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Candle – Quick Money Spell

Components For A Quick Money Spell In Candle Magick:

There is often a need in our lives for a little more money here or there, or for greater stability in the work we pursue. Candle Magic for Quick Money spell will help.

  • Green Candle with Candleholder
  • Basil Essential Oil for Attracting Wealth
  • Frankincense Essential Oil for a little bit of luck
  • Sharp carving tool


Magic Spell To Bring Money

We may need to attract short-term income to solve an immediate need or be working towards a more sustainable long-term goal. Whatever the case, money spells using candle magic are very popular, and often needed.


Just like any magical working, we have to be careful about our intent and purpose when crafting a money spell. A simply stated spell to bring money to us in a time of need may very well remove the money from another person who is equally in need of that money.


The energy put out by our magic is a little bit like the mischievous genie’s lamp. Desiring money, the energy may seek out whatever money may be available, and maneuver it into our path, even at the harm of another.

The same concept can be applied to those candle magic spells that we use to help us get that promotion we so desperately want. By performing work that is intended to give us a promotion we may feel we deserve, we may be diverting that promotion from one who was more deserving.


On the heels of that, we may miss opportunities that were intended for us to encounter. Worse, we may find out that we were not suited for the promotion, and we wind up worse than we started.

The lesson here is a warning to take caution when preparing your magic spell. For this spell, we’re going to focus on a simple short-term fix for an immediate need. Candle magic is well suited to this as it provides a sustained burst of energy, releasing that energy in a burst when the candle finally extinguishes.


Process Of Candle Magic Money Spell

In preparation, you will mix the oils in equal measure, about 20 drops each into a shallow bowl, which you will then mix with your finger deosil (clockwise), visualizing it filling with a rich green light. You will then take your sharp implement.

Carve the symbol for money in your country into one side, and an inward spiraling spiral over it. Taking the oil that you mixed and charged, you will apply it to the candle, drawing inward from the top and bottom of the candle, visualizing the money you need already in your purse or wallet.

After you have completed this step, place the candle in the candle holder, and light it. You can either let it go at this, or issue a small prayer. An example is provided below.

“Abundantia, keeper of the Cornucopia, the endless horn of plenty. I ask that you help me and my family in this time of need. With no harm to another, as I will it, so mote it be.”

If you are so inclined, you can explain the nature of your need, the difficulty that has brought you to this place, or whatever you feel appropriate. Do not plead, the gods respect those who stand on their own feet and maintain their pride. But a proper amount of respectfulness will not go remiss.

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