the loss of a job, unexpected medical bills, or overspending in general; whatever the cause there is no instant, magic fix for life’s complex problems, there are things that Feng Shui has to offer to help. That is where Feng Shui coins come into play., it is never pleasant. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy and way of life, has an answer for most of life’s problems.


Its main concern is balancing the flow of energy, or Qi in and around places and people. When the energy is out of balance (mostly negative, for example), bad things will happen, including money woes.


Feng Shui Coins

#1. Choose The Right Coins

The coins hold special meanings, and it is important to choose “proper” coins. Perhaps you have seen them; proper Feng Shui coins are heavy round disks with square holes in the center. The round shape symbolizes the heavens or the spiritual, and the square symbolizes the earth or the physical world. It is a perfect balance between the two. There are hundreds of kinds of coins out there, and each type means something slightly different. The difference comes in the materials they are made from and the symbols on them. Some mean an increase in wealth, while others mean stability, and others may mean health or relationship luck.


Whichever meaning you choose, make sure you know for certain what the Chinese characters say; don’t just assume. Another thing Feng Shui practitioners will tell you is to do some research if you use antique coins. Make sure your coins are from a good, not a cruel dynasty, as the good or bad energy will be carried with the coins. Likewise, if the prior owners of the coins had bad luck, it may cancel out any good luck the coins could bring to you. If you are unsure, do a quick cleansing, especially if you are serious about this.


#2. Red Silk Ribbon

The traditional meaning of red silk ribbon or string and coins. One of the basics of Feng Shui is the concept of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element has certain characteristics and colors associated with it. Fire happens to be the most volatile (and some would say powerful) element. It is associated with passion, potency, and drive; therefore, it is not surprising that success is also associated with that element.


There are several bright colors associated with fire, but the best-known and most used is the color red. It cannot be just any shade of red, however. It cannot be an earthy red; rather, it must be a bright, fiery red, most commonly known as Chinese Red. If you combine lucky coins with red thread, you are boosting the power of your lucky money charm considerably. Stringing red thread through the square holes of lucky coins is a very old custom, and it is still in use today.

Feng Shui Coins

#3. Three Or Six Coins

The traditional meaning of three or six coins tied together. In Feng Shui, numbers also hold important meanings. It is best not to have just one coin, as it is not considered lucky. It brings loneliness and loss. Always, it is best to have multiples of three. If three coins are tied together just so with a red silk ribbon, it represents the harmony of earth, heaven, and man. This concept is called Tien-di-Ren.

The three are laid flat in a cloverleaf pattern, and a special knot ties them together. It must be done properly to have the correct effect. It is said that having two sets of three tied this way is even luckier. Some prefer to have a line of six or even nine coins strung together with red thread. Six is a number considered to embody the luck of heaven. Not bad to have around the house!

#4. Money Corner

The money corner of the home and Feng Shui coins. While good luck tokens are helpful, they alone cannot undo a much larger problem with your living space. If the money corner of your home is a mess, coins will not solve all of your problems, so you need to start there.

First, you need to figure out where the money corner is in your home. Before you worry about whether to use a traditional bagua or a Westernized one, just simplify matters by finding a bagua grid. It is a square made of nine boxes. The orientation of this box goes according to where your front door is. The money is located in the back left corner of your space. Now that you know, you may prepare the space properly.

Second, do a thorough decluttering and cleaning of the space. Why? Because Feng Shui depends upon a clear flow of energy. Clutter is a barrier. Third, Make the environment more helpful for your pocketbook. Using colors associated with the wood element (shades of green), as well as plants like the jade plant, inspire new growth and new beginnings.

The water element is very useful for bringing in money, so a water feature or soothing water images on the walls are helpful as well. When this space is in good working order, your coins have an easier time doing their jobs. It should be said that the money corner is not relegated to just your home; your office space and even your desk also have money corners to a smaller degree. Making even small adjustments may pay back in large dividends.

Feng Shui Coins

#5. Placement Of Coins

Places to put coins and what they will do. There is a surprisingly long list of places you can put your coins, and each place will do a slightly different thing for your luck. As was said earlier, having a water fountain in the money corner is a good idea, and adding Feng Shui coins to that fountain (or larger ones outside the home) supercharges the luck of that fountain.

An even more basic approach is right under your feet. If you are adding a swimming pool, a new addition to the house, or even building a new home, insert as many lucky coins as you can. On a lesser scale, try placing lucky coins under your flooring (especially if you are replacing it). The simple act of walking through the front door and into the house will generate good luck, not only for you but for anyone who stops by.

You can bolster your wealth by giving to others. If someone you know is also struggling financially, give them a gift of Feng Shui coins. It is good for them and you. There are more literal applications too; put your coins in your wallet, purse, checkbook, or financial records. The good Qi, or energy of the Feng Shui coins will flood your finances through those conduits.

Lastly, don’t forget the workplace, whether it be a cubicle, a penthouse, or a home office. You may add coins under your chair, under your computer, or your phone, depending upon what you do the most in the office. Some people even hang a row of coins behind the door to generate good energy or luck at the entrance of the space.

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