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Famous Events For June 27

Famous Events For June 27 – Today In History

June 27: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 27  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 27th June 1542: On behalf of the Spanish Empire, Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo set sail from the Mexican port of Navidad to explore the west coast of North America.
2. 27th June 1652: The first-speed limit law in North America was enacted today in New Amsterdam, what is now New York City.
3. 27th June 1693: “Ladies’ Mercury”, the first women’s magazine was published in London today.
4. 27th June 1697: Polish parliament selected monarch Augustus of Saxton as king today.


18th Century – What Happened on June 27 – The 1700s

5. 27th June 1709: Russian Tsar Peter the Great defeated Charles XII of Sweden at the Battle of Poltava.
6. 27th June 1743: In the Battle of Dettingen, which was the war of Austrian succession, King George II of Britain personally led his troops into the battle. This was the last time the British monarch commanded his troops in the field.
7. 27th June 1756: St. Phillips Castle of Minorca was today captured by the French fleet.
8. 27th June 1759: General James Wolfe of Britain began the siege of Quebec today.
9. 27th June 1789: During the French Revolution King Louis XVI ordered the Nobility and Clergy of the Estates-General to meet with the Third Estate which was called the National Assembly.


19th Century – June 27 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 27th June 1806: The British captured Buenos Aires today.
11. 27th June 1833: At Canterbury in Connecticut, a white woman, Prudence Crandall was arrested today for conducting an academy for black females.
12. 27th June 1847: A telegraph connection was established today between New York and Boston.
13. 27th June 1857: Following the siege of Cawnpore, 120 British women and children were massacred in what came to be known as the Bibighar massacre.
14. 27th June 1867: The Bank of California started functioning today.
15. 27th June 1876: The Democrats elected Samuel Tilden as their Presidential candidate today.
16. 27th June 1890: In the Bantamweight category, George Dixon, a black, became boxing champion and was the first black to win the title.


17. 27th June 1893: The New York Stock Exchange suffered a great stock crash today.
18. 27th June 1894: Annie Londonderry of America set out on her bicycle on a round-the-world trip. She completed her journey in September 1895 and became the 1st woman to bicycle around the world.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 27th – The 1900s

19. 27th June 1905: There was a mutiny aboard the battleship “Potemkin” by Russian sailors, which then sailed to Odessa.
20. 27th June 1909: The first airplane flight in the Netherlands took place today at Etten-Leur.
21. 27th June 1914: The US today signed the treaty of commerce with Ethiopia.
22. 27th June 1915: Demonstrations were held against conscription by the Dutch SDAP today.
23. 27th June 1917: Hank Gowdy, the first baseball player is set to enter World War I military service.


24. 27th June 1917: In Greece, Venizelos took over as Prime Minister. He severed relations with Central Powers and brought Greece onside with the Allies in World War I.
25. 27th June 1923: The first ever aerial refueling was done today by Capt. Lowell H Smith and Lt. John P Richter in a DH-4B biplane.
26. 27th June 1929: Bell Laboratories performed the first demonstration of color TV in New York City today.
27. 27th June 1929: President Paul von Hindenburg of Germany refused to pay the German debt of World War I.
28. 27th June 1939: With an increase in immigrants from England, and Ireland but a decrease from many other Latin American countries and Mexico, a new immigration law is slated to be in place next week.
29. 27th June 1934: Federal Savings & Loan Association was created today.
30. 27th June 1935: In wrestling, Danno O’Mahoney beat Jim Londos in Boston today to become wrestling champion.

31. 27th June 1940: Germany started using the most sophisticated coding machine “Enigma”, to transmit information. A team with the best mathematical brains in England tried to break the code. They succeeded in doing so by the time Germany invaded Poland.
32. 27th June 1940: The USSR returned to the Gregorian calendar today.
33. 27th June 1940: Romania was today attacked by the Soviet army.
34. 27th June 1941: In Amsterdam, Nazis manifest against Jews today.
35. 27th June 1942: Eight Nazi saboteurs were today captured by the FBI from a sub off New York’s Long Island.
36. 27th June 1944: The Allies today liberate Cherbourg in France.
37. 27th June 1944: Foundation 1940-45 was established today.
38. 27th June 1950: South Africa today heeded to United Nations call to assist Korea.
39. 27th June 1953: In France, Joseph Laniel was appointed as French Premier today.
40. 27th June 1954: In Russia the first atomic power station opened in Obninsk near Moscow.
41. 27th June 1954: The elected government in Guatemala was overthrown by CIA-sponsored rebels today.

42. 27th June 1955: Illinois was the first to enact the automobile seat belt legislation.
43. 27th June 1957: The British Medical Research Council has reportedly found a direct link between smoking and lung cancer.
44. 27th June 1957: The British government promised Nigeria, the largest colony in the commonwealth that they would get independence and free elections will be held in Nigeria.
45. 27th June 1957: Hurricane strikes Louisiana and Texas killing 526 people.
46. 27th June 1958: The film “Wild Strawberries” won the Golden Bear at the 8th Berlin International Film Festival.
47. 27th June 1960: The oil pipeline from Rotterdam to Ruhrgebied opened today.
48. 27th June 1961: Ghana today imposed a total ban on exports to South Africa and Southwest Africa.
49. 27th June 1962: In South Africa, the General Law Amendment Act (Sabotage Act) No 76 took effect today which increases the president’s powers to declare organizations unlawful and also his powers to add further restrictions to banning orders.

50. 27th June 1962: Joseph A Walker, a civilian pilot at NASA took an X-15 to speed 6,606 kph and an altitude of 37,700 M today.
51. 27th June 1963: The X-15 was taken to an altitude of 86,900 M by USAF Major Robert A Rushworth today.
52. 27th June 1967: The world’s first Automated Teller Machine was installed today in Enfield, London.
53. 27th June 1976: The world’s first Ebola virus epidemic was recorded in Sudan. By the time the epidemic is controlled 284 cases were reported and about half of the victims succumbed to the virus.
54. 27th June 1981: Cambodia adopted its constitution today.
55. 27th June 1984: The Supreme Court today ended the NCAA monopoly in college football telecasts.

56. 27th June 1985: In its effort to ensure that the government remained neutral regarding the subject of religion, the US Supreme Court today invalidated the law in Connecticut which stated that workers had a right not to work on their chosen religious day off.
57. 27th June 1986: In a referendum in Ireland, the ban on divorce was today upheld by the Irish.
58. 27th June 1986: The United States was found guilty of violating international law by training, arming, and financing armed paramilitary Contra rebels in Nicaragua by the United Nations International Court of Justice.
59. 27th June 1987: In South Africa, the Afrikaans Protestant Church was formed today by a breakaway faction of the Dutch Reformed Church.
60. 27th June 1990: Salman Rushdie, who was condemned to death by Iran, contributed $8,600 to help the quake victims of Iran.
61. 27th June 1991: After Slovenia declared independence, Yugoslavian tanks, troops, and aircraft swept into Slovenia, took control of border crossing points, and other strategic areas in the country, and crushed the uprising.
62. 27th June 1993: In Milwaukee, when Don Henley dedicated his song “It’s Not Easy Being Green” to President Clinton was booed today.
63. 27th June 1994: Aerosmith a major band allowed fans to download a full new track free of cost. It became the first major band to do so.

64. 27th June 1998: Substantial funds are raised for the Princess Diana Memorial fund raised in a concert with stars performing at Althorp, where Princess Diana is buried.
65. 27th June 1998: In Malesia, the International Airport at Kuala Lumpur was opened today.
66. 27th June 1998: Ku Klux Klan staged a demonstration in Jasper, Texas following the arrest of three men who were linked to the Klan and charged with the murder of James Byrd.

21st Century – June 27 This Day In History – The 2000s

67. 27th June 2002: At the G8 summit held in Canada, the world’s richest nations have agreed to promote economic and political development in Africa. They have agreed to fund the military regional intervention forces to help stop wars and civil wars which cause many problems in the continent.
68. 27th June 2003: Registration for the do-not-call list which would provide consumers an opportunity to limit telemarketing calls, began today with 3-4 million subscribers registering.
69. 27th June 2005: The AMD today filed broad anti-trust complaints against the Intel Corporation in the US Federal District Court today for alleged abuse of monopoly powers and anti-trust violations.
70. 27th June 2007: After 10 years in office, British Prime Minister Tony Blair resigned today. Gordon Brown succeeded him as Prime Minister.

71. 27th June 2008: NASA’s Mars Phoenix started sending back information about the soil on Mars, one month after landing on Mars. The first information suggests that the soil on Mars has sufficient nutrients to support life.
72. 27th June 2008: Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft Corporation to work full-time for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
73. 27th June 2008: North Korea, in a highly symbolic action of the country’s commitment to comply with ending its nuclear program after talks, demolished a nuclear tower today.
74. 27th June 2010: Guinea in Africa, held its first general elections since 1958. There were 24 Presidential candidates in the contest. The turnout was reported to be high.
75. 27th June 2011: Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois, after he was accused of trying to sell the Senate seat that was held by President Obama, was found guilty of 17 out of the 20 charges of corruption. He could face up to 300 years in prison.
76. 27th June 2013: In France, the Parliament to fight against restaurants buying pre-made meals and reheating them before serving them to clients, approved a bill that would mandate a labeling of dishes made from raw ingredients in their kitchens.
77. 27th June 2013: Mongolia re-elected Tsaksiaglin Elbegdorj as its President today.
78. 27th June 2018: The French government introduced a plan to bring back national service for 16-year-olds.
79. 27th June 2018: President Salva Kiir of South Sudan signed a peace deal with former Vice-President Riek Machar South bringing an end to the 4-year-old civil war.
80. 27th June 2018: Liberal challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Democrat Representative Joseph Crawley in the New York Primary election today.

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