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Anna Nicole Smith

Birthday :

November 28, 1967

Died On :

February 8, 2007

Also Known For :

Model, Classic Pin-Ups, Television Star

Birth Place :

Houston, Texas, United States of America

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Chinese Zodiac :


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Anna Nicole Smith was born on the dawn of November 28, 1967. After she was born, her parents, Virgie Arthur and Donald Hogan, named her Vicky Lynn Hogan. She later changed her name to Nicki Hart after her mother got married to Donald Hart in 1971. Anna was raised alongside her five half-siblings. She was born in Houston, Texas but later moved to Maxie, Texas where she spent her early childhood.

School And Work Life

Anna Nicole Smith joined Durkee Elementary School and then Aldine Senior High School until she was in ninth grade when she got transferred to Mexia High school. She stayed with her aunt in Mexia until she dropped out of school after failing her freshman level exams. Being an iron heart lady who was ready to face challenges in the face of adversity, Anna secured a job at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken restaurant. Jim, the business owner, described Anna as a hardworking and a determined lady.


Marriage Life

While still working at the restaurant, Anna Nicole Smith met Billy Wayne Smith and got married on April 4, 1985. Billy Smith was the cook while Anna was a waitress. On February 1993, Anna divorced her 26-year-old husband to marry J.Howard Marshall, an oil tycoon who she met while performing at Gigi’s strip club in Houston. Anna had been having secret affairs with the tycoon for two subsequent years before Smith gave up their marriage.

After the divorce, Anna Nicole and Howard Marshall dated for only one year and got married on June 27, 1994. The marriage raised many issues on the social media platforms rotating on the idea that Anna married the tycoon for money. The public found it hard to believe that a young lady would get married to an 89-year-old senior man for love. However, Anna ignored the claims and said that she married Howard Marshall because of love and not money

 On the contrary, reports were circulating that Anna had never kissed her husband more than ten times and had never slept with him. Also, the reports said that Anna was rarely seen around her husband leaving the senior man at the mercies of the home nurses. After a year of marriage, Howard Marshall passed away leaving Anna Nicole, a widowed mother of one boy.


Inheritance Cases

After the husband had died on August 1995, Anna Nicole Smith got herself involved with a series of lawsuits against Marshall’s siblings concerning the inheritance. Nicole stated that Marshall had promised to give her the half of his estate if she agreed to marry him. She said that they had conversed about the inheritance verbally and that is why it was not included in the will. Anna teamed up with James Howard Marshall, the elder son of Marshall, who was also left out in the will as his father had disowned him.

After the case had become controversial, it was moved to federal court as it had become a federal matter. Due to court charges and lawyer expenses, Anna Nicole became bankrupt and filed a bankruptcy case in California after she was charged $850,000 for allegedly harassing her employee sexually. After successive hearings, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Smith, but the siblings appealed. The estate has been on hold for a while, and nobody in the family can claim its ownership until the cases are over.



While Anna Nicole Smith was working at Gigi’s strip club, she met people who connected her to fashion magazine publishers. After a whole year in the background, she learned to model for magazines and gained expertise in the field. On March 1992, Anna appeared on the cover page of Playboy Magazine as Vicky Smith. Her great and beautiful outlook made her name spread like wildfire in the fashion industry. Within two months, Anna appeared on the pictorial shots as the Playmate of the month on the Playboy May 1992 issue.

Anna Nicole Smith later secured a modeling position at Guess Jeans as a replacement of supermodel Claudia Schiffer where she changed her name again from Vicki Smith to Anna Nicole Smith. Guess Jeans ad campaigns required Anna to model for sultry- black-and-white photographs that would be distributed to other fashion magazine publishers. While still in the contract, Anna filed a case against New York Magazine for posting her photo in very short jeans booty short and boots eating chips saying that it ruined her reputation.

She claimed that the photo was taken while on break and said that New York Magazine didn’t have her consent before posting the picture. However, the New York magazine editor Kurt Anderson stated that the picture was among many other photos taken according to their contract for the coverage. The judge ruled in favor of New York magazine making Anna lose her expected $1000, 000 as payment for damages caused.

In 1993, after Guess photographers had showcased her in Mansfield-inspired photo sessions, Anna got a contract to model for H&M, which is a Swedish modeling company.This made her appear on billboards all across the country making her publicity grow immensely.


Major Works

Anna Nicole Smith success as a model is unmatched with that of her being an actress and a live show host. She appeared in 1994 in her first film; The Hudsucker Proxy and later Naked Gun in the same year. She appeared in other five films Illegal Aliens being her last in 2007.

She also appeared on television shows starting in 1995 on The Naked Truth until 2007 on Kind Larry Live Show. Other than this, she has featured in many music videos including Kanye West’s workout Plan song in 2004.


Personal Life

Anna Nicole Smith was a mother of two, the deceased Daniel Wayne Smith and Dannielynn Birkhead. Daniel passed away after visiting his mother in the hospital on September 10, 2006, aged 20 years old. The autopsy released by Dr.Wetch indicated that Daniel’s death was caused by a lethal overdose of antidepressants used in the treatment of heroin overdose and chronic pain. Anna had stated Daniel as the sole heir of her estate in her will dated July 16, 2001.

Her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead was five months old when Anna Nicole passed away leaving her under the care of her grandmother Virgie Arthur. Dannielynn seems to be the exact opposite of her mother as she doesn’t want to be seen in public.

Death And Funeral

On the night of February 8, 2007, an emergency call was made about a white woman who was in a critical condition from Seminole Hard Rock and Casino in Hollywood. Anna Nicole Smith was not breathing. After Tasma Brighthaupt, a trained emergency nurse performed a CPR with her husband’s assistance; she showed no signs of recovering. They called 991, and an ambulance from Memorial Regional Hospital rushed her for an emergency checkup. On arrival, at exactly 2.49 pm (EST), Anna Nicole Smith was pronounced dead.

After the autopsy had been done, it revealed that Anna’s blood system contained traces of 11 different drugs which caused her untimely death. On February 13, a public call was made notifying the public of Nicole’s death from chloral sedative overdose which became lethal after it combined with other traces of prescribed drugs.

Anna Nicole’s funeral took place on March 2, 2007, in the Bahamas. The casket was closed as her body was decomposing at a very fast rate due to the chemical effect of the drug traces in her system. A black monument was erected in the cemetery as an honor to the fallen legend; Anna Nicole Smith.

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