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Alfred Emanuel Smith

Birthday :

December 30, 1873

Died On :

October 4, 1944

Birth Place :

New York City, New York, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Alfred Emanuel aka AL came to prominence as a Governor of New York where he got a seat four times. He was also proud to become the first Catholic contender to vie for a presidential seat. During his tenure, he played a significant role that brought a wide array of excellent efforts. Alfred wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but he made sure that he died as a noble person. His struggles turned into peaceful treaties when he joined the government of New York. His noble heart and charming personality gave him a chance to socialize with all walks of life. Alfred’s story is quite inspiring since it concisely defines a poverty-to-wealth tale. Read along to grasp more about his early and lifetime achievements.

Childhood And Early Life

On 30th December 1873, Alfred Emanuel Smith was first seen in the world in Manhattan, New York. He was born to Alfred Emanuele Ferraro and Catherine Mulvilhill. His protective father earned a living as a Civil War senior. Unfortunately, he died when Alfred was thirteen years of age. Afterward, he joined St. James School where he dropped out in the middle to take care of his small family. It was here that he came across odd jobs such as being a fishmonger at one of the notable Fish Market in Fulton. When he started to taste the outside life and money from his sweat, Smith let go of his education. But he tried his best to self-learn when he wasn’t busy with other works.



Alfred Smith showed interest in politics right from his teenage life. It was in 1895 that he launched his career when he attended the NY Democratic political organization. It was here that he served as an investigator of the said party. In 1904 he landed a position at the New York State Assembly till 1915.He then landed several roles such as holding a Speakers position.

Early in 1911, Smith was appointed as the chairman investigator during the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory tragedy. It was here that he practiced excellent skills where he urged everyone to take precautions while at work. His fame led him to garner a position as a new Sheriff of New York County. In the mid of 1917, he got a seat as the leading CEO of the Board of Aldermen in New York City. The following year he won the most respected title as the Governor of New York.
In 1920 during re-elections, Emanuel continued to warm his governed seat. In the same demeanor, he won the next round-up where he led the New York government for over two decades. It was here that he established his name as the most notable man in the US.

During his tenure, Alfred made sure that everything was in order from the beginning to the end. He didn’t start one project and end in the middle. Instead, he perfectly met the needs of the whole society by 90%.He implemented roles such as strengthening employee’s compensations. In 1928 during the pre-election period, he lost his governorship seat, but he went home with a smile on his face. Not only was he proud of himself but he also made someone smile somewhere; that is what mattered to him most.

In 1928 Alfred was appointed as the leading CEO of the Empire State, Inc. The organization operated the world’s gigantic skyscrapers. The following year he was selected as the President of the Board of Trustees of NY State College at Syracuse University.


Personal Life And Legacy

In 1900 Alfred Smith married Catherine Ann Dunn. The couple was blessed with three sons and two daughters. His wife stuck with him till his demise. Before then, his dearest wife passed on due to cancer. It was here that Smith’s life changed and his health started to deteriorate. He died the same year as his wife in 1944 due to a heart attack.

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