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Jane Seymour

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October 24, 1537

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Burbage, England, United Kingdom

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An inscribed text on a tombstone narrates Jane Seymour endowed personal traits. Her childhood life remains discreet from the naked eye. Jane meant dear to those she met in the line of duty. She was the third wife to Henry VIII, King of England. Jane Seymour famously called when she answered the King’s prayers. He longed for a son who would then become his heir. With six wives, not even one bored a son for him. Jane was a near to perfect wife; sweet, unique and modest. Seymour saw things from a new angle instead of critics. Even so, was she the fairest of them all? Let’s find out.

She was something robust and real

In 1535 King Henry VIII visited Wulfhall. He wanted to take a break and forget Ann’s miscarriage. King was devastated for the loss of the unborn son. Henry VIII was confident that he fell on the right arms once she set his eyes on Jane. It wasn’t that long that the two started to see each other secretly. Cuddling and love became their in-thing. Jane wasn’t a make-up or flashy kind of damsel. She was undoubtedly elegant like a cat walking model. In her modesty, Jane was real and robust. The King saw something unique in her that radiated not only him but both genders. Men desired her beauty while women buttered-up to uncover her charm.

According to Henry VIII, Jane’s emotions were apparent to the naked eye. She first started as an ordinary maid of honor to both of his two wives. At that time, it was evident that her soul craved for Henry; little did she know she will give birth to his heir. With all the hatred from King’s wives, Jane took an oath of fighting for what was hers to the end. The universe tried to break her, but her true self held on dearly.

After the birth of Edward VI, Jane died after a week of fatigue and fever. She called it quits to the world at 29. In 1537 she was named as the Queen when she married Henry VIII. However, the coronation was never called due to her early death.


Background Check

Jane Seymour is believed to have been born around 1508. Her family member fixed a post for her to serve Henry’s first wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon. Days and months past, then Jane went to live with Anne Boleyn. Well, Jane lived by hand and bowl through her childhood life. In her time, she used to improve her needlework skill.

Jane Seymour was a noble lady. Henry’s wife established a strong bond with her, and that’s where her trust was built up. Seymour received the maid of honor title from the Queen of Aragon. After a year, she became Anne’s maid of honor.

In 1536, Henry VIII gave up and lost interest in Boleyn for not giving him his desire. His dream was to have a son who would grow and take over his throne. Henry VIII was confident that Anne would bear his blessing, but the miscarriage proved all wrong.

Another pressing issue was the death of Catherine of Aragon in 1536. The public regarded her as Henry VIII official wife while Boleyn was a mistress.


Anne’s Execution & Miscarriage

After a lousy ordeal with Anne, Henry VIII stated that he doesn't want a child carried from her womb. It wasn’t Anne’s wish to abort the long-awaited heir, but the King was devastated to the bone. This is how he eliminated Anne by execution and Jane became the third wife to Henry.

Jane and Henry VIII married on 20th May, and after ten days she was named publicly as the queen. Jane waited for the crown, but she remained calm. Rumors spread far and beyond that Henry wasn’t ready to crown her till she bore him a son.

In 1536 Henry remained in free hands after hearing the news of his illegitimate son’s death, Henry Fitzroy. For a moment, he saw as if his life was held by a hair’s breadth. Only daughter surrounded his kingdom, and that was certain that Jane was the only hope left.

King Henry dream called when Jane became pregnant. Joy and jubilation encompassed his neighborhood. Bishops prayed for safe delivery, and Seymour gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on 15th October. She stayed in isolation for three days with pain. Edward Henry VIII's son was finally born after a decade of waiting. I bet Henry had loads to say about his legitimate son.

Sadly Jane Seymour died after a week of giving birth. It is believed she succumbed to ‘child-bed fever.’ Yes, she attended her son’s ceremony, but her health deteriorated as days went by. Sources claim that a caesarean section is what killed the loyal queen. However, that wasn’t the case. Poor hygiene and medical expertise claimed her life on 24 October.


Legacy, Gifts & Promotions

It wasn’t a doubt that Henry VIII mourned Jane’s death. His good trait clung to Henry’s thought like morning dew. She was handed over a state funeral. In her time, Jane tried her best to reconcile Henry with his long lost daughter, Mary. Jane’s last ceremony took place at the Windsor Castle.

The King took some time off any relationship unlike royals of ancient days. He waited for two years to marry and even after that, Jane’s memory lasted every minute and hour. Her royal portraits came into sight on his castle walls.

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