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Feng Shui For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door: 5 Tips

5 Feng Shui Tips For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

In every space, energy flows in and out bringing life and positivity, or stagnates and brings with it negativity and a deadness. This energy or chi is not out of our control, and it is within our power to orient and organize spaces to encourage a good energy and not a bad one. There are 5 tips in Feng Shui for a bed facing the bathroom door

Feng Shui is an art, that uses the knowledge of orientation and placement of objects to change the energy around us. Not only is it about all objects including water and plants. But it also discusses and reaches down to the bedroom and the bed itself. The bed is one of the most important objects in a home. It is the focal point of a bedroom and should be a relaxing and intimate place in which to rest and restore ourselves. The bedroom as a whole is a safe and secure place, a place of reflection and communion. It is where the chi resides that brings about positive and healthy relationships, so the placement of each object in the room is very important.


But, unfortunately, in some homes, things can’t always go as planned. Maybe the room is too small to place objects in their appropriate places. Maybe the owner has too many things, and they can’t all fit in the room! Or maybe, the structure of the room is so that it’s difficult to change orientation. Especially in a city apartment situation, there aren’t a lot of options for changes and adjustments to furniture placement.


Feng Shui For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

The bed (the cornerstone of the bedroom), should not be in line or facing any doors, if possible. In Chinese Feng Shui, this placement is considered the coffin position. So, if one’s feet or head are facing the door, they can be pulled out by face or head and placed in a coffin. So, not only does Feng Shui warn against beds facing doors, but it is especially wise to avoid the bed facing the bathroom door!


Now, the bathroom can be a lovely place when done properly, but we all know what goes on there. People don’t usually want to be positioned right outside of that area. But because of all of the aforementioned reasons, sometimes the bed ends up in a place that can attract bad Feng Shui, so here are a few tips to help in that kind of situation.

If the bed ends up facing the bathroom door…


#1. Keep the bathroom door ALWAYS closed

That helps to delineate a kind of separation between the bedroom and the bathroom so that it’s not just flowing from one area to the next. That can kill the intimacy, the entire purpose of the bed.

#2. Make the bathroom a fresh and clean place to be.

Because the orientation of the bed cannot be avoided due to various factors, make that bathroom the best bathroom possible. That way, if the door is open, a pleasant energy and vibe is coming through. By keeping it clean well-organized and decorated, it can enhance the good chi of the room!


Feng Shui For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

#3. Find a way to take away the focus from the bathroom door

Try to center your energy and focus on a different area or a different door. This would make sense to use on the bedroom door. While the bed should not be facing the bedroom door either, it helps to take away the focus from the door the bed is facing. Perhaps choose a brighter color on the bedroom door, or even hang an object there that attracts attention.

#4. Place another object or piece of furniture in the way between the door and the bed

See if it’s possible to add another furniture piece in that path to take away from the energy focused straight from bed to bathroom. Depending on the space, a good idea could be a small bookshelf.

Feng Shui For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

#5. Hang a mirror on the inside of the bathroom door

That way, if there is any negative chi or energy, it can reflect into the bathroom and not onto the bed!

These daily Feng Shui tips are extremely helpful for those who find themselves in a tight situation in the bedroom. It’s hard to get that position and organization JUST right, and when the space isn’t there or the structure of the room is strange, it can be a hassle. People can feel that kind of negative or stagnant energy when the room isn’t in its ideal spot. But, luckily enough, Feng Shui has tips to help in just those types several. Don’t give up too easily. Try a number of different things, and then when there is only one option for the bed placement, turn to these tips.

Feng Shui can be applied and thought about similarly to how we can think about life. We can do our best, but that’s all we can do! And, if the bed must be across from the bedroom door, then the overall tip would be to try to use all of the other possible GOOD Feng Shui tips to sort of counter or outweigh the bad. If everything else in the room is Feng Shui, and other Feng Shui principles are being applied in one’s life, mind, other rooms, and other spaces, then it should be no problem. The energy can be a positive one.

Ideal Living Space

Unfortunately, due to a lot of reasons, we cannot always get the ideal living place we want. Money could be low, we want to live in a city, we’re moving in with a friend or a partner, or maybe it’s in the ideal location and near to work. For whatever reason, sometimes the bedroom can be a bit tight, or it’s built strangely and cannot accommodate a lot of large furniture pieces or a lot of positioning changes. Therefore, a lot of people find themselves in an awkward situation when it comes to using Feng Shui in the bedroom! They want to follow the principles of the letter, but they end up with their bed facing the bathroom door, a negative position in Feng Shui.

It could irk some people, especially those who are Feng Shui diehards. And, it could affect the energy of the room entirely. The bed and the bedroom should be a place of peace, rest, and relaxation. That is the last place people want to encourage and attract a negative chi or energy. If all else fails when positioning a bed, give these tips a try.

Keep the bathroom door closed, hang a mirror on the inside of that door, try to find another object to place in between the path, draw away focus from the bathroom door to the bedroom door, and/or keep that bathroom clean and fresh to maintain positive energy in the room. All of these tips are simple easy fixes to this kind of awkward problem. So, start feeling better about the bed situation, and start bringing in the good Feng Shui.

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