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Famous Events For July 1

Famous Events For July 1 – Today In History

July 1: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 1  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. Year Event
2. 70 Roman general Titus gets ready to attack Jerusalem by installing battering rams.
3. 649 Pope Theodore 1 takes over from Martinus 1 as pope
4. 1097 Sultan Kildj Arsian of Nicea loses the war against 1st Crusaders
5. 1200 The Chinese create sunglasses
6. 1252 King Alfonso X “el Sabio” declared king of Castile/Leon


7. 1390 French and Genuese fleet starts operations against barbarian pirates
8. 1535 Sir Thomas More of England faces charges of sedition
9. 1543 Peace treaty of Greenwich between England and Scotland comes into force
10. 1569 Latvia Parliament approves integration of Union of Lublin into Poland
11. 1656 Mary Fisher/Ann Austin of 1st Quakers imprisoned in Boston on arrival
12. 1674 Triple Alliance of Spain, France, and Netherlands comes into existence
13. 1690 France defeats the combined army of Spain/Dutch in the Battle of Colors
14. 1690 Roman Catholic King James II is vanquished by Protestant King William III in the Irish Battle of Boyne


18th Century – What Happened on July 1 – The 1700s

15. 1747 France defeats British/Dutch army in the battle of Lafeld
16. 1776 North American Colonies of Britain (United States) vote for the Declaration of Independence for the first time
17. 1795 US Supreme Court has its second Chief Justice in John Rutledge
18. 1798 Napoleon’s navy appears in Alexandria, Egypt

19th Century – July 1 This Day That Year – The 1800s

19. 1810 Louis Napoleon relinquishes his post as king of the Netherlands
20. 1816 French frigate Medusa smashed up. Gericault paints “Raft of the Medusa” based on the event
21. 1820 Newspaper “Courrier de la Meuse” printed for the first time


22. 1823 Mexico gives freedom to the United Provinces of Central America
23. 1831 Admiral James C Ross touches the North Pole
24. 1836 James Smithson donates 100,000 gold sovereigns for establishing an institute in Washington. US President Andrew Jackson informs Congress.
25. 1847 US issued 5-cent Franklin, and 10-cent Washington postage stamps for the first time
26. 1858 Canada produced 1, 5, 10, and 20-cent coins for the first time
27. 1858 Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace together present their research on evolution to the Linnean Society
28. 1862 Confederate superior power vanquished in the battle of Boonville Mississippi
29. 1862 Congress made polygamy illegal for the first time
30. 1862 In the Battle of Malvern Hill, Union forces prevented the advance of Confederate forces on Day 7 of the US Civil War
31. 1862 Emperor Alexander II permitted Jews to print books
32. 1862 The Russian State Library is established
33. 1863 City mail service begins in 49 US cities with a postal charge of 3 cents per oz.
34. 1863 Suriname and Dutch Antilles stops slavery


35. 1867 The Dominion of Canada is founded including the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and New Brunswick. John A Macdonald is appointed the first Prime Minister
36. 1870 James W Smith is among the first African Americans to come to West Point
37. In 1871 Canada established the decimal currency system all over the country
38. 1873 Henry Ossian Flipper of Georgia becomes the first African American to get into West Point Military Academy
39. In 1873 Prince Edward Island joined Canada as the 7th province
40. 1878 Africa was divided by the Treaty of Berlin for occupation.
41. 1885 The US ends fishery agreement with Canada
42. 1890 Great Britain and Germany enter into Zanzibar-Helgoland Treaty

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 1st – The 1900s

43. 1902 US Congress approves Philippines Government Act allowing Filipinos to be citizens of the Philippines
44. 1903 Commencement of the 1st Tour de France bicycle race
45. 1905 Albert Einstein presents Theory of Relativity
46. 1907 The British give independence to Orange Free State
47. “SOS” distress signal became the worldwide standard for help.
48. 1910 Union of South Africa is established as a province
49. 1916 The British Army has the nastiest day in WWI with the death of 19240 men in the Battle of the Somme on the first day
50. 1917 Around 200 people were killed in racial riots in East St Louis Illinois

51. 1921 The Communist Party of China is established
52. 1923 AT&T commences first radio network
53. The 1926 Gold standard is reintroduced in Canada
54. 1929 US Immigration Law of 1924 comes into force
55. 1920 Germany today reported that it is in debt to the tune of 200,000,000,000 as of this day. The nation is also facing food riots in various locations throughout the country.
56. 1930 Great Britain agrees to the sovereignty of Iraq
57. 1932 At the Democratic National Convention held in Chicago, Gov. Franklin D Roosevelt was selected as Presidential nominee.
58. 1933 The Canadian Parliament stops the migration of Chinese into Canada

59. 1934 First x-ray photo of the complete human body is taken in Rochester, NY
60. 1940 Australia bans the admission of Dutch Jewish refugees into the country
61. In 1941 NBC and CBS got the first commercial TV licence
62. 1944 IMF and World Bank were founded at the Bretton Woods Conference
63. 1946 US explodes atom bomb on Bikini atoll.
64. 1956 President Eisenhower $50 billion to be over the next 13 years for constructing more than 42,500 miles of Interstate Highway. It was proposed to levy a tax on petrol to generate revenue for this project.
65. 1963 To help speed up the mail delivery process, the US Post office instituted the Zip code and has asked everyone to use their Zip codes on return addresses after the name of the city and state.

66. 1963 Herold Philby, a former Foreign Office official was confirmed as a double agent working for the Soviet Union.
67. 1968 US President Lyndon B Johnson today announced that the United States and the Soviet Union had agreed to hold nuclear arms talks in the future.
68. 1994 After 27 years of exile PLO leader Yasser Arafat returned to Palestine today as part of the Oslo Peace Accords signed in Washington in 1993.
69. 1997 After 156 years as a British Colony, Hong Kong was finally handed over to the Chinese today.
70. 1999 The Queen opened the new Scottish Parliament today. In nearly 300 years, this is the first time Scotland has had its parliament.

21st Century – July 1 This Day In History – The 2000s

71. 2002 The International Criminal Court was established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of aggression.
72. 2004 Cassini-Huygens, the international mission to Saturn, reached Saturn after six years and started sending back pictures, the first close-up photographs of Saturn’s rings.
73. In 2006 China today opened the world’s highest railway, connecting Qinghai province to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa it runs at an altitude of 4000 meters and has its highest point at an altitude of 5,072 meters above sea level.
74. 2007 In England smoking was banned in enclosed public places which includes its traditional bar effective from today.
75. 2007 Princess of Wales Princess Williams today hosted the Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium in London. The proceeds and money from TV rights will be used for charitable causes that were supported by Princess Diana.
76. 2008 Leader of the ANC and the first post-Apartheid president elected in South Africa, Nelson Mandela was taken off the terror watch list by the US today after President Bush signed a bill removing him from the said list.

77. 2009 Ivo Sanader, the Croatian Prime Minister since 2003, and a prospective presidential candidate, resigned from office today and withdrew from political life as he believed that he had achieved his objective for the country including joining NATO.
78. 2011 Poland, for the first time after joining the European Union in 2004, took over the rotating presidency of the European Union with Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk holding the office of the presidency for six months.
79. 2012 Presidential Elections were held in Mexico in which Enrique Pena Nieto was elected President with less than fifty percent of the votes bringing his PRI party back to power.
80. 2013 A huge demonstration was staged by the citizens of Egypt calling for the resignation of President Morsi as he had not solved the economic and security problems in the country.

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