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Sahar Luna

Birthday :

August 23, 1999

Birth Place :

United States of America

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Sahar Luna is a famous American Instagram Star born in 1999. She became a member of Instagram when she was still quite young in 2014. Since then her followers have been continuously increasing. This can be attributed to the attractive videos and photos of herself that she frequently uploads. Sahar Luna is quite a beauty.  She is also best known for her other internet activities in snapchat.

She owns a blog on Tumblr with the name bruisesz which has quite some followers. Her blogs are mostly on her day to day personal experiences. Sahar Luna loves pets especially dogs and posts pictures of them now and then. In her Instagram, she currently has over 500,000 followers. She has a lively personality and always leaves her audiences eager for her next uploads.

Early Life

The beautiful star Sahar Luna was born on August 23rd, 1999. Her place of birth is in the United States. Her roots are traced back to Italian, Moroccan, Russian and Spanish. This blend can be the determining factors to her stunning beauty. She is an American by Nationality. Sahar Luna has a great personality and a huge fashion style. Her attractive personality never better graces her makeover skills. She is easy to fall in love with at first glance.



Sahar Luna joined Instagram in 2014. She had no idea that this was the beginning of her famous career. She gradually gained followers with her stunning pictures and attractive videos. The response from her viewers grows more with every upload. Her fans are always looking forward to her next uploads. The Instagram uploads that Sahar Luna initially uploaded for fun turned out to be of a huge impact to her followers. With every upload she makes she gains more followers.

She is friends with another famous figure on Instagram Kelsey Calemine. Calemine also posts videos and photos just like Luna which are famous among the teens worldwide.


Factors For Fame

Sahar Luna’s creativity is quite outstanding. This is exhibited in her day to day photos she posts. Sahar Luna is also quite attractive and has a huge sense of fashion. Her organizational and tidy skills cannot be marched with any other. She has an attractive personality which makes he uploads amazing as compared to what other teenagers her age posts on their Instagram. She stands tall among others. Her pierced nose is also another bonus to her unique style.


Personal Life

The famous Sahar Luna is a humble individual despite her huge success in social media. She is a family person who loves to spend time with family members. She also spends her free time with her friends. Her favorite pets are dogs evident in some of the posts she uploads.

Sahar Luna experiments a lot in her dress ups. She tries out different shoes with different outfits along with different makeups. She has a normal and simple life just like any other teenager.

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