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Feng Shui for Computer: 6 Ways

6 Ways to Feng Shui Your PC or Computer

Feng Shui has been practiced for over 3,000 years and has transcended time as it fits into each new century, being useful, and making changes in people’s lives no matter the period. And, in this article, we will describe 6 ways how one can use Feng Shui for computer and computer areas.


Even today, with all of our technology, Feng Shui can still be a part of life and can be used in every area to create better organization, energy, positivity, luck, and other changes. The Feng Shui masters of the past probably did not imagine that we could use Feng Shui to create a better work tool: the computer.


Everyone knows this feeling. Tiredness, dread, and stress hit us in the face as we wake up once again in the early morning to head to work or to start work from home. And, we don’t even realize what the problem could be. Maybe we hate our job, dislike the people, or don’t feel fulfilled. But, sometimes, it can be a simple matter of bad Feng Shui and reorienting the space. In a work environment, most likely the computer will be placed on a desk, so the placement of the desk and the organization of the office room are also important parts of Feng Shui in a work area because they are all tied together: computer, office, desk. Keep that in mind while reading the list.


Feng Shui for Computer

#1. Commanding Position

Place the desk (and the computer) in a commanding position. Face it towards the entrance to the office or the entrance to the home. (If in an office, the desk placement is not allowed to be changed, adding a small mirror to reflect the entrance will also be helpful.)


#2. Get Organized!

The top of the desk should be free of clutter and organized efficiently and attractively. Have a place for loose papers and paperclips, pens, and pencils. Use binders to organize packets of information, and file systems to keep important documents. Not only should the top of the desk be free of clutter, but so should the inside of a computer!

It can be time-consuming and frustrating, but it will be worth the effort to go through unwanted files or disorganized files and simply create an organized space for them. Delete unwanted things be sure to clean the computer regularly and keep the antivirus software up to date. (That will help keep dangerous and unwanted files from storing themselves on the computer.) Also, go through emails delete unwanted ones, and create folders to organize emails by topic and necessity.


#3. Flow Of Chi

Open the computer and programs once a day for at least 20 minutes. Just as chi needs to flow freely through the home and the workplace, it also needs to flow through the computer, and it needs to be fresh. If the computer isn’t used for a while, the stale chi is trapped, and cannot escape, and fresh chi cannot enter. Think of it as a doorway into the system, and like we open windows to get fresh air into a room, so should we keep a computer open for a time during the day if not going to be used.

Feng Shui for Computer

#4. Think About The Screensaver

Depending on the type of job, the screens? er, can be changed. A water related screensaver will bring about prosperity and good fortune to almost any area. Natural scenes in water-related bring relaxation and are especially useful in a job where one must work with people constantly. For those in a finance-related job, try adding plant scenes or wood to instigate and enhance growth.

Colors also play a large role on the computer screen, just like they do on the walls and in furniture choices. Bright colors help to encourage creativity, positivity, and energy, while darker colors encourage intellect and self-confidence. Keep these in mind when choosing appropriate colors for the screensaver and the desk area.

#5. Desktop App Arrangements Are Important

Remember the Bagua map? That principle can be put to use on a desktop. The nine different areas are used to help orient a space. Abundance and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and relationships, family and community, mind, body, and spirit, creativity and children, wisdom and self-awareness, career and life purpose, and helpful people and travel are the nine areas on the Bagua. (Baguas have differently titled sections depending on which book or site it is).

When related effects are placed in these auspicious areas, their purposes can be enhanced. So, files for important projects can be placed in the top left corner to encourage abundance and prosperity in that area. Personal files can be placed in the love and relationships sector: in the top right corner. Those are just a few examples. Check out a Bagua map to figure out where to place the folders on the desktop.

#6. Recycle Bin

Clear the recycle bin and use a computer cleaner to tidy up the system. Once files are deleted, they still haven’t left! Keeping the recycle bin clear will help to truly remove the files and the extra “clutter” on one’s computer. Download a cleaner such as CCleaner to go through the whole computer and remove extra things to do a full-on sweep of the system.

These Feng Shui tips are pretty obvious to the average computer user, but it’s sometimes helpful to be reminded that we can improve and organize our lives in every area! The computer is small and can be closed, so it appears that things are organized, so we sometimes don’t understand the stress we feel when we see an email inbox piling up or a bunch of files placed haphazardly. If we use a computer in our everyday job or everyday life, then each moment with the computer can bring about bad chi and negative energy to the person.

People want ways to feel creative, energetic, determined, and motivated when going to do work, so that they can feel accomplished and be successful in whatever they’re pursuing. No one wants to wake up a day, dreading the work day before them and what they have to do. So, using Feng Shui to help de-clutter the computer and de-stress one’s life can be an amazing way to encourage those positive emotions in the work area and the work day.

Desk and Desk Area

Don’t stop there! As mentioned above, the computer is a central part of a work environment. So is the desk and office area. Consider using Feng Shui on the entire desk and the whole room of the office to bring about an even more positive flow of chi and a creative, successful energy. The Bagua map can be used to orient the objects on the top of a desk and also to orient the furniture in the office. Everyone knows that feeling when things are too cluttered. It’s hard to focus, to think straight, or even work without stress, knowing that things are disorganized.

Sometimes it can even give one a claustrophobic feeling like the space is too small, and fresh chi cannot enter. So, if the feeling of stress, inefficiency, dread, and lack of creativity is floating around the office space or coming whenever the computer is opened, try these tips to Feng Shui the computer to reorient the work environment and reinvent the work attitude.

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