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Rafael Correa

Birthday :

April 6, 1963

Birth Place :

Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador

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An Ecuadorian, Rafael Correa is famously known as an economist and a progressive politician. He currently has a seat at the President of Ecuador. As an authoritarian, Correa won the hearts of the public by combating corruption. He also promotes the growth of his country. Although he rose to fame without indulging himself in politics, he took up the challenge to improve his status. He is now known as a promising leader who loves to improve Ecuador’s situation. It wasn’t by chance that he was appointed as the President for two terms. His leadership qualities are up to the mark. Under his tenure, he has drastically improved the social standards of his country. Although he is at times considered as a dedicated man, he still plays a significant role in his tenure.

Rafael’s Personality

Correa fully defines a wholehearted and dedicated person to the core. He loves to center his life with a positive gain that acts as his shield in times of sorrow. He also comes with an uncontrollable urge that helps him to discover the unthinkable. Rafael was lucky to realize his full potential before anyone came to take advantage of his noble soul. The man is destined for greater success other than his professional deals. He has shown that he is an effective leader who provides clear directions in his active life. In other words, Correa is a motivator, inspirer, manager and a passionate coach who likes to build his team from scratch. During his rule, the level of poverty has decreased while employment opportunities have increased. He is indeed a man of greatness.


Childhood And Early Life

A working-class duo, Norman Delgado Rendon, and Rafael Correa Icaza were blessed with a son on April 6, 1963. The same year when Ecuador army planned to take over the Honduran government. The said son was called Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado who joined San Jose-La Salle School in Guayaquil. Before then, he loved to spend most of his time with his three siblings: Fabricio, Pierina, and Bernardita Correa in his native land, Guayaquil. Correa opted to study economics where he graduated from UCSG- Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil in 1987.He then went to Belgium in 1990 where he joined the University Catholique de Louvain. It was here that he completed his term with Masters of Arts degree in economics. In 1999 he received his Master of Science from the University of Illinois where he followed it up with a Ph.D. in 2001.


Early Career

When Rafael Correa graduated from the Catholic University of Santiago, Correa volunteered to educate the young and the old about small-case business in India. In 1993 he served as the director of Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and Culture department. It was here that he introduces an educational program that favored the oppressed children in his society.

In 2005 Rafael Correa got a seat as an economic and finance minister where he took his time to curb impoverished living in Ecuador. In the middle of all, he gave rise to economic success. In 2006 he vied for a presidential seat where he founded his party the Alianza PAIS. He was supported by promising parties where he surpassed a hardworking farmer, Álvaro Noboa. It was here that he was appointed as the 56th President of Ecuador. Still, in his rule, Rafael seems to criticize the United States government over the foreign policy. But he is a close ally of Cuba Iran and Bolivia. In 2008 he ended his strong relation with Columbia when they raided a guerrilla camp in his land. Although the Government of Colombia wanted to have a harmonious relationship with Ecuador’s, Correa is still filled with second thoughts.

In the mid of 2009 Rafael regained his presidential seat where he ruled for another three decades. He defeated his close competitor, Lucio Gutierrez. It was at the end of the same year that Correa's government suffered from critical economic losses. In 2010 Rafael was held hostage by the National Police when he canceled promotion and medals bonuses. But he was later set free by the U.S and other South American nations.


Later Career

Aside from embracing the public, Rafael Correa loves his private life just as much as he hates the public media. It came to a point where he imprisoned one of the influential executives of El Universo newspaper. Reason being that the said media disfigured his reputation. Early in 2013, he got a seat as the next President of Ecuador with over 50% votes. His rival, Guillermo Lasso had only 305 votes. His rulership and doctrine will end officially in 2017 where he won’t be able to vie for a presidential seat.


Personal Life And Achievements

Although Rafael Correa found himself with several controversies and endless arguments, he is still a man of the people. For instance, he will forever be remembered for launching a Yasuni-ITT initiative. In 2009 Rafael acted as the president of UNASUR in Quito. From 2009 to 2013 Rafael Correa garnered several Academic Achievements and Democracy Prizes from prestigious Universities in Spain, Russia, Peru, and Turkey. In 2007 he married his long-term partner Amme Gosselin in Belgium. The couple was blessed with three children: Dominique, Sofia, and Miguel. 

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