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July 1 Famous Birthdays

July 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 1 are an even-tempered Cancer personality who love natural surroundings and individuals who are just as capricious as themselves. They are able to think on their feet and make spur-of-the-moment choices.

Additionally, famous July 1 personalities feel the need to safeguard their individuality. They are known to overdramatize situations without cause and this makes people wonder about their stability.


Sadly, July 1 famous celebrities make their own frustrations but truth be told, they just want to be loved and someone to be with. There’s nothing wrong with this but they should learn to calm down and let nature take its course. They devote a lot of yourself to their companion or soul mate but they can be possessive.


Being the kind of person that they are, a career in which they help people could be the ideal situation. They have a mind for business matters and they can see this in the way they prepare for the future and emergencies.

Famous people born on July 1st are pretty hard to pin down. They are a sparkling Crab with unbelievable talents. Usually with a good eye for the small print, they are prepared for the unexpected. Stability is the keyword for this July 1 famous birthday personality.


July 1 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 July Good Traits:

  • Lively
  • Charitable
  • Adventurous
  • Determined
  • Compassionate
  • Meticulous

1 July Bad Traits:

  • Cunning
  • Defensive
  • Impulsive
  • Temperamental
  • Bitter

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July 1 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Harasiewicz, 1932, Pianist
Adele Givens, 1960, TV Actress
Adelina Sotnikova, 1996, Figure Skater
Agnes Monica, 1986, Pop Singer
Ahn Jae-hyun, 1987, TV Actor
Alan Ruck, 1956, Movie Actor
Alex Massie, 1974, Journalist
Alexa San Roman, 1990, Guitarist
Alun Lewis, 1915, Poet
Amanda Lucas, 1981, Family Member
Amar Baharin, 1985, TV Actor
Amber Reeves, 1887, Activist
Amy Cimorelli, 1995, Pop Singer
Andrae Crouch, 1942, Gospel Singer
Andre Braugher, 1962, TV Actor
Angela Braly, 1961, Entrepreneur
Anne Smith, 1959, Tennis Player
Artour Babaev, 1996, YouTube Star
Asgeir Trausti, 1992, Folk Singer
Ashdubh, 1990, YouTube Star
Ashleyosity, 1994, YouTube Star

Aya Level, 1987, Dancer
AYOwahfied, 1992, YouTube Star
Bailey Gomez, 2004, Dancer
Ben Roberts, 1950, Soap Opera Actor
Bidhan Chandra Roy, 1882, World Leader
Bill Stern, 1907, Sportscaster
Bob Prince, 1916, Sportscaster
Bobby Day, 1930, Rock Singer
Brandon Reece Taylor, 1998, Young Adult Author
Brett Wilson, 1957, Entrepreneur
Brian George, 1952, TV Actor
Brynn Rumfallo, 2003, Dancer
Byron Langley, 1993, Model
Caleb Nott, 1992, Pop Singer
Candia McWilliam, 1955, Novelist

Carl Fogarty, 1965, Motorcycle Racer
Carl Lewis, 1961, Runner
Carmella Decesare, 1982, Model
Casey Reinhardt, 1986, Reality Star
Cash L3wis, 1991, Rapper
Cat Zingano, 1982, MMA Fighter
Charles Laughton, 1899, Movie Actor
Charlie Blackmon, 1986, Baseball Player
Chloe Bailey, 1998, Movie Actress
Chris Parker, 1964, Radio Host
Chuck Bush, 1961, Movie Actor
Claire Forlani, 1972, Movie Actress
Clemency Burton-Hill, 1981, Movie Actress
Colby Paul, 1992, TV Actor
Constance Ford, 1923, Soap Opera Actress
Corey Hirsch, 1972, Hockey Player
Curtis W. Harris, 1924, Civil Rights Leader
Daichi, 1990,
Dale Midkiff, 1959, Movie Actor
Dan Aykroyd, 1952, TV Actor

Dana Hamdan, 1979, TV Show Host
Daniel Ricciardo, 1989, Race Car Driver
Danish Sait, 1987, Radio Host
Daryl Anderson, 1951, TV Actor
David Brower, 1912, Entrepreneur
David Duke, 1950, Activist
David Gulpilil, 1953, Movie Actor
David Prowse, 1935, Bodybuilder
Deborah Harry, 1945, Rock Singer
Deborah Harry, 1945, Rock Singer
Denis Johnson, 1949, Poet
Diane Ravitch, 1938, Politician
Dominic Keating, 1962, TV Actor
Don Bishop, 1934, Football Player
Edward Lu, 1963, Astronaut
Emily Glenister, 1987, TV Actress

Emily Wright, 1980, Songwriter
Erin Cebula, 1976, TV Show Host
Erin Henderson, 1986, Football Player
Estee Lauder, 1908, Entrepreneur
Evan Ellingson, 1988, TV Actor
Evelyn King, 1960, Pop Singer
Fabian Manzano, 1984, Guitarist
Fabienne Bergmans, 1998, Pop Singer
Fabio Porchat, 1983, Comedian
Farley Granger, 1925, Movie Actor
Florence Stanley, 1924, TV Actress
Forrest Griffin, 1979, MMA Fighter
Fortune Feimster, 1980, Comedian
Frank Parker, 1939, TV Actor
Fred Schneider, 1951, Rock Singer
Freddie Lewis, 1943, Basketball Player
Garrett Reynolds, 1987, Football Player
Genevieve Bujold, 1942, Movie Actress
George C Stoney, 1916, Director
George Sand, 1804, Memoirist
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1646, Philosopher
Gurmeet Singh, 1985, Race Walker
Hannah Murray, 1989, TV Actress
Hannah Whelan, 1992, Gymnast
Harald Zwart, 1965, Director
Hariprasad Chaurasia, 1938, Flute Player
Harold Sakata, 1920, Wrestler
Henry Simmons, 1970, TV Actor
HiImTwit, 1992, YouTube Star
Hilarie Burton, 1982, TV Actress
Hillary Tuck, 1978, TV Actress
Hollie Steel, 1998, Opera Singer
Ibn Al-haytham, 965, Scientist
Ichiko Hashimoto, 1952, Pianist
Ignaz Semmelweis, 1818, Doctor
Jack Avery, 1999, Pop Singer
Jack Quinn, 1883, Baseball Player
Jacques Rosenbaum, 1878, Architect
Jade Barbosa, 1991, Gymnast
Jak Tuite-Leach, 2001, Dancer
Jake Hyde, 1990, Soccer Player
James Cotton, 1935, Blues Singer
James Ennis, 1990, Basketball Player
James M. Cain, 1892, Novelist
James Reeves, 1909, Poet
Jamie Farr, 1934, TV Actor
Jamie Walker, 1971, Baseball Player
Jarome Iginla, 1977, Hockey Player
Jason Reeves, 1984, Pop Singer
Jean Marsh, 1934, TV Actress
Jean Stafford, 1915, Novelist
Jean-victor Poncelet, 1788, Scientist
Jefferson Perez, 1974, Race Walker
Joanne Vannicola, 1968, TV Actress
Joey Dale, 1993, DJ
John Clarkson, 1861, Baseball Player
John Farnham, 1949, Rock Singer
John S Chen, 1955, Entrepreneur
Jonathan Pryce, 1947, Movie Actor
Joni Ernst, 1970, Politician
Jonny Drubel, 1990, Reality Star
Jordan Jade, 1998, YouTube Star
Jordan Jenkins, 1994, Football Player
Jordi Molla, 1968, Movie Actor
Jordi Molla, 1968, Movie Actor
Joseph Ransohoff, 1915, Doctor
Juan Carlos Onetti, 1909, Novelist
Juan Garcia-Herreros, 1977, Bassist
Julian Jacob, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Julianne Nicholson, 1971, Movie Actress
Juri Pootsmann, 1994, Pop Singer
Justin Lo, 1976, Pop Singer
Karen Black, 1939, Movie Actress
Katie Dippold, 1972, Screenwriter
Keith Whitley, 1954, Country Singer
Kellie Bright, 1976, TV Actress
Kent Bazemore, 1989, Basketball Player
Kev Adams, 1991, Comedian
Keyori, 2000, YouTube Star
Kirsten Moore-Towers, 1992, Figure Skater
Koichi Fukuda, 1975, Guitarist
Kolton Stewart, 1999, TV Actor
Kraantje Pappie, 1986, Rapper
Kristy Cox, 1985, Country Singer
Krizia Vega, 1990, Family Member
Kurt Coleman, 1988, Football Player
Kym Ng, 1967, TV Actress
Lea Seydoux, 1985, Movie Actress
Leah McFall, 1989, Reality Star
Leeteuk, 1983, Pop Singer
Leslie Caron, 1931, Movie Actress
Lisa Blount, 1957, TV Actress
Liv Tyler, 1977, Movie Actress
Logan Thomas, 1991, Football Player
Lorna Patterson, 1956, Movie Actress
Louis Bleriot, 1872, Pilot
Lynsey Bartilson, 1983, TV Actress
Major Wright, 1988, Football Player
Maria Adelaide Amaral, 1942, Screenwriter
Marilyn Denis, 1958, TV Show Host
Marisa Monte, 1967, Pop Singer
Marit Larsen, 1983, Folk Singer
Mary Calderone, 1904, Doctor
Matthew Gidley, 1977, Rugby Player
Matthew Lush, 1988, YouTube Star
Melissa Peterman, 1971, TV Actress
Meredith Mickelson, 1999, Model
Mia Malkova, 1992,
Michael Wacha, 1991, Baseball Player
Michael Wilson, 1914, Screenwriter
Michelle Reed, 1998, YouTube Star
Michelle Wright, 1961, Country Singer
Microglitching, 1994, YouTube Star
Mike Haynes, 1953, Football Player
Mike Muscala, 1991, Basketball Player
Mike Rossman, 1955, Boxer
Mikes Comedy, 1993, Comedian
Mireya Moscoso, 1946, World Leader
Missy Elliott, 1971, Rapper
Mitch Hewer, 1989, TV Actor
Mizz Nina, 1980, R&B Singer
Mohammed Ali Irfan, 1984, World Music Singer
Morgane Dubled, 1984, Model
Moustapha Akkad, 1930, Film Producer
Ms Vixen, 1987, Twitch Star
Nancy Lieberman, 1958, Basketball Player
Naser Khader, 1963, Politician
Ned Grabavoy, 1983, Soccer Player
Nelson Cruz, 1980, Baseball Player
Nico Helminger, 1953, Novelist
Nikolai Demidenko, 1955, Pianist
Oakley Hall, 1920, Novelist
Oliver Mlakar, 1935, Game Show Host
Olivia de Havilland, 1916, Movie Actress
Olivia de Havilland, 1916, Movie Actress
Paddy Jones, 1934, Dancer
Pamela Anderson, 1967, TV Actress
Pancho Sullivan, 1973, Surfer
Pat Donovan, 1953, Football Player
Patrick Kluivert, 1976, Soccer Player
Patrick McEnroe, 1966, Tennis Player
Peeter Lepp, 1943, Politician
Piet Kramer, 1881, Architect
Plies, 1976, Rapper
Princess Diana, 1961, Royalty
Rachel Furner, 1993, Pop Singer
Raini Rodriguez, 1993, TV Actress
Reggie Couz, 1994, Vine Star
Rhea Durham, 1978, Model
Rino Romano, 1969, Voice Actor
Ritchie Coster, 1967, Movie Actor
Robert Brian, 1970, Drummer
Robert Patterson, 1933, Drummer
Robert Stawell Ball, 1840, Scientist
Rod Gilbert, 1941, Hockey Player
Roddy Bottum, 1960, Pianist
Roger Connor, 1857, Baseball Player
Rohit Gupta, 1978, Director
Ron Masak, 1936, TV Actor
Ruud van Nistelrooy, 1976, Soccer Player
Sally Quinn, 1941, Journalist
Sam Robson, 1989, Cricket Player
Samuel Hales, 1615, War Hero
Sara Seegar, 1914, TV Actress
Sarah Christine Fowler, 2002, YouTube Star
Sean O’Driscoll, 1957, Soccer Coach
Sebastian Danzig, 1992, Guitarist
Serenay Sarikaya, 1991, Model
Shanthi Lekha, 1929, Movie Actress
Sheilla Castro, 1983, Volleyball Player
Shirley Hemphill, 1947, Comedian
Spose, 1985, Rapper
Stanislav Grof, 1931, Scientist
Steve Shutt, 1952, Hockey Player
Steven Bailey, 1971, TV Actor
Storm Reid, 2003, Movie Actress
Stuart Weitzman, 1942, Fashion Designer
Sufjan Stevens, 1975, Folk Singer
Susan Glaspell, 1876, Playwright
Sydney Pollack, 1934, Director
Tanya Chisholm, 1983, TV Actress
Tariq Nasheed, 1974, Film Producer
Tate McRae, 2003, Dancer
Taylor Rochestie, 1985, Basketball Player
Thamires Rocha, 1994, Instagram Star
Tim Abell, 1958, Movie Actor
Timothy Smith, 1991, Dancer
Tom Sermanni, 1954, Soccer Coach
Tommy Mottola, 1948, Business Executive
Toshi Seeger, 1922, Music Producer
Trevor Eve, 1951, TV Actor
Trey Farley, 1975, Movie Actor
Twyla Tharp, 1941, Dancer
Vana Koutsomitis, 1987, Entrepreneur
Vito Bratta, 1961, Guitarist
Wally Amos, 1936, Entrepreneur
Walter Kaufmann, 1921, Philosopher
Warren Winkelstein, 1922, Scientist
William Strunk Jr., 1869, Teacher
William Wyler, 1902, Director
Willie Dixon, 1915, Blues Singer
WisteriaMoon, 1998, YouTube Star
Yiannimize, 1976, YouTube Star
Young B, 1991, Reality Star
Youssef Mohamad, 1980, Soccer Player
Zach Sherwin, 1980, Comedian
Zachary Sayle, 1996, Stage Actor


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