Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

This free calculator for predicting your baby’s gender for 2017 has come from a Chinese practice that had been used for centuries. Do you want to plan your baby’s gender for 2017? Use this gender finder to find out.

All mothers to be are curious of what gender their baby will be. It is based on the lunar calendar of the Chinese as well as the solar calendar. The moon phase in relation to the rotation of the Sun plays a role in what gender you baby will be at time of conception.

This is different that knowing what the star sign will be as the month of conception matters a great deal. Also the age of the mother while adding on an extra 9 months is part of the calculation.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Enter Date Of Birth Of The Mother:

Enter Date Of Conception Of The Child:

The accuracy of this calculator has much to depend on, so it is important to use this gender finder and report for entertainment purposes only.

The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is used as a guide to help you narrow down your guess. It has been used for many centuries and up to this day because it has worked for many people.


So you don’t have to leave it all up to a mystery, but can use this science to figure it out. Use the Chinese Gender Calculator to find out what your gender your baby will be this coming year of 2017 or 2018.

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