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June 27 Famous Birthdays

June 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 27, as a Cancer should know that other people really enjoy their ability to make others laugh. It’s a gift they have to make other people feel special. They have the ability to see a both sides of a situation and to be as loving as possible.

Typically, they feel as though they have to protect some people even from themselves. On the other hand, it is them who needs protection as they are extremely complex and their feelings wind up being hurt… a lot.


Famous people born on June 27 should try wearing their pearls when they need to keep in touch with their inner self. They are generally known to be a dreamer but what is life without a dream? they seem to have a great memory and use it to their advantage. However, they may have to stay on top of their doctor’s appointments. They can be sick in their stomach for more than one reason.


Famous people born on June 27th are very helpful and protective Cancer sun sign, although they wear their heart on their sleeve. Their friends and family are important to them. As a dreamer, they have a tendency to wish for security and love.


June 27th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27 June Good Traits:

  • Tenacious
  • Shrewd
  • Intuitive
  • Cooperative
  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Disciplined

27 June Bad Traits:

  • Touchy
  • Dominating
  • Domineering
  • Hypersensitive

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June 27 Famous Birthday Personalities

Alan Coren, 1938, Novelist
Alanna Masterson, 1988, TV Actress
Alice McDermott, 1953, Novelist
Amber MacArthur, 1976, TV Show Host
Amelia K, 2004, YouTube Star
Andrea Russett, 1995, YouTube Star
Annie Khalid, 1986, Pop Singer
Antoine Dodson, 1986, YouTube Star
Antoinette Perry, 1888, Movie Actress
Aselin Debison, 1990, Pop Singer
Ashley Richardson, 1965, Model
Axel Rudi Pell, 1960, Guitarist
Bacarri Rambo, 1990, Football Player
Barak Epstein, 1979, Director
Ben Bocquelet, 1983, Screenwriter
Ben Daley, 1988, Rugby Player
Ben Peterson, 1950, Wrestler
Bestemsu Ozdemir, 1992, Movie Actress
Bianca Del Rio, 1975, Reality Star
Bill Kennedy, 1908, Movie Actor
Bob Appleyard, 1924, Cricket Player
Bob Keeshan, 1927, TV Actor

Bobby Bennett, 1938, R&B Singer
Bobby Wagner, 1990, Football Player
Brad Childress, 1956, Rugby Coach
Brandon Baldwin, 1987, YouTube Star
Brett Hughes, 1981, Lacrosse Player
Brice Johnson, 1994, Basketball Player
Briley Powell, 1995, Blogger
Bruce Babbitt, 1938, Politician
Bruce Johnston, 1942, Rock Singer
Bruce Kendall, 1964, Sailor
Bruna Tenorio, 1989, Model
Bryan Fletcher, 1986, Skier
Byron Lee, 1935, Music Producer
Camila Queiroz, 1993, Model
Carlos Mejia Godoy, 1943, Composer
Catherine Cookson, 1906, Novelist
Cazwell, 1979, Rapper
Cece Frey, 1991, Pop Singer
Chandler Riggs, 1999, TV Actor
Chantel Riley, 1986, Stage Actress
Charles LeMoyne, 1880, Movie Actor
Charles Stevenson, 1908, Philosopher
Christian Busath, 1979, TV Actor
Christian Henze, 1968, Chef
Christian Kane, 1974, TV Actor
Christopher O’Neill, 1974, Family Member
Chuck Person, 1964, Basketball Player
Coby Linder, 1985, Drummer
Colin Tilley, 1988, Director
june-27-famous-birthdaysCourtney Ford, 1978, TV Actress
Craig Hodges, 1960, Basketball Player
Curtis Harris, 2001, TV Actor
Daisie Smith, 1992, YouTube Star
Dale Steyn, 1983, Cricket Player
Dan Andriano, 1977, Bassist
Dan Osborne, 1991, TV Actor
Dan Osborne, 1991, TV Actor
Dawud Wharnsby, 1972, Poet
DJ Cassidy, 1981, DJ
DJ Hayden, 1990, Football Player
Doc Pomus, 1925, Rock Singer
Dominique Hawkins, 1994, Basketball Player
Douglas Unger, 1952, Novelist
Draco Rosa, 1969, World Music Singer
Drake Bell, 1986, TV Actor
Drew Thomsen, 1988, Bassist
Dylan Gardner, 1996, Rock Singer
Ed Westwick, 1987, TV Actor
Elmo Hope, 1923, Pianist
Emma Lahana, 1984, TV Actress
ER Braithwaite, 1920, Novelist
Eric Richard, 1940, TV Actor
Erin Osborne, 1989, Cricket Player
Evan Taubenfeld, 1983, Pop Singer
Fanny Davies, 1861, Pianist
Felix Dean, 1997, Soap Opera Actor
Franco Rodriguez, 1998, Reality Star
Frank Mills, 1942, Pianist
Freddie McGregor, 1956, Soul Singer
Gabi Wilson, 1997, Pop Singer

George Walker, 1922, Composer
Gokhan Inler, 1984, Soccer Player
Goldi Rox, 2004, Dancer
Guilhermina Suggia, 1885, Cellist
Gus Zernial, 1923, Baseball Player
Harriet Creighton, 1909, Scientist
Harrison Jacob, 1999, YouNow Star
Harry Gibson, 1915, Pianist
Hayley Hunter, 1995, Blogger
Helen Keller, 1880, Activist
Hugo Campagnaro, 1980, Soccer Player
Hwang Seok-ho, 1989, Soccer Player
IAL Diamond, 1920, Screenwriter
India De Beaufort, 1987, TV Actress
Inva Mula, 1963, Movie Actress
Isabella Fonte, 2000, Instagram Star
Isabelle Adjani, 1955, Movie Actress
Ivan Vazov, 1850, Poet
James Daughton, 1950, Movie Actor
James Forde, 1996, Soap Opera Actor
James Holland, 1970, Novelist
Jamie Anderson, 1842, Golfer
Janusz Kaminski, 1959, Cinematographer
Jarle Bernhoft, 1976, Composer
Jason Cropper, 1971, Guitarist
Jay Karnes, 1963, TV Actor

Jeff Conine, 1966, Baseball Player
Jeff Miller, 1959, Politician
Jerry Juhl, 1938, Screenwriter
Jess Cameron, 1989, Cricket Player
Jesse Sebastiani, 1993, YouTube Star
Jim Edmonds, 1970, Baseball Player
Jim Johnson, 1983, Baseball Player
JJ Abrams, 1966, Director
Jo Frost, 1971, Reality Star
Joanna McCallum, 1950, Movie Actress
Joel Peat, 1990, Guitarist
Joel Rudnick, 1936, Painter
Joey Covington, 1945, Drummer
Johann Puch, 1862, Entrepreneur
John Eales, 1970, Rugby Player
John McIntire, 1907, TV Actor
John Michael Rysbrack, 1694, Sculptor
Johnny Benson Jr., 1963, Race Car Driver
Jonas Gray, 1990, Football Player
Jordy Clasie, 1991, Soccer Player
Jose Holebas, 1984, Soccer Player
Jose Mostajo, 1990, Guitarist
Joseph Allen, 1937, Astronaut
Joseph Sikora, 1976, TV Actor
Joseph Young, 1992, Basketball Player
Juan Trippe, 1899, Engineer
Julia Duffy, 1951, TV Actress
Julia Maren Baker, 2009, TV Actress
Julie Clark, 1948, Pilot
Julie Ordon, 1984, Model
Julius Thomas, 1988, Football Player
Kanon Wakeshima, 1988, Pop Singer
Karthika Nair, 1992, Movie Actress
Kathryn Beaumont, 1938, Voice Actor
Kathryn Beaumont, 1938, Voice Actor
Kelley Jakle, 1989, Pop Singer
Kelly Ayotte, 1968, Politician
Kem Sokha, 1953, Politician
Kevin Calabro, 1956, Sportscaster
Kevin Pietersen, 1980, Cricket Player
Khloe Kardashian, 1984, Reality Star
Kimiko Glenn, 1989, TV Actress
Krzysztof Kieslowski, 1941, Director
Landry Fields, 1988, Basketball Player
LaQuan Williams, 1988, Football Player
Lauren Jauregui, 1996, Pop Singer
Lee Chan, 1985, TV Show Host
Lee Won Geun, 1991, TV Actor
Lee Won-keun, 1991, TV Actor
Leigh Bingham Nash, 1976, Pop Singer
Lolly, 1977, Pop Singer
LonelyMailbox, 1997, YouTube Star
Lorrie Morgan, 1959, Country Singer
Lucille Clifton, 1936, Poet
Luis Rodriguez, 1980, Baseball Player
Luke Hutch, 1998, Vine Star
Madison Heichel, 1997, Vine Star
Madylin Sweeten, 1991, TV Actress
Malik Allen, 1978, Basketball Player
Malinda Kathleen Reese, 1994, YouTube Star
Marisa Cruz, 1974, TV Show Host
Markie McManus, 1991, Model
Mary McAleese, 1951, World Leader
Mason Geick, 1996, Instagram Star
Matt Wilson, 1988, TV Actor
Matthew Lewis, 1989, Movie Actor
Matthew Spiranovic, 1988, Soccer Player
May Irwin, 1862, Stage Actress
Merle Tuve, 1901, Scientist
Michael Alison, 1926, Politician
Michael Ball, 1962, Stage Actor
Michael Dummett, 1925, Philosopher
Michael Mayer, 1960, Director
Michael Winkelman, 1946, TV Actor
Mike Bahia, 1987, World Music Singer
Mike Honda, 1941, Politician
Miles Burris, 1988, Football Player
Miles McMillan, 1990, Model
Mitchell Hope, 1994, TV Actor
Money Boy, 1981, Rapper
Monte Morris, 1995, Basketball Player
Muriel Pavlow, 1921, Movie Actress
Nick McDonald, 1987, Football Player
Nico Rosberg, 1985, Race Car Driver
Nikki Gould, 1995, TV Actress
Noah Anderson, 2014, YouTube Star
NoBoomGaming, 1997, YouTube Star
Norma Kamali, 1945, Fashion Designer
Ollanta Humala, 1962, Politician
Oscar Salazar, 1978, Baseball Player
Otmaro Ruiz, 1964, Pianist
Pano Tsaklas, 1995, YouTube Star
Paola Torres, 1985, Model
Paul Conrad, 1924, Journalist
Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1872, Poet
Paul Roos, 1963, Rugby Player
Phil Kearns, 1967, Rugby Player
Philip Guston, 1913, Painter
PT Usha, 1964, Runner
QiuQiu, 1987, Blogger
Raul, 1977, Soccer Player
Raul Gonzalez, 1977, Soccer Player
Ravi Kapoor, 1969, TV Actor
Rayvon Owen, 1991, Pop Singer
RD Burman, 1939, Composer
Rejjie Snow, 1993, Rapper
Richard Pike Bissell, 1913, Novelist
Rico Petrocelli, 1943, Baseball Player
Rob Chianelli, 1987, Drummer
Robert Newman, 1958, Soap Opera Actor
Robin Twist, 1967, Family Member
Roshawn Franklin, 1982, TV Actor
Ross Perot, 1930, Entrepreneur
Ryan Quinn, 1990, Pop Singer
Sam Claflin, 1986, Movie Actor
Sam Macintyre, 1993, Guitarist
Sandra Alva, 1988, Drummer
Sanjeev Bhaskar, 1961, Comedian
Sean Plott, 1986, Sportscaster
Shirley Anne Field, 1938, Movie Actress
Sidney Gutierrez, 1951, Astronaut
Sistine Stallone, 1998, Family Member
Sohee, 1992, Pop Singer
Stephanie Nielson, 1981, Blogger
Steve Sohmer, 1945, Non-Fiction Author
Svetlana Kuznetsova, 1985, Tennis Player
Taimak, 1964, Movie Actor
Ted Haggard, 1956, Religious Leader
Teju Cole, 1975, Novelist
Teresa Guilherme, 1955, TV Show Host
Tiffany Jo Allen, 1992, YouTube Star
Tim Lilburn, 1950, Poet
Tobey Maguire, 1975, Movie Actor
Toby Froud, 1984, Movie Actor
Tom Kerry, 1901, Politician
Tommy Kono, 1930, Weight Lifter
TomSka, 1990, YouTube Star
Tony Leung Chiu-wai, 1962, Movie Actor
Tyra Bolling, 1985, Country Singer
Ulf Andersson, 1951, Chess Player
Vera Wang, 1949, Fashion Designer
Vern Yip, 1968, TV Show Host
Vernon Watkins, 1906, Poet
Vicky Jones, 1984, Pop Singer
Victor Kim, 1986, Dancer
Wagner Moura, 1976, Movie Actor
Watu Kobese, 1973, Chess Player
Wayne Terwilliger, 1925, Baseball Player
Will Jennings, 1944, Composer
Willy William, 1970, DJ
Woody Paige, 1946, Journalist
Yancey Arias, 1971, TV Actor
Yang Jin-sung, 1988, TV Actress
Yuri Tag, 1985, Dancer
Zachary Venegas, 1995, Dancer


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