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Francesco Cavalli

Birthday :

February 14, 1602

Died On :

January 14, 1676

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Crema, Lombardy, Italy

Zodiac Sign :


Francesco Cavalli hailed as an organ player and composer. He adopted the name, Cavalli from his promising benefactor. He rose to fame for his classical operas, especially when he was ordered to avail his talent at Louis XIV wedding. Though he breathed his last over a decade ago, his presence is still felt. We thank the stars for his splendid work as a composer. Some of his well-kept and treasured operas include Didone, Egisto and L’Erismena.

It was Francesco who introduced operas in a different genre. It wasn’t just work for him, but ultimate entertainment. Before fame, Francesco Cavalli once joined St. Mark where he served as a choir singer. Afterwards, he was named as kapeilmester or the leading man of orchestra. Let’s see what his life and achievements has in store for us.

Early And Childhood Life

On 14th February 1602, Pier Francesco Caletti-Bruni was first seen in the world in Crema, Lombardy. His father, Giovanni Battista Caletti served as a fervent composer. Though he had a decent upbringing, Cavalli went to become the leader of the orchestra at Crema Cathedral in Crema. It was in his teenage life that a well-to-do patron called Frederico Cavalli traveled with him to Venezia, now Venice, Italy.

While still in Italy, Francesco Cavalli rose to stardom as a singer, and after some time he was given his patron’s name Cavalli-respect and gratitude. The wealthy man, Frederico acted as the governor of Crema. As a result, he made sure that Cavalli’s talent grew stronger day by day. It was in the middle of his fame that he took him to St. Mark where he served as a choir boy in 1616.His incredible voice led him to be positioned at the highest vocal range.After several years he was appointed as an organist at SS Giovanne Paolo. He remained in the position till the end of 1630.

With support on his way, Francesco Cavalli was known as an influential person throughout his career. Along the way, he acted as a singer at St. Mark Basilica. In 1925 he published his first motet called Cantate Domino. Above anything else, he was pressured by other composers such as Monteverdi to up his skill. It was there that he started to work on his melodious themes and vocal chords. He was later named as the best composer of all time, thus after Monteverdi’s sudden demise.



In 1639 and 1665 Francesco Cavalli acted as the second organist at St. Mark’s. He then served as the first organist and later as the maestro di Capella. Success and affluence followed him like a river and spending time in the theater was his in-thing. Most of his known work include countable of voices followed by musical instruments. Some of them include The Marriage of Peleus and Thetis and Egisto. He actively showcased his talent in Vienna and Paris. Cavalli was briefly known for his out of world operas which earned him a great reputation.


Rise To Stardom

Cavalli’s fame knocked when he was summoned to present his operas at Louis XIV wedding. He then introduced a style called Baroque that paved the way for his dramatic works. All applauded his immense support as a church organist. This gave him a chance to publish countable of works including Vesperi late in the 1670s. They were defined as some of his unique collections that expressed different styles. Also, while working at St. Marks, Francesco Cavalli was given a chance to release a Requiem.


Personal Life And Legacy

In the mid of 1430, Francesco Cavalli tied a nuptial knot with an influential widow whose name is unknown. It was there that he opted to forgo his career as an organist. Sad to say he breathed his last on 14 January 1676. He was interred at St. Lorenzo church. Even after his death, he achieved immense fame.

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