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Khleo Thomas

Birthday :

January 30, 1989

Also Known For :

Movie Actor

Birth Place :

Anchorage, Alaska, United States of America

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Chinese Zodiac :


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Khaleed Leon “Khleo” Thomas is an American actor, vocalist, and an entertainer. He is known by the stage name Khleo Thomas. He started his acting career at the age of six


Khleo Thomas was born to the couple Raquel and Leon Thomas in Anchorage, Alaska. Raquel is an army officer working in Alaska. His mother is a Jew from Morocco and Raquel is an African-American. The family lived in Germany for a considerable time and returned to the USA when Thomas was 4.The family established in Southern California. Khaleed commenced his performance as a commercial artist at the age of six.


Television Appearances

Khleo Thomas appeared on the television in 1998. His premiere on the television was Kids Say the Darndest Things by Bill CosbyThomas then ventured into filmdom and featured in Friday After Next (2002), Holes (2003) Going to Mat (2004), Walking Tall (2004) and Roll Bounce (2005)

Khleo Thomas and his company had a work out a lot in the desert weather to acclimatize to the weather conditions while featuring for the film Holes based on the theme of the book of the same title by Louis Sachar (2003). Thomas sang “Dig It” a song of the movie soundtrack which was created while traveling in a bus to the movie-shot site. Thomas focused his attention on music in 2005 when he came in contact with another singer/actor Bow Wow and his LBW advertisement. Thomas participated in the 5th musical The Price of Fame. He made brief appearances in musicals such as ‘Fresh Azimiz’ and ‘Outta My System.’

Thomas, in 2006-2007, featured inpoppin' tags an event of the Crime Scene Investigation; in season four of an event of House, “Ugly.”He featured in “Remember the Daze” and ‘Hurricane Season’.In 2010, Thomas featured in a movie ‘Boogie Town’ filled with challenges, violence, etc.

Thomas in 2010, announced his premiere of the mixtape, The World Is a Cartoon. He is connected with the SODMG Entertainment. He worked on a musical, Just a Sample and his solo “Lights Out”.He started his trademark, Zero Unlimited and also had a contract with ‘The Plus Records’.He made a presentation in California on “How West Was One Tour” with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

Thomas announced an extract of “Let Go,” a song meant to be on Just a Sample. He released another mix-tape “The Next Episode”.In another song, “Anniversary” Thomas referred to the reason for not taking up the contract with SODMG Entertainment. Thomas, in 2011, quit the “The Plus Records” and entered into contact with Executive Dream Music, the distributors being Fontana. He also announced a mixtape “Slick Living”. 

Thomas’s single, ‘So many Girls’ announced in 2012, was rated #10. In association with singer Chris Batson, he announced an EP, ‘After Everything Fades’ He also announced another EP ‘Raised in the 90’s via Sound Cloud.


Fashion Design

Khleo Thomas fashioned a label entitled, Love Wings, a necklace line. In 2013, Thomas designed a clothing line called “Slick Living Apparel”.



Khleo Thomas has two brothers and one sister. They are Khadeem Thomas, Khameel Thomas, and Khaleel Thomas.

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