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Dolly Parton

Birthday :

January 19, 1946

Also Known For :

Actress, Country Musician, Songwriter

Birth Place :

Sevierville, Tennessee, United States of America

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I can attest that everybody loves Dolly Parton’s songs. They come with a touchy theme and an extraordinary old-time virtue that is quite hard to escape. Her young soprano made her be ranked as one of the major country superstars. In the early 70s, she attracted many audiences and became a number one household name.

All love her blond image. Her songs have earned her the number one hits especially “Here You Come Again” and “Jolene.” I am telling you, I am listening to her decade-old songs as I write you her biography. I just love all of her collections, the number reason being that they come with a self-titled theme pack. This is what has made Dolly Parton an American superstar for more than a decade.

Childhood and Early Life

It is tough to find a country-music performer who moved from her country in search of global fame. The “Coat of Many Colors” is one of her autobiographical single that illustrates her decent life. Dolly Parton is amongst the twelve children in her family who lived on a rundown farm; Locust Ridge. Dolly Parton was born on 19th January 2017.

At the age of 12; she managed to appear on the Knoxville television. At 13, Parton started to record her small label and managed to perform on the Grand Ole Opry. In 1967 she debuted another album called “Dumb Blonde” (She is not dumb) that caught many music perspective ears. Porter Wagoner was an American singer hired Parton to lead his television show. As time passed, she was famously known globally.

Parton’s family struggled through thick and thin. She was at time ridiculed due to her family poverty, but much soothed her conscious. In 1970, one of her best song “Joshua” was ranked number one. She didn’t wait to establish herself as a country music superstar. That is how she began to sing pop and a mix of other country music.

In the 1980s, Parton also appeared in several movie episodes such as Wild Texas Wind in 1984, Unlikely Angel in 1996, and Joyful Noise in 2012. “But You Know I Love You” was a big hit for Parton which made her tour overseas. Even in your old age, there is no time; you will never come to underestimate her evergreen lyrics.


Later Life

Dolly Parton has achieved almost everything that she ever wanted in her life. But her subtleness and kindness are out of this world. She always thanks her mother, Avie Lee Owens for grounding her into a loyal and appealing background. From her wigs of many styles and “Coat of Many Colors,” no dream was sizable, and no mountain was too high for her to climb.

When on the stage, she made sure that she has turned the world upside down. Remember she started to sing barefooted in her Tennessee Mountain Home. But now she can wear up to six to seven-inch heels and sing in a gazillion stadium.

Early in 1986, Dolly’s dreams became a reality when Dollywood Entertainment Park was opened. This also gave other people a chance to create job opportunities. Being grounded in the Tennessee environment, it became the number one tourist attraction.

In fact, it has correctly employed over 2000 people, especially in peak seasons. It is ranked as one of the top 30 parks in America. In 2006, various Performing Arts were stationed, and Kennedy Centre honored Parton with nothing else than a lifetime award. This was recognition of her art contribution.



Dolly Parton’s collaboration with Pentatonic has managed to earn her a Grammy nomination. It was later followed by Best Group and Country Duo Performance Award. She had recently received an AMC Award in 2016 in honor of “Coat of Many Colors” songs. Parton also garnered a 67th Christopher Award and many others followed in between.


Personal Life

Dolly Parton has been married for fifty good years. The irony comes when you note that both have been photographed together like two to three times. She once pleaded with “Jolene” not to steal her husband because she can. Parton came back to explain that Jolene was seemingly a young woman who worked at a local bank. Her husband, Carl Dean and Jolene admired each other.

You better know that Dolly Parton had previously written over 5,000 songs since she was seven years of age. That is why she considers herself as a writer first and a singer later. Her first written song was about a corn-cob doll. But her mother helped her to write since she didn’t manage to copy the lyrics.


Hobbies and Achievements   

Dolly Parton has worked as a philanthropist, actress, and songwriter. She has earned wealth through selling her envied albums, royalties and touring different countries. Parton has currently managed to partner with The Dollywood Company and A Dollar Production. She has also supported charitable institutions such as Boot Campaign, Cancer Research UK; Dogs Deserve Better and much more.

Dolly also supports various causes such as Creative Arts, Children, Diabetes, Education, Veteran and Health support. She loves New York more than other places. She also loves one of the Mary Kay perfumes; Intrigue. She loves to try fancy clothes. Parton’s loves chicken more than other sweet delicacies.

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