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How To Feng Shui the Bedroom for Wealth and Career Success?

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Wealth And Career

The bedroom: the place of rest, restoration, relaxation, sex, and peace. It is meant to be a haven from the outside world where we can come to restore our natural energy to ourselves to take on our day and our world! It should be a cozy, comfortable, and inviting area for one to be in, but it often gets mixed with other home sectors that can affect the good and positive energy it is intended to bring. We can Feng Shui the bedroom for career and wealth. But, because of its power in our lives as humans, we can orient and build the space to our advantage. We can use it to attract good energy, positivity, and success in our lives. That is where Feng Shui comes in.


This article will describe how one can orient their bedroom to help encourage further wealth and career success! It should be noted that while this is possible, career and wealth should not be a focus in the bedroom because it is supposed to be a place of rest. Follow the following tips on how to use the bedroom to attract success.

Feng Shui Tips For Bedroom For Money, Success And Abundance:

#1. The bed is the center

The bed is the main focus of any bedroom because rest and overnight restoration and rejuvenation take place! So, it should be in a position that commands attention. Place the bed in a position as far away from alignment with the door as possible.


It can be visible from the bed but should not be in line with the bed because that is considered the “death position.” It is also an area of concentrated chi because chi flows through the doorway and will upset the peace and balance of a bedtime sleep.

The style and make of the bed are also important. Make sure it isn’t too low and that it has a strong headboard. It should be stable and sturdy, representative of the kind of life one desires. Having a good bed also encourages good sleep, which encourages success in daily life because energy is renewed for the day.


#2. Add mirrors

Mirrors are representative of the water element, which shouldn’t always be included in the bedroom, but they can be used to encourage wealth and success. Mirrors should be placed appropriately. Do not have them directly face the bed. They are intended to reflect negativity away and out of the room, so have them face so that it could be possible for them to do that.


#3. Watch out for the desk

If there’s a desk in the bedroom, section it off so that it doesn’t detract from either the bedroom’s calming energy or the success of the work-life. Please don’t focus on the room because the desk’s activities aren’t the bedroom’s intended purpose.

#4. Use natural light

Take advantage of natural light. Wake with the sun and start winding down the day when it gets dark. Try to have good windows in the bedroom that let that warm and positive natural light in. Light energy will help encourage success and prosperity, so including it in the bedroom is a good idea.

#5. Add good colors

Colors are associated with many things, including career success, prosperity, and wealth. These colors include silver, gold, red, and purple. Because of their heaviness and strength, they should not be included in a big way in the bedroom because they will drain the peaceful energy.

But, they can be added in decorations or other small ways. Their power can still encourage and attract success, but it won’t take away from the overarching purpose of the bedroom: rest.

#6. Career success and wealth

It can be encouraged more strongly in other areas of the house, such as the office. The office at the work building is also a great place to include elements having to do with wealth and status, and job success.

Because the bedroom has its intended purpose, its focus should not be on wealth and success. But, it has the power to affect all other sectors of the Bagua (and life) because it is the starting and ending point of the day.

Hence, where one gets the rest and restoration, they need to head out in the day and achieve their goals. It is a place where couples connect and restore their relationship energies. It is almost like the control center of the whole house because the most important things in life and health happen there.

#7. Decorating The Bedroom

Take care when decorating and orienting the bedroom. Remember to think of its overall purpose in life. There shouldn’t be TVs or desks if possible. Computers should also stay out. The bedroom should be a place for sleep and sex. Try to keep it that way. But, because wealth/prosperity and career success are so important, there are ways to use the bedroom to encourage positive energies.

#8. Natural Lighting

Use bold colors in small ways; use natural lighting including mirrors; orient the bed properly; section off the desk if it has to be in there. These may seem like tiny things, but it can be shocking the difference it makes in one’s personal and professional life if these tips are followed. Life can get so hectic, especially now. Work and success are such a focus in today’s world, and people are desperate to make their way and achieve their dreams.

Nothing is wrong with that, of course, but it can sometimes derail people’s focus from the true meaning of life and can get them off course when it comes to taking care of themselves and their families and other loved ones. Effectiveness and success in the professional world and with money begin with personal life. One will be much more successful if they have a stable personal life to fall back on.

#9. How To Find The Right Bedroom Feng Shui For Wealth and Career?

Feng shui is about balance and peace. It’s all for shooting for success and prosperity, but it’s also about loving oneself and one’s family. Use the bedroom as it was always intended to be. Take the time to rest, restore, and rejuvenate. Use time in the bedroom as a way to reset regroup and reconnect with a partner.

While career and money are important, and it’s wise to encourage and attract success in these areas, they should flow too much into the peaceful bedroom sector. These should, for the most part, be separate things.

Follow the small tips above to take advantage of the bedroom to help in these areas, but don’t forget its true purpose: to give us a place to return to ourselves and de-stress.

If our personal lives, sleep, and health are good and looked after, we can achieve so much more in the professional world, thus completing the career and money we have been striving for! So, check out the tips above and start orienting the bedroom space today for further career success and wealth, and additional peace and restoration. Rest well!

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