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Abduction Dream Meaning
Abduction Dream Meaning

Meaning Of Abduction In Dreams – Interpretation And Symbolism

What Dream About Abduction Means?

Have you ever dreamt of someone or something abducting you? These dreams are common, and most times, they scare the living lights out of people. A dream about abduction reveals that if you dream of being abducted, someone is in control of your life, and they are not letting you take charge.


You feel unloved most times by people whom you are closest to; therefore, you end up feeling like you are in a prison you cannot escape from.


Abduction Dream Interpretation

Abduction of being kidnapped is traumatizing, having that you are in the control of another person; therefore, you have no power to exercise personal freedom or power. The abduction dream signifies a lack of control in all aspects of your life. Through this dream, your subconscious reminds you to be aware of your goals and focus on making your life better.


Dreams About Seeing Someone Being Abducted

This dream means that you need to find areas in your life that you feel need your attention. You have been off your game for a while. Find that thing or person that is causing you distress and handle the same. If at the workplace, someone wronged you, approach them and open up to them about how they wounded you.


Dreaming Of You Being Abducted

This dream means that you have emotional baggage that hinders you from moving forward. You do not trust the people around you, and trust is essential to nurture healthy relationships with people. If jealousy rules your romantic relationship, you need to take a break and decide whether you and your partner have a future.

Being over-protective of your loved ones might also lead to an abduction dream. It scares you to lose them, and you are afraid of being taken away from them.

Dream of an Abducted Lover

This dream means that you are afraid of being betrayed by your partner. Trust issues abound, and with such issues, you cannot boast of a healthy relationship. Take your time to talk to your partner and reach common ground about how you feel about each other and what you mean to each other.

Dreaming of Kidnapped Family Member

This dream means that there is someone in your family who is in trouble. They want to be helped, and you are the only one that can extend that help. Therefore, pay close attention and figure out who the loved one is.

Dream About a Kidnapped Child

Children are delicate, vulnerable, and innocent. If you have such a dream, you need to look within yourself and stay alive. Exercise personal freedom and stop allowing people to take advantage of you.

Dreaming about Abducting of Kidnapping Someone

This dream means that you feel as if someone is after your leadership position. This dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to be vigilant with the people you surround yourself with and their intentions towards you.

Abduction Dream Symbolism

In science, there is a lot of mystery that surrounds abduction dreams. Many cultures believe that the spirit world communicates to us via dreams. An abduction dream calls on you to be aware of the people you interact with because some of them are out to destroy you.

The biblical meaning of abduction warns you of something that might happen in the future; therefore, you need to do all you can to protect yourself from harm. Dreaming of violence, including, kidnapping has an array of meanings spiritually.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Dream About Abduction

Abduction dreams mean that others have control over you; therefore, you need to grow emotionally to secure a bright future for yourself. Growing emotionally will also enable you to appreciate your worth without wanting to prove yourself to people all the time. Be independent and stop relying on others to help you live a happy and fulfilled life.

This dream means that things are getting out of hand in your life. You are doing things against your will, and this type of living will get you nowhere. The abduction dream symbol calls on you to take action and stop living a life in crisis.

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