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Computer Scientist

Grace Hopper

Birthday :

December 9, 1906

Died On :

January 1, 1992

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

New York City, New York, United States of America

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At this time of high-heightened technology, women seem to have left the world of science to men.They are said to have escaped to the world of journalism and teaching. Right from the start technology involves shrinking and processing of heavy-duty kind of stuff. That is why there are more men in the field of computer science.

But one grandee, Grace Hopper proved them wrong when she took computer science as her ending career. She loved to compile and interpret computer codes with the help of computer programming. But her talent started since the day she was born. At her tender age, she broke every gadget that she came across just to jot its function. That is how her career started. 

Hopper’s Personality

Grace Hopper's most significant challenge was nothing else than patience. She correctly knew that she couldn't force her progress, but she was lucky to abide by her own time. Hopper possessed an undefined loyalty to her friends. Besides, she was successful in everything. Probably it was because of her law and order personality.

Grace Hopper was often classified as the only brave heroine that was destined to swoop and save other in minutes. It was a kind of trait that Grace didn’t take it lightly; instead, she continued to employ a daring behavior. With her creative mind, Grace inspired her colleagues with nothing else than her strong-willed personality. At her best, she loved to drown herself in humanitarian projects with an escort of peace and harmony.


Childhood and Early Life

On 9th December 1906, a duo called Mary Campbell Van Horne and Walter Fletcher Murray were blessed with their first born child in New York, United States. She was none other than Grace Brewster Murray Hopper. At her tender age, she was always curious to find out the primary function of electronic gadgets.

Grace Hopper enrolled at Hartridge School that was located in New Jersey. In 1928, at 16 years old, she joined Vassar College where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics. She then followed it up with Master’s Degree in Mathematics that she garnered from Yale University. It was after her graduation that she commenced with her in-depth research in search of her doctoral degree. In 1934 she received her Ph.D.



After receiving her Ph.D., Grace went to work at Vassar for five years. Afterward, she went to join the United States Naval Reserve. It was there that she worked tirelessly in the course of WWI. It was after some time that she got appointed as a first lieutenant. She was given a daunting task called Bureau of Ordinance Computation Project from Harvard University. Without a doubt, she was given a chance to work at the varsity’s Cruft Laboratories under Mark Computers Corporation.

In the mid of 1946, Grace Hopper got her first position at Vassar where she went to work as a research assistant in Harvard Computation Laboratory. Early in 1949, she teamed up with Eckert-Mauchly Corporation, where she was appointed as the Senior Mathematician. It was there that she worked as a computer programmer. Her great team established the very first compiler in the field of computers.

Early in 1959, Hopper was advised to act as a technical consultant of the discussion that was held at the Conference on Data Systems Languages. She collaborated with other notable Computer Scientist where they created a Common Business-Oriented Language-COBOL. It is still regarded as one of the most profound names in the business.

In 1967 Grace Hopper went to serve in the Navy where she left the Sperry Cooperation. It was the same year that she was appointed as a Naval Data Automation Command. She was also selected as the director of Navy Programming Languages Group.

It was in 1937 that Hopper was ranked to the Captain’s position in the Navy. After serving for more than a decade, she announced her retirement in 1986.


Grace Hopper’s Personal Life and Achievements

Grace Hopper had a knack for sturdiness and willpower which gave her a chance to co-invent COBOL. From 1969 to 1991 Grace received several recognitions and awards. Some of the notable ones include the Computer Science Award, The Most Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society, and Defense Distinguished Service Medal among others.

When it comes to her personal life, Grace got married to Vincent Foster Hopper, but they later parted ways in 1945. Hopper’s house wasn't blessed with a son or a daughter of her own. It was on 1st, January 1992 that a computer guru called it quit the world in Virginia. A technical conference was planned in her honor to educate women in the field of technology.

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